Aranuth @ Ravenshoe Jan 2013


Here we are into the heightened energy era of 2013 with promise of big changes soon to unfold. Many souls will now discover that as you think it, so too will it manifest: so it is prudent to focus on positive loving thoughts lest something undesirable and unwanted manifest on your pathway.
Like many others I too am very aware of an altered energy field and use this powerful energy to facilitate and accelerate my transition into a higher and more spiritually aware and creative vibration.
Welcome home Ned.
Descendants of Australia's most famous bushranger have held a memorial service more than 130 years after he was hanged for murder. The commemorations end a dispute over what should become of Ned Kelly's remains after his relatives insisted he be given a proper burial. Ned was buried in the small country cemetery of Greta near the unmarked grave of his mother.
For those interested in a “bloody good read” of a factual account of the life and times of Ned Kelly (it should be required reading for every Australian school student) the well researched book “Glenrowan” by Ian W Shaw tells Ned’s story truthfully, without embellishment or literary license.
Australia the land of contrasts: while fire brigades, emergency services, and residents in the southern states are battling in excess of one hundred bushfires Qld is receiving monsoonal rains and record flooding which has cut the Bruce Highway in several places disrupting transport of necessary food and essential supplies and severing both road and rail transport.
The coastal city of Bundaberg and beachside suburbs of Bargara and Burnett heads have been severely hit with a mini tornado in the middle of the tropical low / ex-cyclone Oswald. Large areas of the town have been completely evacuated as the floodwaters reach record heights. The situation in the city of Bundaberg is extremely serious. The Army Air-Wing has scrambled helicopters to assist with the evacuation while troops and equipment are on standby ready to swing into action.
Rockhampton, Maryborough, Gympie, and Ipswich are also badly flood affected. Brisbane, already the recipient of heavy rains, now faces the prospect of the ex-Oswald storm pattern bearing down upon them bringing floodwaters that threaten nearly 4,000 homes.
TV, Telephone, and Internet services have been cut or badly disrupted making emergency communications difficult or in some cases non-existent.
Residents in every flood affected area are banding together to help one another through this tragedy in a show of community spirit.
That’s Australia…wouldn’t swap it for gold!

Good news on the food labelling front. The Australian Federal Health Minister advises that they are looking at legislation to ensure food and beverage producers clearly and honestly label all packaged foodstuffs and beverages listing all ingredients by name and quantity, and country of origin. i.e. “product of …..”;  “grown and packed in …..”. They will also be required to include the generic term on the back-of-packet, followed by a bracketed list (e.g. “added sugars (fructose, glucose syrup, honey)”, “added fats (vegetable fat, milk fat)” or “added vegetable oils (sunflower oil, palm oil)”), “includes GM ingredients, (corn, wheat, etc”).
What a wonderful win for consumers if this legislation becomes law.

Japan is to start building its ambitious wind farm project off the Fukushima coast in July. The wind farm is expected to become the worlds largest and produce 1GW of power once completed in 2020.
The power-generating facility will be built 16 kilometers off the coast of the Fukushima. The 143 wind turbines, which are to be 200 meters in height, will be built on buoyant steel frames stabilized with ballast and anchored to the continental shelf. Once completed in 2020, the project will generate 1 Gigawatt of renewable electrical power. 


Well good evening everybody; it is I El Morya once again who comes for our fireside chat.  Of course we do not have a fire but we can still have a fireside chat.
You are all very well aware, well aware, of the change in the energies by now. You should be very aware of what the change in the energy means to you because with the change in the energy, by extension, you must change yourself  if you are going to become compatible with the up-raised energy; the new up-raised energy that has had considerable effect on souls incarnate.

What I wish to talk to you about is an effect that at present you are not aware of.  What I am talking about is “identity”:  your ID; your identity.  Under the old energy system you had a very well entrenched identity.  You have had this identity for several incarnations.  I am not talking about identifying each individuals physical embodiment: what I am talking about is the energy imprint which is your identity.  You have an individual energy imprint which is your own unique identity. 
Now having moved on to a raised up, raised energy: having moved up higher into your dimension or moved over into another dimension; your energy, the energy that surrounds you, the energy that you are, that you demonstrate, that you emanate, has changed hasn’t it?  If your energy identity has changed obviously then you have a new identity.  Now the new identity may still bear some resemblance to your old or previous identity however, you will as time goes by release, release the memory of that old identity because a new identity has now been installed in your five-body system. Your system does not require your old identity; it is surplus to requirements: so we release that.  It goes back: it breaks up; it becomes transmuted; transformed; into simple energy.  So, do not look back… it doesn’t exist anymore. 
Correspondingly it is of benefit to you to not look back as in memories: memories of an ideal; of an identity that has ceased to exist and has now disappeared.  For souls incarnate, now, the present, the now moment, yes that is important, but the now moment as it transports you into what you would call future, the future is the now, and the now is the future.
It is of great benefit to you souls incarnate to focus on who and what you are: your beingness; your identity; now; right now!  You are up in a higher vibrating level so this is the level that you must live, work, and exist on.  There is no going back to the past; that is folly.  Absolute folly.  So now this begs the question: What is my new identity?  Treasure hunt dear ones; treasure hunt.  Seek, seek out your new identity.

How do you commence seeking to identify who and what you are in the new upraised vibration? By focusing upon the now moment: by sensing; being aware of what you are sensing; being sensitive to every little energy nuance. 
Things will be coming to you in an intuitive, telepathic, manner.  You will all have feelings, sensations, dim or sudden awareness, which are designed to show your new identity; your new energy beingness.
If you are paying attention to the new energy and the effect it has upon you, you will become aware, you will become aware that you are a changed person: that you are ever-changing; that you feel there is a strange beingness in your old embodiment.  You will have feelings of a new awareness: a new sensitivity; things will be coming to you - especially in your quiet contemplative times - that previously you were totally unaware of. 

One of the signs of progress; one of the signs of incremental ascension is a growing awareness: becoming more sensitive to and aware of faint indistinct subtle changes around you, within, and without yourself; in your environment, your lifestyle, your family, your social circle.  This is the commencement: the commencement of your ascension.  By now you are aware that when the energy changed over into a new era you did not suddenly find yourself transplanted from one dimension - lifted up - and planted into a higher dimension.  It is not a one stop operation: it is a gradual, gradual, change; a gradual upliftment.  Souls incarnate would not, and I repeat, would not be capable of coping with a sudden movement from one dimension to another.  If such a thing happened you would suffer physical, emotional, and mental distortion, discomfort, which would manifest in the body as unspecified aches and pains; depression maybe as well; It would have numerous effects: that is why you cannot go hop – hop – hop into a higher dimension.  It’s gradual; it’s a gradual process.
So having left the old era behind you are now on the glide path: going up; going up.
In your coming months and in your coming years you will become more and more aware of occult, mystical, happenings; metaphysical, extraordinary happenings; altered consciousness: you will become more and more aware of these things because they will be happening to you and around you with an increasing regularity.  As you become aware, identify, and accept those changes, so too will you move ahead up the scale; because experiencing, understanding, and accepting is huge part of your ascension progression.
 I want you dear souls to understand this: whilst we are there to help you, advise you, guide you, bring you information in chats and discussions such as this, ultimately it is you; it is you that will be the beneficiary of your own actions; your own positive actions in regards to awareness, acceptance, and moving ahead. 
That is your reward: your reward for vigilance; your reward for contemplation; awareness, sensitivity, knowingness: all of these subtle things that come to you are bringing you the gift of advancement.  So, the pathway forward at present for souls incarnate is one of compassion, caring, love, acceptance; all of these qualities, all of these higher ideals; you have to square away in your mind; you have to realise, accept, and then exemplify all of these higher qualities… because that is what ascension, advancement, that is what it is all about.  It’s all about improving your position in the field of ascension.  Step out: don’t wait for ascension to come to you.  The ascension bus does not call by your place.  If you wish to ride the bus to ascension you have to go to where the bus is; and you have to pay your price of admission; and your price of admission is love, compassion, tolerance, understanding, positivity; not just lack of judgement, but total lack of being judgemental: which comes under out banner of acceptance, accept things the way they are; accept that what is happening in your life was planned to happen. But it also had plan B whereby if you devote and apply yourself to becoming aware of and exemplifying all of these qualities, all of these ideals, all of these beautiful values, that is what is carrying you along; that is the ascension bus.  That is what you are riding on, riding in; that’s the ascension bus. 

And so dear ones from now, from this point on, you are aware.  You are aware of what is required of you if you wish to ascend. It’s what is expected of you if you wish to ascend; and it is totally up to you whether or not you apply yourself to those values.  It is not difficult.
I would like to advise you of the fact that as you achieve little gains in your awareness and acceptance, these little gains act as an empowerment; an additional accelerant; to push you further; to push you faster; along your pathway to your desired ascension point.  Many times: many times you have heard I and others, speak of the absolute sanctity of free will choice. You have the choice. We advise and inform you of what is required; of what is helpful; of what will empower you; and what will act as an accelerant to drive you ahead; but you have the choice of whether you can accept our words; whether you can put those concepts into practice; or whether you can ignore it all and happily continue on your way blindfolded.  There is no need for blindfolds anymore.  It is all being lifted. Amnesia is being cleared from your beingness. When you came here you came with self inflicted amnesia so that who and what you are, and the powerful being that you are, did not interfere with your experience lesson and plan… and what you are attempting to achieve.  So now, now you are even better informed: you are well informed of what would be helpful and beneficial to you.  So if you were to spend time contemplating how best you can manage your own ascension you will become very much aware of subtle issues that you had never been aware of before.  You will become aware of many happenings: you will become aware of other dimensions; you will become aware that this dimension surrounding you is very much an illusion. The reality is light! 

This planet of solid matter is simply your playground and your workshop.  So from here on in, it’s like a home study course: you have been given the tools; you have been given the information; and now it’s up to you to utilise those; to use them to control and manage your own ascension.  I will always be there, assisting, advising. We will always be there to help in whatever manner possible. But as previously spoken, it is up to you to do it. 
Now it is not unusual: all across the world right now it is happening; people are having visions; people are looking into other dimensions; some are receiving flashes of sight into other dimensions; some are seeing energy in colour wave form. Every soul incarnate will have a different experience: and of course you will treat it differently, one to another, because of the difference in your advancement levels.
So dear ones I would recommend that you totally discard the old identity, discard the old memories; focus on the now moment; be very aware; very aware of what is happening to you and around you. Sense, feel, intuit, the fluctuations in the energy. 
You are going to receive considerable help and assistance: individuals will receive this help and assistance at different times; different stages; different distances on their pathway to another.  Each individual will have their own experience… but you will be helped; you are being helped at important, important milestones, on your path. We will be coming to you giving you greater understanding: because when you have the sensitivity and awareness to realise that we are there right beside you; when you have the sensitivity and the awareness to understand what it is that we are saying to you or impressing upon you; then you will advance more quickly. 

Some time ago you may remember we repeated many times “go within”. Develop strong communication with your higher self and the higher realms.  Now you can see the fruits of your efforts of doing that.  So the greater, the stronger, the communication that you have developed with higher realms, the greater your awareness of help and assistance will be.  And of course, as an add-on, as a flow-on to that, it computes to greater assistance; which will take you further.  It’s like we are putting more petrol in your tank. 
So I would like to ask, yes, ask of you, every one of you, to focus as often as possible on your sensitivity, your awareness, your intuition, what you call your hunches; I would like to ask you to focus at every possible moment, at every possible opportunity.  Quieten the mind, still the body, open yourself to receive, accept, acknowledge, and accept without question, without judgement, what you are receiving; and even though you may not fully understand the full importance of it, give thanks for it.  Give thanks to your Higher Self to the community of Ascended Masters, to the Creator. You will not fully understand everything that you sense, become, or intuit; you are not at that level yet.  You are going to that level now; you are gradually going to that level; and that gradual upliftment is called ascension. 

I am putting this in as practical and uncomplicated terms as I possibly can for your ease of understanding; because if you do not have the understanding of these words you will not be able to reap the full benefit of that knowledge and information.  Now having said that: I would also like to remind you that you are always watched over.  There is always a guide, one of us from higher realms listening in: we are aware of your thoughts, and your actions, and your emotions; especially your emotions; and we respond.  We come to help you.  Sometimes it seems a long journey: in the reality of everything it is as simple as a snap of the fingers. 

Your emotions are a powerful tool.  Your emotions can be a double edged sword.  If you are enduring an experience and you become emotional we immediately recognise the upset in your vibration.  In the higher realms we much, much, prefer to receive an emotion of love, joy, happiness, positivity because we can see that the energy generated from those emotions is a wonderful accelerant on your pathway; your ascension pathway. 
When you have emotions that are wrought and fraught with hatred, judgement, anger, retribution, it does you a great disservice.  It is painful for us to become aware of this negative state of your emotions. Not because it has any dramatic effect upon us beings from other realms, but because we can see the negative and detrimental effect that it is having on you. 
Such emotions, such negative emotions, have such a detrimental, very detrimental effect on you; and of course by extension on your progress along your pathway.  So again, just to encapsulate: the essence of our message today is; I would say be aware, sense, intuit, feel, touch, every little change, alteration, and nuance in the energy.   Acknowledge and accept what is coming to you.  Be thankful for it; and if you encounter a situation that is capable of upsetting your equilibrium and throwing your emotions into negativity, stop immediately, clear your mind, remind yourself that negativity cannot survive in the light.  Go to your light side; you are a light being, you are not a dark being; you are a light being.  Go to the light side; resolve to acknowledge, accept, and then exemplify the highest ideals, the highest values; stay in the light and await the impetus of the negative emotions to abate.  Because you see if you define positive and negative that indicates that you are in judgement; you are in judgment.  If it has upset your emotions to such an extent that you go to the dark side it simply means that you are in judgement.  You are not allowing; you are not accepting; and by doing that you act as an magnet to negative energy. 
So don’t judge: allow; let it drift away; continue on your path, continue on your path of positivity, acceptance, and allowance. 
I think that shall be all for this evening my dear friends.  It is wonderful to be with you again. 
Before I go I would like to remind you that you will have considerable variance in energy …especially in the next several months.  Stay centred; stay in the light; and you shall be fine. 
Thank you and good evening.

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