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A very happy, peaceful, and personally fulfilling New Year to everyone; may your every dream come true.


The eventful year of 2012 has been consigned to history and a new year of 2013 has dawned. The mis-information, doom and gloom, fear and negativity, that was being distributed by numerous agents of unknowingness was finally laid to rest by the smooth unveiling and passage of the truth regarding the “Change of the Ages” – the information depicted in the Mayan Calendar that was the stimulus of much controversy and public debate the world over.
Aranuth and the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light maintained a steady stream of truthful information to reassure his followers right up to and including the actual event.
Never has there been a time when Aranuth and the Brotherhood did not correctly foretell and advise us of events that would affect our pathway.

The future as I see it holds much promise of individual enlightenment and upliftment; that is for those who are open, aware, and ready to assume responsibility for their own advancement. Just because we have entered into a new energy era does not mean that we are exempted from any further participation or commitment to our spiritual advancement. Spiritual advancement is eternal. Spiritual enlightenment is the journey not the goal; there is no “end”…there is only the “way”.

The shocking rape and violation of a young Indian woman which disgusted and sickened people everywhere has provoked justified outrage all across the planet. Protest groups have sprung up everywhere in support of women’s rights and personal safety demanding greater protection for women and harsher sentences for those who abuse or assault women. The crime itself, while being absolutely repulsive and abhorrent, had a positive side. All across the entire planet the masses, comprising both male and female, are rising up and demanding that our womenfolk be respected, protected, and honoured as the nurturers, care-givers, and healers of our society.


In a world where rampant consumerism generates untold volumes of garbage many states and countries are faced with the ever increasing problem of what to do with their garbage. Sweden has defied the trend and has been forced to import garbage; …yes, that’s right, import garbage. Sweden, one of the most recycling conscious countries in the world, requires tens of thousands of tonnes of garbage annually to feed its electric power generation system which provides power for hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses.
Norway has agreed to pay Sweden to accept 80,000 tonnes of garbage per year and will also take back and dispose of the ash residue.
Is there a lesson here for other states and countries?


The year ahead will be a year of revelations and changes – some dramatic, some tumultuous, some subtle – and the changes will be across-the-board. There will hardly be an aspect of life on earth that is not affected, altered, or changed in some way; noticeable or not. The exposure of dirty deeds by governments, dictatorships, big business, and various individuals that punctuated our life last year will continue unabatedly with some big ones coming to the fore.

The Royal Commission of inquiry into child sexual and physical abuse by the clergy and other Govt and private institutions here in Australia will unearth many more instances of sexual abuse, cover-ups, and “out” some very big names. Already seven priests in the Hunter river valley region have been charged and four more are due to front the court. That is only one region.
Our challenge is to not become involved on an emotional, physical, or mental level but rather respond to these challenges by spending more time within sending love and light to the victims, their families, and other adversely affected people and seeking justice for all.

Here in Australia the states of NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania, are battling literally hundreds of bushfires. As yet uncounted lives have been lost, homes and other premises destroyed, large numbers of livestock suffered a cruel fate, and most rural areas of the rest of Australia are on high fire alert. Unfortunately, fire authorities and state police have ascertained that many of these fires were deliberately lit.
Fires, as well as cyclones and floods, are historically part of the Australian cyclic weather condition. We can educate the population, prepare well, have effective resources on hand, but unfortunately we cannot control Mother Nature.
Israel's National Library has acquired 1,000-year-old Jewish documents discovered in Afghanistan. The collection of 29 pages includes writings by Saadia Gaon, and has been compared in significance to the 19th-century discovery of the Cairo Genizah. The rare documents were discovered by villagers near the Iran-Uzbekistan border in a cave believed to be the home of a family of foxes. The manuscripts include religious writings, as well as letters and civil contracts written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Persian, and in a variety of alphabets.
The cache, sometimes known as the Afghan Genizah, has "rocked the world of scholars" who study ancient manuscripts, as well as the dealers who buy and sell them, Haaretz reported. The key manuscript acquired by the library is a page from Saadia Gaon’s commentary on the Bible.  The document is a 10th-century commentary on Isaiah 34, written in Judeo-Arabic.

Aspartame alert:
Aspartame has been renamed and is being marketed as a “natural” sweetener under the name “Aminosweet”. Despite the evidence gained over the years showing that aspartame is a dangerous toxin, it has remained in the food chain on the global market. In continues to gain approval for use in new types of food - including children’s and adults vitamin supplements - despite evidence showing that it causes neurological brain damage, cancerous tumors, and endocrine disruption, among other things. It pays to carefully read labels on all food packaging…especially the fine print.
Full story available at 


GE Food alert:
In the USA the FDA is getting closer to issuing final approval of the first genetically engineered food animal—a salmon designed to grow up to five times faster than normal. The draft environmental assessment is now open for public comment for 60 days.
 According to Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety: "The GE salmon has no socially redeeming value. It's bad for the consumer, bad for the salmon industry and bad for the environment. F.D.A.'s decision is premature and misguided."
Australia can learn a lot of lessons from this: constant vigilance, public awareness and exposure of attempts to introduce GE foods into our foodstuffs, boycott of genetically engineered or modified foods, and most importantly tell politicians and big business that we the people totally reject it.

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The Message:

In previous weeks Aranuth has advised me that he intends to “burst a few (belief) bubbles” with new information. With this message he has certainly achieved that.

El Morya: Karma

Good evening dear ones,
It is I El Morya who comes to you this day to impart knowledge and information and to assist you to gain a better appreciation of your pathways to understanding and expansion; I have come in response to your request.

This evening I have chosen a subject that is quite close to you, quite close to your heart, close to your beingness, and often times close to your mental body.  What I wish to discuss with you this evening is “Krma”, Krma… which the western world interpret as “Karma”.  Now, all too often, far too often, many souls incarnate put a “blame” as it were, for the various events and happenings in their life on what they call “Karma”.  Now karma has become a very convenient excuse, a very convenient “whipping boy” as it were, because those souls who are having difficulty understanding their pathway, understanding the experiences and the lessons that they have woven into their pathway, and these same souls do not spend sufficient time within; those souls either do not have the knowingness or the inclination to go within; to go deep within their beingness and seek the answer to what they consider to be a problem or a difficulty. 
Now in your own terms, karma, has received a bad rap.  Bad rap is the way that many are referring to it: well, I must inform you, most of those thoughts, most of those reasoning’s, most of those excuses, and most of those explanations are erroneous; erroneous.  Karma, as it were, is a learning tool; a learning aid.  Karma, instead of being viewed as the bad boy, the black dog, should be viewed simply as a learning tool and should be welcomed… should be welcomed.  That is if you intend to progress.
Who, who among you do not wish to progress?  Even those who are not aware of their spirituality - it is not in their forward consciousness, it is within their subconscious - they still wish to progress. 
Now, Karma: what is it? How do you define Karma?  Well, karma according to many souls incarnate at this present time is viewed as a balancing; it is a balancing out; it is like pay-back.  You have hurt me and now it is time for you to get hurt.  Totally incorrect! Totally erroneous! 

Karma; Karma is simply the learning tool that presents to you an opportunity for you to not only view but to absorb and experience every aspect of a particular experience that you are undergoing.  So when you look at it along these guidelines, before you became incarnate you very, very, deliberately, in consultation with your guides, with Ascended Masters, with Great Beings of Light from the angelic realms, you gathered in conference and discussed your planned pathway.  You discussed in depth, in great detail, what lessons, what experiences, what issues, you would benefit from by having them in your pathway for you to learn and to grow from. 

So now, going back to before you became incarnate; at this conference you put forward, you as a soul, you as an individual and sovereign soul, you as a soul with absolute, absolute, free will choice, put forward your ideas and your views of what you considered would be a wonderful learning experience for the length, the totality, of this your present incarnation. 
Now, before incarnation, all of the Great Beings of Light - in conference with you - question you and make suggestions to you: questions such as… “in your previous just finished incarnation you were part of a situation or an experience”…ahh..So if you can imagine this; I am going to give you two analogies; I am going to give you the simple one first; I am going to give you the yin and yang. 
Now, as most souls understand it - most incarnate souls that is - when you are discarnate you have a broader understanding so as souls incarnate you have the yin and the yang aspect which is often called “up and down”, “right or wrong”, “dark or light”; “good or bad”; you name it, it is an example of opposites.
 (To illustrate this point he holds both hands up palms facing each other shoulder-width apart)

 Now if you think about that, what is that yin and yang? Polarity is it not? Is it not? Is it not polarity?  You have the yin and the yang; the north and the south; the east and the west; the hot and the cold… its polarity!  So up to this point in time; up to this “right now” point in your time, most souls - the far greater majority of souls - considered karma as a polarity, as a yin and yang.  So it was like…err…what has been described as the law of retribution.
Now the law of retribution did serve souls very well.  The concept of the law of retribution, the concept served you well.  So, up until this point in time the far greater majority of souls incarnate considered that to be okay: “I was the aggressor in a past incarnation and the law of retribution says that in my next incarnation I will be the victim” type of belief. Aggressor and victim; yin and yang; however, it served you well: it served you very well indeed.
 So, souls passing over, going back to the realms and preparing for another earth walk, another incarnation in another embodiment, carried that belief deep within them… and sometimes it was difficult for us to overcome it.  They carried deep within them the belief that they had to pay; there had to be payback.  There had to be obeyed the law of retribution. They had to experience yin and yang; they had to experience both polarities.
And while they were convinced, certainly convinced, that there was the polarity of the good and the bad and the yin and yang, they erroneously again considered that eventually there would be a happy meeting point between this one and that one.  (Indicates first left and then right hands apart.)
And what would that meeting point be? It would be harmony! And they felt that if they so-called “sinned”,.. ha,ha,ah.. in this incarnation, then made reparations and compensation, that would cancel each other (yin-yang aspect) out.  They erroneously believed that in doing so they would balance the ledger out; come to the middle ground of harmony.  Not so!  Not so!

In previous times that concept served souls very well indeed.  Remember that every individual sovereign soul has total free will choice at the time of planning their next incarnation; total free will choice!  So we, as more advanced souls, did not transgress upon their free will choice: we advised; we put forth scenarios; we put forth advice and explanations to assist them.  Souls sometimes were reluctant to accept: they were reluctant to embrace everything that we offered.  So we were honour-bound to allow that soul to make their own decision in the planning process of a forth coming incarnation. 
The only thing that it actually achieved was a repetitive, a repetitive system of birth, life, passing over… back again; birth, life, passing over… rewind, back again. You got into this cyclic, cyclic, circular pattern. You know that the Oneness, the Allness?… it’s circular.  So they were in the rut and if you looked at it on a horizontal plane they were going around and around in this repetitive rut …and at times it was getting deeper and deeper: it was a circular trench. You would have thought that at some time on that circle, in that trench, the soul might have thought “I’ve been this way before”. 
Never mind that is all in the education of an individual soul.
So what I thought I would advise you of, impart to you this evening, is the knowledge and the wisdom of the true aspect of karma.  The true reason of why what you call karma exists: the true reason is that it is a magnificent learning aid, a magnificent learning tool.  And so you see what souls are now about to learn - and may I say those souls, those entities, that are hearing my words, will hear my words, will read my words - will now discover, discover a whole new aspect of what they previously considered a yin yang karma situation. 

If you wish to experience the total richness of any issue, any happening, any lesson, whether you are involved or whether you are an observer: if you wish to gain from this knowledge I would encourage you to discard, discard, this law of retribution, this payback, and consider it in the following manner. 
I did just say, everything is cyclical, everything is circular.  Look at your planet: is it not a sphere? Is it not a circular sphere?  Is it not a planet that other planets rotate around in a circular manner?  Is not that a sphere? A circular pattern?
Your earth planet rotates continually with your moon rise and your moon set, your sun rise and your sunset according to the position of the earth on its trajectory. It is locked in a constant and continual circular and cyclical pattern.

This is where the mischievous audio gremlins dropped by with three minutes of audio lost; I hope those gremlins had a good time testing me because when I graduate into higher realms certain gremmies are going to get their butt kicked!!  Ha,ha,ha.

When you wish to observe or experience the full richness of various aspects of an issue, experience, or lesson it cannot be viewed simply as a yin and yang situation. You cannot view it as a two-sided coin…yin here…and yang there.
 (Holds his hands up shoulder-width apart with palms facing each other indicating only two aspects of any situation).
The aspect changes with every miniscule movement so with every tick of the clock the viewpoint changes in accordance with the altered aspect.
To experience the entirety, the fullness, the richness, of any lesson, experience, or situation, you must view and experience it from every conceivable viewpoint.
Holds his hands up as though holding a ball in one hand and rotating it.
Behold, as I turn the sphere a different aspect comes into view. Every aspect is different to the preceding one.

Now, if for the next several days into your future you go out and look at the moon.  Each time it is viewed it will have altered and moved. The information that you are visually extracting …. you saw this bit here and you saw this bit there… and you can go out tomorrow night and see a different aspect….slight as it may be… but still different.  And as with anything that is circular and cyclical, technically speaking, because it is moving you will see a different aspect; you will extract different information from that aspect second by second.  It’s all changing. It’s all continually changing. 

So, if you are confronted with an issue in your life – remember you have planned for this experience to come into your life - you can’t just look at a monochromatic image of the entire experience because you are getting only one snapshot of that aspect at this point in time. 
Now that issue, that experience, if you wish to extract all of the richness, all of the knowledge of that particular experience, you have to look at it from every one of those multitudinous aspects.  You have to look at it: it is not yin and yang; it is not this side of the coin or that side of the coin; it’s not this edge of the room or that edge of the room; it’s continually turning, altering, and changing. 
So, you are not being punished for a lesson or an issue from a past life.  That is an erroneous way of looking at it.  What you are doing is looking at and experiencing every other aspect of that occurrence. 
So to simplify, to simplify: if you were a murderer in a past life, you come back into this present life not to be the victim - there is no yin and yang, there is no hard and fast rule -  you have to look at every, every, aspect of that situation.  Why are you looking at every aspect of that circular experience?  So that you will gain the full and complete and understanding of what that experience or what that issue contains. 
Whilst you continue with this yin-yang polarity, this payback /retribution system, you are looking at two monochromic flat images and it’s confining you to that unnecessary repetitive cycle of birth - life - death; birth – life - death. 
Get off the merry-go-round! 
Why would you want to be there anyway?  It is time for you all to understand that karma is not a “you hurt me and now I’m going to hurt you” atonement situation; that’s not it; not at all.  If you wish to become an enriched soul full of knowledge and understanding would you not have to not only look at but experience every minute aspect of the entire situation?  That that my dear brethren is what you call karma.  Where does that lead us to? 
Karma does not exist unless you want it to! 
You are in the driving seat.  You can, right at this very moment, at this point in time; you can say that’s it!  Karma does not exist for me anymore! What does exist is my inquisitiveness, my wanting to examine and experience the totality of the experience, the totality of the richness that I need; to experience every microscopic dot of that experience so that I understand the entirety, the absolute entirety of whatever encompasses that experience. 
Now, does that not sit more comfortably with your beingness? 

With this knowledge, I and the brotherhood, understand and know absolutely that many souls hearing or reading these words now have their shackles broken.  They are now experiencing freedom …if they so choose!
Do you want throw off the shackles of this, “You hurt me, I hurt you”, “I have to pay, you have to pay me, law of retribution”.
What law of retribution? Nonsense! 
Do you understand?  You are free!  I have just given you the knowledge to free yourself from this thought pattern, this mental construct, this erroneous belief that you have that says “the reason why things are not working out as I was expecting them to right now is because I am having payback. I am making restitution. I am being punished, punished! …ohhh for goodness sake! 

There are those in the structured religious community who wish to continue on with that falsity: it is just another method of their control, control of you, control of souls.  They do not know themselves.  They do not understand or they would not be telling you that there is a law of retribution; that there is a law of payback.  Nonsense! Nonsense and rubbish; rubbish! 
Children, free yourself: karma does not exist unless you want it to.  You have free will choice. If you want to stay on the “karma” merry-go-round; get in that circular trench where there is no way out except to acknowledge that if you want to stay there, you will stay there for many, many repetitive incarnations. 
And what would happen then? Your recent change in the vibration that is radiating to your planet, to everything on it, in it, and around it, is being wasted.  Not entirely wasted but for you it has been because you are not benefitting from it.  As part of the new vibration; as part of the new paradigm, the new energy, the new Creator-inspired and authorised energy is there to uplift you; and as part of that, I  El Morya have been sent to free you, to break your shackles, to inform you that karma does not exist. 

Everything, everything in your life on your pathway is what you chose: it’s in the script that you wrote in consultation with the higher beings; you wrote the script; this is what you agreed to; and now here we are, you are here, and you are sticking to your script… and you are experiencing all of the various aspects of this circular, cyclical carefully-planned earth walk; incarnation,
A and B: (holds his hands up shoulder-width apart indicating two separate points) the distance between A & B is the experiences and the lessons that was chosen by you.   Karma does not come into it! Karma does not exist! Karma never existed! It’s a fraud!

Up until this new energy, quite a considerable number of souls incarnate wanted to cling to karma simply because it was a convenient hook to hang their problems on.  If things are not going right; hang it on the hook of Karma.  Totally erroneous: totally erroneous
And so my mission here this evening has been achieved.  I came to advise, to teach, to give you knowledge of the inconsistency and the total erroneousness of the concept of Karma. 
Consider; the old energy is gone.  You are not going back there.  This planet, every soul upon it, everything upon within and around it, is now being affected by the uplifted energy; and the uplifted energy will bring great benefits to you in various manner. 
One simple manner was that I, the messenger; I the messenger have come to give you knowledge, to give you understanding; however, it is you who must make the choice – free will choice.  I can impart knowledge; I can assist with your education and advancement; encourage free will choice, but I cannot transgress upon your free will choice.  So it is entirely up to each soul incarnate to either accept or reject my words.  Because that is spirit, the Brotherhood, the energy of the realms acknowledging your free will choice. 

And so dear ones, I shall leave you with that because you will have much to ponder for some time now, hmmmnn? 
However before I take my leave I would like to encourage you, I would like to encourage you to look with fresh eyes - which translates to fresh thought, fresh consideration - of what is truth: what is light.  So many old ways, hairy and hoary misconceptions, misunderstandings, lies and deceit… and sometimes the weapons of belief systems to control the masses…. hahaha …have now been neutralised.

You are beautiful, you are wonderful, you are masters, and you are masters on the pathway of ascension …and what is ascension? Changing all the old ways, breaking all the old taboos; they never applied anyways. You  are now having, at the graciousness, the good graces of the Creator, the opportunity to improve and increase the intensity of the energy so that you can look with fresh eyes, clarity of vision, make better informed decisions, and accelerate your own advancement …and of course we are there with you all the time.  We are helping you to advance.  But you must do it for yourself; it is your pathway. 
You are much loved, you are well cared for and watched over, you are protected: nothing is happening to you at random; everything is in Divine Order.  And so I would say to you thank you and good evening. 
Thank you again.  Good Evening.

Note:  It is always a pleasure to channel the words of the Ascended Masters and any other being of light who wish to contribute to our enlightenment.
I am honoured to be their voice.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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