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Aranuth @ Ravenshoe Jan 2013


Here we are into the heightened energy era of 2013 with promise of big changes soon to unfold. Many souls will now discover that as you think it, so too will it manifest: so it is prudent to focus on positive loving thoughts lest something undesirable and unwanted manifest on your pathway.
Like many others I too am very aware of an altered energy field and use this powerful energy to facilitate and accelerate my transition into a higher and more spiritually aware and creative vibration.
Welcome home Ned.
Descendants of Australia's most famous bushranger have held a memorial service more than 130 years after he was hanged for murder. The commemorations end a dispute over what should become of Ned Kelly's remains after his relatives insisted he be given a proper burial. Ned was buried in the small country cemetery of Greta near the unmarked grave of his mother.
For those interested in a “bloody good read” of a factual account of the life and time…

Aranuth Malanda Jan 2013

A very happy, peaceful, and personally fulfilling New Year to everyone; may your every dream come true.


The eventful year of 2012 has been consigned to history and a new year of 2013 has dawned. The mis-information, doom and gloom, fear and negativity, that was being distributed by numerous agents of unknowingness was finally laid to rest by the smooth unveiling and passage of the truth regarding the “Change of the Ages” – the information depicted in the Mayan Calendar that was the stimulus of much controversy and public debate the world over.
Aranuth and the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light maintained a steady stream of truthful information to reassure his followers right up to and including the actual event.
Never has there been a time when Aranuth and the Brotherhood did not correctly foretell and advise us of events that would affect our pathway.

The future as I see it holds much promise of individual enlightenment and upliftment; that is for those who are open,…