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The Hands of God

Don had been a believer in God and accepted Jesus as his Son. He had always tried to speak positive of living the good Christian life, which would lead to peace and happiness in this world and the next.

Now, for the first time in his life he doubted everything. He was on the verge of totally rejecting God, Christ, sacrifice, salvation, love - the whole works - anything associated with all that he embraced in the past.

Here it was Christmas Eve and he was all alone reflecting on the terrible year it had been. January was a shock because he didn’t get the promotion that he deserved. Then in April when he was expecting a raise he received a cut in salary, In June he had a car accident that laid him in the hospital with the insurance only paying part of the expenses. In September he realized he was hooked on pain killers. In November his wife had an affair and when confronted she asked for a divorce. It didn’t help that she pointed out that she had now found a real man.

Now to top it all…

Aranuth Christmas Message

Aranuth speaks about Love and Forgiveness at Christmas and suggests that everyone practice love and forgiveness all year round instead of only at this time of the year. If all souls incarnate genuinely sent out unconditional love and forgiveness to all of the world all year round then the problems of this world would diminish greatly and our world would move into entirely different paradigm.


Food allergies have become a global epidemic and conventional medicine has no cure. reports are that food allergies  have increased by 50% between 1997 and and 2012. Since the 1990′s when GM foods were first approved there has been a dramatic increase in food allergies, asthma, ADHD, and several forms of cancer.

So called “experts” retained by Big Pharma are again attacking the natural health and healing industry. Vitamin, mineral, natural, and herbal supplements that generate large amounts of money are in the drug companies sights. Nutritionists agree that if we eat a a balanced diet of fre…

Merry Christmas 2013

We wish you A Merry Christmas
and A Happy New Year!

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Aranuth Speaks: Crystals for Fukushima

Aranuth speaks about the immense power of crystals and the important role that they play in supporting the geophysical structure of the planet, sustaining and promoting the growth of all plant life, and acting as a catalyst to nullify or lessen the effects of earth movements such as earthquakes, tectonic plate shifts, volcanic eruptions, and other associated events. An important aspect is the accelerated power of the crystals when souls singular or in groups keenly focus their intent upon the crystals to bring about change.


In the last channelled message the guides warned of impending attempts by the controllers to maintain and increase a vise-like grip on  governments, finances, trade, exploitation of natural resources, and other activities of this planet however their efforts over time will prove futile. The people will win fairness and equality for all providing that we as a world population do not involve ourselves in negative judgement and instead send continuous waves of …

Aranuth November 2013

Aranuth speaks about the ongoing changes; the absolute constancy and continuity of change  to the planet and everything within, on, and surrounding it and our universe.  Aranuth’s guest communicator and one of the more regular speakers “One” (all is one – one is all) gives us information regarding the evolution of the planet and everything associated with it:  the explanation of, and reason for, the much-needed and ongoing changes. Whilst some souls may find this information a little disturbing or confronting to their belief system the information is in no way intended to concern, alarm, or cause fear. It is offered as an understanding of what is taking place on this planet.


There is justifiable ongoing concern regarding the use and over-use of chemical compounds and sprays that not only kill “insect pests” but more importantly kill the honeybees.  Honeybees are absolutely vital to our food supply: no honeybees to pollinate the fruit and vegetables = no food! Our agricultural i…

How to Protect Yourself from Failure

Setbacks in any career are inevitable, and yet some people manage to succeed despite the worst of setbacks.

Their secret is that they know the difference between a setback and failure. The two aren't the same. A setback has to leave scars before it starts to become a failure. There are ways to protect yourself from being scarred. Some of these can be applied in advance, the way you'd apply prevention before you get sick. Others can be applied after a setback has occurred. But in both cases, anyone can learn the skills that are needed.

In advance:

View yourself as a success, no matter what is happening.

Know your personal weaknesses and deal with them.

Address the influence of fear and anxiety.

Stay immersed in the details of your work.

Have a supportive family.

Participate in a supportive team atmosphere.

Identify with interests outside your work.

Develop core values.

Learn how to be centered.

As you can see, this is a sizable list, which includes some critical elements that e…

Imagination, the Path of all Possibilities.

Imagination is a wonderful tool. I have never met a child without imagination. I would go so far as to say that a child without imagination is, well . . . unimaginable.

Gradually over the past few months I have come to realize that maybe what the world needs right now is more imagination on every level.  A surge towards that spectacular dimension of exploration and discovery that I believe is a vital connection to the realms of possibility and beyond.

A world where imagination needs to be ‘grown out of’ in favour of a realism which keeps so many of us locked in to dry, hum drum experiences needs now to change. I worry that imagination in adults is often considered to be weakness or a form of escapism from what the majority sees as truth, fact and ‘real’ life. Mostly though, I worry that those who govern, the decision makers, the law makers and office bearers, may be devoid of imagination altogether. That would be a catastrophe. Without imagination where would they lead us?


2013 In Review - A Year of Transformation

Beloved masters, the process the world and humanity are now experiencing has been spoken of by many wise sages and masters over the past several hundred years, and yet, the masses have not taken heed and have continued on a downward path of self-destruction.

Humanity has built an illusion of wealth and abundance, but it has been built on the quicksand of greed and fear of scarcity.  This giant bubble of illusion has burst under the pressure of the Living Light of truth. What humanity is now experiencing is the cause and effect or the karmic results of following the impulses of the ego-desire body instead of the whisperings of Spirit.  Many dear souls have never experienced lack or deprivation–they have lived a life of instant self-gratification–while others, who believed the old teachings that they were not worthy of abundance, have lived many lifetimes of scarcity and impoverishment.

You, the StarSeed, are in the midst of the astounding process of awakening to the awareness of your c…

1 million to ban the lion trade -- Big win in court!!

Amazing win! A South African court just ruled that the government violated our right to free speech when they tore down ads calling for the protection of South Africa’s lions -- and we’re all over the news. Let’s use this momentum to get our petition to 1 million and save the lions.

Hundreds of South African lions are being slaughtered to make bogus sex potions for men. But we can stop this cruel trade by hitting the government where it hurts -- the tourism industry.

A global ban on tiger bone sales has traders hunting a new prize -- the majestic lions. Lions are farmed under appalling conditions in South Africa for "canned hunting", where rich tourists pay thousands to shoot them through fences. Now experts say lion bones from these killing farms are being exported to phony 'medicine' makers in Asia for record profits. Trade is exploding and experts fear that as prices rise, even wild lions -- with only 20,000 left in Africa -- will come under poaching attack.

If we…

Aranuth Speaks October 25th 2013

Aranuth advises us on how to successfully conduct relationships without placing unreasonable expectations on others or standing in judgement of them if they do not live up to our expectations. The highly evolved being “One” speaks about how we relate to other souls incarnate and the complex world in which we live. Again the message of acceptance, non-judgement, and honouring another souls free-will choice.


A town in the UK is considering adding fluoride to the milk of schoolchildren in an effort to improve dental health. Fluoride is a toxic substance that is biologically active in the human body where it accumulates in the sensitive tissues, wreaks havoc with enzymes, and produces a number of serious health problems. Twenty-five human studies have linked fluoride with lowered IQ in children including recent research from Harvard University and one hundred animal studies linking it to brain damage. Here in Australia there are more than a few local councils who bowing to public …