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Far North Queensland Australia has enjoyed the Lunar Eclipse experience which attracted visitors not only from Australia but from all around the world. It was touch and go with the intermittent early morning passing clouds however most viewing locations were 90% cloud free for the duration of the lunar transit. Living 2400 feet above sea level on a hilltop I was fortunate enough to have an unobstructed view.
The wet season is almost at our doorstep with some crackerjack storms rolling in with their usual complement of lightning, thunder, and rain; next up will be the monsoon season….and hopefully the annual cyclone activity will be mild and not a “wild-child”.
Following years of continual allegations of institutionalised child sexual abuse - with teachers, Brothers, and Priests of the Catholic Church gaining prominence - the Australian Govt. is in the process of determining guidelines for a far-reaching and wide-ranging Royal Commission of Inquiry. This will unearth some prominent past, current, and repeat offenders. Something like 95% of Australians have vocally endorsed the inquiry.
There are some big cosmic energy events coming up which will have an effect, noticeable or not, on every animate and inanimate thing on, around, beneath, and within this planet. 12-12-12 heralds the completion of the Crystalline Energy era and leads us up to the 21-12-12 completion of the implementation of the New Consciousness. To welcome the new paradigm many groups have arranged ceremonies and other celestial observances to mark the occasion.
I will be having a channelling session at Ravenshoe on that day.

Since 2009, Roche, the maker of Tamiflu, has repeatedly refused to release data from eight of ten clinical trials on the drug. Researchers with the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration Group are now raising serious questions about the drug's effectiveness and the scientific basis for the global recommendation of the drug. There is currently no scientific basis for the worldwide recommendation to use Tamiflu for the prevention or treatment of influenza. It is believed, however, that unreleased trial data may reveal potential harms, and/or verify the drug’s ineffectiveness.
Here in Australia both Federal and Queensland State Parliaments have risen for the Christmas–New Year recess…..thank goodness!  Australian and Queensland voters have been astonished witnesses to the vicious tit-for-tat, character assassination, unproven allegations of corruption, and mud-slinging antics by both sides of the respective houses. While our politicians have been posturing and venting their vitriol across the floor voters have been wondering; “Is anyone running the country”?  “Is anyone debating important legislation”?  “Is anyone looking after the interests of all Australians”?
As we approach the Change of the Ages there is an increasing number of people experiencing deep seated changes. The changes include random bouts of nervousness and insecurity, deep rooted feelings of fear and dread, and numerous old unresolved issues bubbling to the surface presenting themselves for transformation and transmutation. This is simply the cleansing before the transition into a higher level of consciousness.
There is also a considerable amount of mis-information and erroneous propaganda being passed around which is causing some fear and apprehension among the populace.
We will discuss and address these issues at the channelling session at Cominos House Greenslopes St Cairns on Sunday afternoon the 16th of December.

For more information I can be contacted at and / or  Phone: 0427 636 842 or 40917298

Personal channelled readings by appointment.



Well good evening everybody.  Welcome once again.  This evening we will have a continuation of several previous dissertations that I have given at this venue and elsewhere.  Those that have not heard them verbally would have read them in text form.  It is important for me to ask of you …”Where are you?  Where..are  Where are you on your pathway? 
After such a long period of your time you have been working to various degrees and to various extent on your spiritual advancement; which equates to awareness of and recognition of your true beingness.  Now I ask of you, where are you?  Well, from where I come I see you, I see your pathway, I see where you are, I see who you are, I see your experiences, your lessons, and I do not interfere.  But again, I wish to ask you… Where are you? 
Where are you on your pathway of development? 
Have you taken the time to cease your physical, mental, and emotional activities and ask yourself “where am I”?  Have you found the time to look back the way that you have just come and ask yourself “what have I learned”? ” What has changed, altered, and added impetus to my progress along my pathway? 
Have you stopped in peace and looked ahead to see how much further you may, may have , to travel before you reach the point where you are ready for a transition that you call ascension?
I call it transition into a higher vibrating level; which equates with higher consciousness; which equates with a level where you have an entirely different paradigm to what you have surrounding you at this point in time. 
When I ask you “where are you”? I am asking you to stop and take stock of your surroundings: ask yourself “what have I done to get to this point”?  “Have I been true to myself and my pathway in my learning process”? “Am I giving myself a shove along… a bit of go-forward so that I may leave this level of consciousness behind and graduate into, and assimilate my beingness with, a higher vibrating level of consciousness”? 
Children while you are here have fun.  Your sojourn here is meant to be fun. It’s meant to be a fun, pleasant, learning experience of upliftment.  Somewhere along the line you became beguiled by the physical things in this physical dimension: and because you stopped and reached out to them, they in turn reached out to you; they grasped you and became your controller, your jailer; you became the prisoner. 
You were not meant to do that.  Without this physical body, you are - and you have been told this many times - you are beautiful beings of light.  You are also very, very powerful beings of light.  And over several thousand years of your time you allowed your light to dim: you did not tend to your light like a lighthouse keeper tends to his.  You allowed your light to dim.  And you so easily gave up all of your power to those who wish to control you.
How can the light of a beautiful master such as you go dim? How does a beautiful master surrender their power to one who wishes to control them and use them for their own purposes? 
You are a master!  You can reclaim your light: you can reclaim your power.  And that’s what you are doing here now… and that’s what it is all about.  You are on the pathway to transition!
Consider; if you have allowed your light to dim: if you have allowed another to usurp your powers; do you really feel that you are a candidate-in-readiness for transition?  That is why I say to you; “where are you”?
You have a physical embodiment which is a requirement to carry your beingness, to be the vehicle for your beingness, while you transit this level of solid matter and have lessons and experiences. 
Now let us not forget this physical body is only very, very temporary.  So when that has fallen away, what do you have left? Your true beingness! 
If your body is so very temporary, and your true beingness is eternal, would you not be focusing on your energy beingness?  The total being that you are?  Why would you pander to your physical beingness rather than your energy light beingness when you know that the physical beingness can drop and fall away at any time?  Eternal beingness: you are the Creators Light and that Light can never be extinguished.  Many of you have allowed it to be dimmed but it will never be extinguished. 

Now; “where are you”?  Well, I will tell you: you are corkscrewed into this physical beingness and physical reality; firmly-embedded into this embodiment which is going to fall away and crumble. Build a castle out of sand and see what happens when the tide comes in.  Because the tide is coming in. It’s an energy tide: it’s coming in.  So pray that your castle isn’t made of sand. 
It is now time, past time: it is of importance to acknowledge the being within; to acknowledge the energy being that you are.  Focus firmly and make an unbreakable commitment to advance the beingness within at the expense of the physical. 
There will come a time when you will not require a physical body: that is a phase; a phase that souls incarnate go through. On a lower level they require a physical body to be in a very physical solid-mass dimension to have experiences that are associated with solid matter.  Phase: you are transiting that phase now. 

I have brought this message to you before in different terms.  Same content, altered terms. Now, right now, is the time for you to consider peeling back the physical layers and letting the true beingness, the light, the energy, come out and take precedence over the physical. Your light beingness, your energy beingness, not only asks but demands autonomy.  You need to bring yourself out: recognize the beingness, the energy form that you are; not only get close to but become that; become that in every moment, in every tick of your clock.  Become that! Become what you truly are. 
Now certainly, you owe your physical a considerable amount of attention because that is the vehicle that you will transit this experience in.  So you must maintain that vehicle: that vehicle is not you; you drive the vehicle - the vehicle does not drive you.  You should - and it is most beneficial to come out of that physicality - acknowledge your divinity: acknowledge who and what you are; allow your true beingness to take control …as it rightly should. 

Now, as you approach your energy apex, your plateau, where you will transit the final stage of moving into a higher vibrating dimension, you will need to be not only prepared but to be compatible with the energy of that higher consciousness.  You do understand what will happen to you if your consciousness is not sufficiently raised to blend with the higher consciousness. Square into circle does not go! 
Now: now is the age where you should be stepping out of your physical: honour your physical; bless your physical; then step out of your physical and become the true being that you are. Allow the true beingness, the energy beingness within, to guide you because it will guide you unerringly 

How many times have I heard souls incarnate say “but I don’t know where I am going”: “but I don’t know what I am doing”; “but I don’t know how to get there”; “I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing here anyway”. 
You are already here doing it. 
Beloved it is awareness; becoming aware of why you are here, of what you are doing; of where you are going; of how you were doing it;   Many times, many times, the Brotherhood has come to you with the simple message, “go within”.  The Brotherhood has pleaded with you; cajoled you; instructed you; and at times thrown up their hands in exasperation.   What part of “go within” do you not understand?  Go within.  Your true beingness is within.  Your higher beingness is within; your higher awareness is within; your highest ideals are within.  It’s within! 
When you wish to communicate or make contact with the Guides, the Brotherhood, the Angelic realms, whatever the question go within because within is the connection.  It is the open line to your higher self, your higher beingness, your Guides, Ascended Masters and the Logos.  That is your free open line of communication.  Why would you not use it?  Why would you ignore it, run around in circles, ask other unknowing, unaware souls incarnate “what do I do now”? “What do I do next”?  Go within.
Where you are now is a very important point on your pathway.  I do not mean your lesson plan in this incarnation, I am talking about your planned pathway for transition into higher beingness, higher consciousness.  Forget about experiences and lessons on this earth plane; they will take care of themselves; I can guarantee you that.  If you do not apply yourself to making ready to integrate into a higher beingness, I cannot guarantee anything. 

I hear souls say, “will I make it”?  Perhaps you are better off asking that question of yourself; directing that question to yourself; because only you can answer that.  “Will I make it”? ”Will I make the cut”? “Will I blend with the higher consciousness”? “Will I blend with that vibration”?  Direct those questions to yourself because you are the one who has done, or has to do, the work.  You are the one that has to drive yourself forward; you are the one who has to give yourself a push; a little bit of impetus.   We can come many, many times: we can talk to you; we can tell you; we can show you; we can do all sorts of things;  however you are the one that has to do it.  You are the sovereign individual self;   it is your pathway; you have to do it.  That is, when I say “have to do it”, that is if you wish to go into a higher vibration, another consciousness; and if you don’t, if that’s your choice, then that’s okay too.  That’s your choice.
If you wish to stay in a lower vibrating consciousness and continue  on with the birth – life – death; birth – life - death; birth - life – death cycle again and again; If you want to keep riding that cycle  then do so because I can assure you that the next ascension bus won’t be here for another 50 million years of your time. 

Opportunities to transition, ascension into a higher consciousness, don’t come along every half-hour; they are a rare, rare event.  I will not go into the background, the why’s and the wherefores of why this is happening. At this point in time, sufficient it is to say, it is happening; it has been happening for some time. Your guides - those who are closest to you - have been with you helping and assisting on a doing-ness level prompting you to do it.  Other beings of light, Great Beings of Light, give you the knowledge, the information, the encouragement, and with the Logos permission we multiply and accelerate your power of light to assist you. That has been happening for eons of time, eons of your time. So you can see if the ascension bus only arrives every 50 million years or so of your time does it not make sense to catch this one? 

How many of you have said “I have had enough of this”; “I don’t want to be here”; “it is all too hard”; “there has been fun times but there also have been bad times and sad times and I don’t want to be on this level anymore”; “I don’t want to be in the middle of the fights, the arguments, the wars, starvation, disease, the floods, the fires, the earthquakes”.
If you don’t want to be here for that then why are you not working towards transitioning into a higher dimension? Why are you not doing everything you can to increase your awareness; to lift your vibration so that you can rise up in that consciousness? And returning to what I said earlier, you are not this body; this physical body will drop and fall away; and what does it leave? The beingness.  That is all that counts. That is all that is genuine; beingness. 

So I am here again to tell you to focus within. Your physical body gets enough attention: it will not collapse on you if you spend an hour or two each day or night going within, building and strengthening that communication highway with your Higher Self; because I will say this again; your lifeline and your passport to a higher consciousness is your awareness and your communication with your higher self, your higher beingness.  So there it is, very simple.

All of the answers are within: go within; ask, wait, go within again, talk to your guides, talk to the Angelic Beings, the Ascended Masters, the Logos, the Creator: talk to them; ask for assistance; ask for the power; ask for understanding; ask for awareness; ask to be lifted up to have your entire vibratory system realigned and upgraded so that it blends with the next dimension.  Because when you go up into a higher vibration you go into a different dimension: there is a different consciousness which is not just directly related to, but is a twin of, awareness. And without awareness there is no consciousness; and that’s where you will be.  You will be in a higher consciousness.  Everything around you will be of an entirely new paradigm. 

Do you know that those of you who are going up: those of you who are assured of going into the higher consciousness; there will be some surprises there for you because there is no hard and fast plan at that level.  Did you know that in that consciousness you do not have to fit into some preconceived plan?  We didn’t build a model which you must fit because in that dimension you will formulate your own plan.  Tricky? Hmm? 

And so dear ones I El Moruya wish you well. We will continue to do everything in our power to assist you and will assist those who will assist themselves.  We will assist those who will assist themselves.  You know the way within.  You know the fruits of going within. So I shall now wish you good luck on your mission.  Thank you and Good Evening.

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Peace and Happiness,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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