Aranuth Malanda November 2012


Barack Obama has been popularly re-elected as President of the United States. Hopefully both Republicans and Democrats will now work together to ensure the US economy and employment figures take a turn for the better.

Super storm ‘Sandy’ took a terrible toll on personal safety, homes, businesses, and infrastructure mainly in the densely populated New Jersey, New York, and Lower Manhattan area with damage estimates skyrocketing daily. Reportedly 2.5 million premises were without power. Sadly the number of precious lives lost was in excess of 80; many others were injured. Millions of people were without power or transportation, stranded in temporary shelters, hotel rooms, or in their damaged homes. The extent of the devastation is mind-boggling.
Our prayers of healing, love, light, and best wishes are with all residents in the affected areas.

The pro Genetically Modified chemical, seeds, and processed foods lobby in the USA is reportedly spending in excess of $40 million on a campaign to discredit the ‘Right to Know’ group and prevent Campaign 37 (the labelling of GM foods) to become law.
Genetically Engineered crops/foods are associated with serious health hazards, including allergies, infertility, birth defects, bizarre mutations and cancer; that’s just the known ones. Rats fed a diet containing 11 percent GE corn developed massive breast tumors, kidney and liver damage and other serious health problems in the 13th month of life.
There are now over fifty nations / states across the world that has rejected GM products. At least six European countries have banned all GMOs, and countless others require by law that GMO products be clearly labelled.

The Federal Minister for Agriculture here in Australia has not yet replied to my query regarding the Australian Governments stance on GM crops, foods and labelling.

For those who, like me, love going barefoot and positively grounding myself will take heart in the recent studies which have shown that earthing or grounding improves blood viscosity, heart rate variability, reduces inflammation, assists with cortisol dynamics, sleep, autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, and reduces effects of stress.
Wow! That’s a load of health.


Below is the message channeled at the “Closet Hippy” in Malanda last Friday evening. It was a wonderful evening with absolutely beautiful energies flowing freely. I will be channelling there on the second Friday evening of each month as well as the usual end-of-month Ravenshoe sessions.

The Lunar eclipse in North Queensland has attracted huge numbers of visitors from interstate and overseas. Every hotel, motel, caravan park, home-stay, farm-stay, camp area, and just about every other form of accommodation has been booked out months, even years, ahead of time. My home is in the direct “best viewing” path of the eclipse.
The morning dawned with mostly clear sky punctuated with the occasional cloud floating by. It was a wonderful occasion with a spectacular eclipse.


Good evening children.  It is I El Moruya who has come to address you.  I bring you knowledge and information from the Brotherhood which we feel will serve you well in coming days: in your coming weeks; in your coming new energy. 
So, what are your expectations? Your expectations for your future? 
Expectations in many instances can be quite disruptive to the peaceful passage of your life on earth.  Expectations in some instances are positively applicable; but in a number - quite a vast number of instances - expectations are a negative influence on your life.  Expectations: unrealistic expectations; prompted and promoted by various things that you have heard, that you have discussed with others, that you have read; many of these things only serve to confuse your mind and cause you to place unrealistic expectations on your future. 
Now what I would like to say to you is: in most instances you do not require expectations simply because you are always watched over, cared for, and protected. You were never off your pathway! Sometimes you may wobble around, crisscross, do a u-turn, and go back the way you just came… but you were never genuinely off your pathway.  Your personal guides - and many other individual guides - are there to nudge you back onto your pathway. At times when uncertainty enters your life it is quite permissible for you to stand still on the pathway until you feel comfortable with moving ahead. 

Now the reason why I brought up the subject of expectations: unreasonable expectations; is that there is now a very popular theme running through the population regarding the coming Change of the Ages - which is simply an energy change - Aahhmm ….to put it more appropriately we could call it a change in your consciousness.  Now, to bring about this change we firstly have altered, enhanced, accelerated, energy flowing down from the Creator through all of the realms, all the dimensions, down through your universe, striking your planet, and affecting every, every, thing upon it. 
Now that energy - which has been incrementally increasing in power and impetus over many years - that energy actually encourages you, prompts you, to alter, change, uplift, and to accommodate it (the new energy).  You need to be uplifted so that you can leave the old paradigm behind; move up in consciousness; and enter into a new paradigm which you are actually co-creators of. 
So now simply and briefly put: your planet and everything upon it is being lifted up in energy.  The frequency of the energy is much higher, which as I have explained, brings on a new paradigm which is accomplished by your raised consciousness. 

Now at this point I would like to go back to expectation: we are very much aware; very much aware that you have expectations of what will come to pass.  The expectations become unrealistic when you choose to become involved in discussions, the absorbing of information by various speakers and writers, regarding what will happen.  Well, what will happen is what has been happening for in excess of twenty of your earth years; more like 25 of your earth years.
This energy has been building up to an expected crescendo.  Expected because souls incarnate are putting expectations on what this energy crescendo actually involves. 
What it involves is a continuation of energy enhancement, acceleration, increasing power, and impetus.  That is what is involves!
You will not arrive at this energy apex and suddenly… bang! ….everything has changed. Everything has been changing for many years and will continue to do so. 
Now when this energy change reaches its plateau… NO… it is not the end: It is only a plateau. So the energy reaches up, rises up, attains this plateau, and waits so that your energy can uplift and raise your consciousness up to that plateau. So you now have your energy, your consciousness, your new paradigm, matching where the energy has plateaued; and then it will continue to lift some more. 
You do not have to put any expectations on what will or will not happen, may or may not happen.  You don’t need those expectations.  What you do need is to go within. 

Now we will come back to ‘go within’ in a short moment. 
I am aware that people on this realm are becoming confused and fearful that the energy, the shift, once the energy reaches that plateau may lift and leave them behind: they may miss the boat. So they wonder if they miss the boat then what will happen to them?  Well you are not going to ‘miss the boat’ as it were, simply because you will always be continuously evolving, rising up, increasing in energy frequency and consciousness. And so there are many, many, souls incarnate who are considerably advanced: others somewhat advanced - somewhat enlightened; and some others who may be dilly-dallying along the pathway and not up to raising their consciousness to reach that plateau right now; but their turn will come; their turn will come. 
No one is being dumped: no one is being shuffled out the back door. As individual entities; as individual sovereign entities; you have, and always have had, and always will have, free-will choice.  It is you who chooses whether or not to settle down to unearth the gold within: the information, the love, the knowledge, the light, the beingness that is within you. So for those souls who do not want to open up that gold mine just yet …well if you have chosen to stay at this level and play some more that’s quite acceptable.  That is what you have chosen - and no we are not all going to rush on ahead and leave you behind. Certainly many souls are going on ahead but we are not leaving you behind!
Some souls are simply ahead of you at this point of development. 
Your guides and many other Great Beings of Love and Light are still there with you.  Just because a certain band or swathe of souls are enlightened and advanced enough to lift into the new consciousness doesn’t mean that we are going to cut you adrift.  Everything goes on, and on, and on, and your guides will still be coming to you; they still will be helping you; they will still be there encouraging you to seek within.  Seek within. 

Now the world is not going to suddenly explode, shatter, fall apart, tip upside down, or anything like that.  Many of those things have been put forward by other souls who are confused and unknowing.  Because we avoid any shade of judgment I will just say that there are many souls speaking, writing, and otherwise spreading information that is false - totally incorrect. Whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly it is incorrect.  Your planet is always going to be here: there’s not going to be any “fire and brimstone” that will turn your planet into a barren rock; this planet is going to continue on. 
Now you see dear ones, it will continue on but as you are aware everything grows, everything alters, everything changes; so yes, your earth planet - just as it has done for millions of years - will continue to change and alter: seasons will change; the environment will change; your flora and fauna will change; sea levels will change; it is all subject to change.  Nothing stays still so fear not about your world suddenly falling apart as a result of some massive tragedy. 

Now, I spoke to you about raising your vibration: your consciousness; and co-creating a new paradigm on this energy plateau …which will then move on again.  Whilst you are doing that at your level of consciousness; the earth, planet earth, and everything it supports will continue to evolve and do everything at its level of consciousness; and it will rise when the consciousness of the earth, and the people of the earth, has changed …so too will it rise.  The earth will still be with those who raise the consciousness level as well as those who choose to remain in the lower consciousness. It is all a matter of levels of consciousness; what you choose, perceive, and see around you. 

Now surely, surely, you must all be aware that your planet is undergoing great change.  Fires; floods; earthquakes; tsunami’s; wild storms; well the planet is changing too. Just like you are required to shed old thoughts, old beliefs, old energies, all of what doesn’t apply and cannot be taken into the new consciousness: you have to shed that. So you shed your thoughts and your ideas and all of those hand-me-down belief systems that have been ingrained into you.  Just like you are releasing them - Mother Earth is part of this change you know - so she releases and sheds all of that too. 
How does she release billions of years of pent up old energies? Well, earthquakes; tectonic plate movement; volcanic eruptions; storms; the cleansing of the waters… w h o o o s h ! 
Mother Earth is doing the same as you are; the same as you should be doing.  She is preparing herself for this upliftment in energy, in consciousness: she is getting ready to reposition herself in the new paradigm. 

Souls incarnate are inexorably linked to earth.  You may remember American Indians have a saying “what befalls Mother Earth befalls the women of the earth”. Because Mother Earth is a nurturer for everything dependent upon her - the same as the human females are nurturers - you are linked; linked: and because the female human is the nurturer of the species the rest of the species (as in males and children) go with the nurturer; go with the mother; they go with Mother Earth.  Everything happens synchronistically; its all synchronized, Nothing is happening at random.
Yes, some souls choose to leave the planet at this point in time via fire; flood; earthquakes; tsunami; they choose, they choose to leave.  That is their pathway. They have reached a point on their pathway where they now come to the decision that they can safely leave this earth walk, this incarnation, go back to spirit, and consolidate everything that they have learned in this incarnation; and then prepare themselves for another incarnation. So not only do they prepare themselves but they will do everything they can - in concert with all their guides - to lift their own vibration so that when they return to this earth - which is now lifted up in consciousness - they will be of a consciousness level that will match the earth… which allows them to incarnate and have another earth walk, another experience and lesson plan here. 
There is nothing to fear.  Nothing whatsoever to fear. 

Now we will come back to what I spoke about “going within”.  Many of you; quite a number of you; are familiar with various Ascended Masters of my Brotherhood who have come through this medium and spoke many times about the importance of “going within”.  It is imperative that if you want to rise up in consciousness you must go within, find your true self, and radiate that energy, lift yourself, so you will need help as you always have.  So you go within contemplate, meditate, ask, ask, ask. Ask the guides, the Masters, the Ascended Masters, the Great Beings of Love and Light: ask them to assist you to find your true beingness; find your true self; so as to unmask the beautiful being within.  You are not this physical body.  Unmask the beautiful being within. 

Now, as an aid: as an aid for you: I would like to tell you to watch your thoughts; constantly; continuously; be very, very, aware of what you are thinking.  Be very aware of whether those thoughts are positive and helpful to you as you transit your pathway: or are they a distraction? Are they something that the mental body continually throws up, like a barrier, which hinders your advancement? 

Consider what thoughts occupy large amounts of time in your daily life.  Consider: are those thoughts focused towards uplifting you as a soul? As an energy essence? Or are those thoughts mediocre? Are they damaging? Are you thinking about emotional hurts, pains, difficulties, physical aches and pains? Betrayal? Revenge? …Hmmnn?...That’s all part of the human condition of the old paradigm which you cannot take into the new consciousness; into the new paradigm that you are co-creating.  You cannot bring that rubbish with you.  That is the backpack full of the bricks on your back that will hold you down and stop you from accessing a higher vibrating dimension.  So what do you do?
Whenever you have a few moments to spare clear your mind; be still and quiet; do not grasp, hold onto, or retain any thoughts.  Let thoughts drift away and let your beingness drift into the silence because it is in the silence that you will make contact, not only with your inner beingness, but with your guides; with the Ascended Masters; because that is vital; that is vital! 

So as you go about your daily life be very aware of your thoughts and know this: your thoughts of fear, uncertainty, insecurity; fear of the future; whatever it may be; those thoughts are the anchors that are holding you into this lower paradigm. 
What benefits you to have those thoughts? If you were to sit down and think fearfully of your future how does that assist you? It doesn’t!  It does you a disservice because it continually locks you into that fear.  Continually locks you in the prison of lower third dimensional energy.  So what I wish to achieve here this evening is to prompt you to consider very carefully watching your thoughts; trying not to think at all. 
If you have an active mind and do not wish to think you can always play music: you can always sing; you can laugh with your friends; you can be grateful for what you have in this life. You can be grateful for the love of your family and your children.  You do not have to think: you especially do not have to think “ohhh what will become of me when the energy changes”. 
You already know what will become of you… the same as what became of you today, and yesterday, and the day before. 
As the energy changes: as you enter in this new consciousness and dimension; there is no standing applause; there is no clapping and cheering; there is no thunder claps and brass bands; you just move into a new level, a new energy level of your consciousness, and your new paradigm… that is all.  But to go there you will first have to put down all of your old hurts, your old pains, your old fears… all of those things. They belong back there (indicates behind me) not where you are going. 
Now, practically the entire human race is fearful, are concerned, are wondering what is going to happen; it is a human condition.  What I am doing with you this evening is familiarizing you with the reality, the truth of the situation; so step out positively and laugh in Light, in Love, in confidence; be grateful for what you have and look forward joyfully to the new age that is being installed at this very moment as I speak. 
So thank you all for listening to me this evening and thank you all to those other souls incarnate who will read my words.  I genuinely hope that my few words this evening have helped as many souls as possible because we are waiting to welcome you home. We will still continue to come to help you, to uplift you.  No one is forgotten; no one is left behind; no one is cut off; you are known, you are cared for, you are loved.
And so I El Moruya wish you light and love.
Thank you and good evening.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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