Aranuth Dec. 2012 & The Brotherhood of the Crystal Light

Recently I was asked about the differing Guides and Ascended Masters choosing to speak through me instead of it being solely Aranuth. Aranuth is the principal guide however there are many others who form the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light hence the altered title of this message. You may remember that the messages originally commenced under the title of “Through-the Veil”.
Those of you who have perused my website will also be familiar with the declaration “it’s the message that is important…not the messenger”
Looking back over the years there have been a considerable number of Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Love and Light - and some relatively unknown and unheralded entities- tune into my frequency and deliver a message. It has been a pleasure to accommodate them.

The weekend commencing with the evening of Friday 14th Dec. (Malanda session) through to the evening of Sunday the 16th (Cairns Ascension special) was a very busy one for me.
At both the Malanda and Cairns sessions the gremlins attacked my MP3 recorder: no audio…bugger!
The Malanda session was filmed as well as recorded so all is not lost; you can go to and view the Malanda session.

Before the commencement of the Ravenshoe session  (Friday 12:00 hours on the 21-12-12) I checked and double checked the audio recorder to ensure that it was set on RECORD and there would be voice to transcribe:…it worked.

The cyclone that recently descended upon the Philippines wreaked much havoc and took many lives. More than 180,000 people were left homeless after Typhoon Bopha razed the large southern island of Mindanao with heavy rains and sustained winds of up to 175 kph (110 mph). The storm had left 325 dead, 411 injured and 379 missing, the Philippines National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council reported.

The SUM OF US, a world-wide movement of people concerned with the state of world affairs recently posted the following regarding the HSBC bank on their website:
“Over the past few decades HSBC  has been run as a criminal organization, funneling billions of dollars for drug lords, rogue nations and Saudi banks linked to funding al Qaeda. Last week, US prosecutors announced the punishment: complete immunity for the bank and executives in charge of the decisions.
For its decade of criminal operations, HSBC has only to pay a $2 billion fine, or about one month’s worth of profits. US officials explained that HSBC was “too big to prosecute” and that labeling the bank a criminal organization would have devastating effects on the bank’s shareholders and be too traumatic for the financial sector, so HSBC and its executives are getting off scot-free.”

The tragic shooting of school students and staff at Sandy Hook in the US shocked people the world over. Here in Australia people are wondering out loud why US citizens are allowed to own deadly military assault rifles.
Here in Australia guns are registered, licensed, and must be locked in an approved gun cabinet to prevent access by unauthorized people. Automatic weapons are strictly controlled.
We have all heard that “guns don’t kill people - people kill people”.
The other side of the coin is; “people with easy access to guns kill people”.
I am yet to hear of a mass murder committed with a baseball bat, iron bar, or a knife.
Ravenshoe Christmas
The Ravenshoe afternoon was a beautiful event with an informative and inspiring message delivered by Aranuth himself….along with his infectious laughter!
Read on and discern for yourself how the substance and energy of the message affects, gels with, or pertains to you.


Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!  Good evening everybody, It is I Aranuth who bids you good evening and welcome; welcome on this beautiful day on your beautiful planet.  Is it not a wonderful day?  Is it not a changed day?  Have you noticed?  Have you noticed the change? Have you felt the change?  Are you aware of the change?  Surely, oh, ho, hoo, hoo haa! Surely you must feel the happiness and joy in the energy of this day …which is considerably different to what it has been on other previous days.  If you are not currently aware of it please do be now. 

Today is a joyous day; a marvellous day.  You see dear ones the energy that is radiated to, surrounds, and permeates your planet has changed.  It has altered:  it has moved into a different frequency; it’s been building up to this for some time now.  And blessed be, you have a higher, finer, energy right now which is filled with love and joy and happiness: and those that have the sensitivity are already aware of this; and those that are… uhmm… yet to develop a higher level of sensitivity; well then, I can assure you right now that today is a joyous day.
So please feel joyous within your beingness: within your total beingness; because I am here to visit you today to tell you how wonderful it is and how wonderful it is going to continue to be. 
Now here is a little hint for you.  How many of you have noticed that there is a decrease shall we say, a decrease in the frequency or intensity of fear and negativity that previously permeated your environment. Now I look around and see that several of you are aware of that.  Those who do not have raised sensitivity as yet, well you are now aware; and you can now be more aware.  You can be sensitive to the fact that everything is a little more joyous, happier, less negativity, and perhaps a few more souls will smile at you. 
Be aware for all those little signs because all those little signs - when you accumulate them, the accumulation of them - is what boosts your awareness of “what is”.
Much has been spoken and written about this change in the energies.  I have spoken to you before and informed you that the change of the energies has been going on for many years of your earth time.  It is only now as it reaches up to a crescendo shall we say that it becomes, hmm, more noticeable; not just to the sensitives but also to those who do not have a high level of sensitivity as yet.
So, what happens from here on?  Simply  put: more advancement; more development; more expansion; and it becomes a bit easier… it becomes a bit easier for you now because you have moved into this vibration that exudes and prompts in your beingness a higher level of acceptance, and happiness, and of joy; of the beauty of your environment; the planet that you live on. It prompts you to look at and to realise that there is positivity; love; light; beauty; all around you... and you may enhance that energy providing that you radiate the same degree of acceptance, love, light, joy, and happiness.  Don’t go down the slippery slope back into the bog of lower 3rd dimension; you don’t need to do that anymore. 
Did I tell you that we were compressing that?  Did I tell you that that is being  (slashes fingers across throat in cut-throat manner) being “done away with”.
We are lifting you and your planet out of those dark cesspits: lifting you up. You are already right now… as I have just told you… in a much higher and finer vibration.  Hmm…. What are the effects upon your beingness? The totality of it? What I am talking about is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and higher self beingness; the totality of your self which is essence.  The totality of self is the essence of your self and your essence which was birthed in love, and light, wishes to remain in love and light; and wishes that you can advance and enhance the level, the power, and the intensity of that love and light. 

Now, the energy that is radiating down upon your planet is not selective.  It radiates down, over, and permeates the entire planet.  It’s like an early morning mist that drifts in almost unnoticed - is unnoticed by some of you - drifts in almost unnoticed, encompasses all of the planet and everything upon it, and alters and changes those life forms sentient or in-sentient upon it.  It radiates to, shines upon, or affects all - Allness, Oneness.
How does it affect the human organism souls currently incarnate, embodied in solid mass physicality? Well, it all starts with “quarks” ha,ha,ha,ha…  it all starts with what you and your scientists call “quarks”. Quarks are subdivisions of sub-atoms: sub-atoms are part of atoms; and of course your physicality is made of clumped atoms.  So the energy, to change or alter you and everything upon the planet, has to start at that level which we will call sub-quark.  It is even finer than the quark.
I use the term quark for your understanding.  You, as a being; as a light being; as an energy being; as a physical being; you are required to accommodate that flow of energy.  If you cannot accommodate that flow of energy you cannot become compatible with the newer, “new” energy: so, what are you doing? What are we doing? What are all of us doing?  We are using this energy to re-set, to re-set your coding.  We are re-setting your codes at a sub-quark level.  We are altering; changing; resetting; realigning; your codes to match and accommodate the coding the frequency of the energy which is of the oneness: which means that you are one; you are all one,; one is all; you are one; you are helping to ensure that every thing is compatible and in alignment to accommodate this energy which is electromagnetic… in basic form. 
The energy that radiates down through the cosmos to you is in an electromagnetic form.  “Electromagnetic” does not fully define the energy but it is a very useful word for me to use for your understanding. So the electromagnetic energy which is radiating down through the cosmos sweeps over your planet and everything on it, around it, in it, and under it is like the morning mist that floats through:  and it is realigning; it is altering, changing your code.  Your code is- now at this “now” moment- vastly different to your encodings of several decades ago.  The human organism has come a long way in the last three decades…and it was planned that way.  That is as a result of the energy, the altered energy, which has been increasing incrementally. It has been altering incrementally so as to carry you slowly and gently; to carry you and your energy like a baby… slowly; gently; carefully;… to bring you up to this point in time.  What you are feeling now is a higher frequency within self. 
So you have this higher frequency; and on this higher frequency it allows you to discern even micro adjustments to your beingness: the energy field of the earth; of everything on the earth; of your self; of your fellow man;… that is why you should be aware of the joy and the happiness around you at present which is a direct result of the process that I have just explained to you. 

Is that the end ? Ha,ha,ha,ha …oh, no, no, no, no!  Far be it from the end.
It is eternal; it is eternal! It is without end.  It is an evolutionary process. The evolutionary process that I am talking about is not confined to the human body.  It affects all: it affects the Oneness and the Allness.  That is what you are.  You are Oneness.  You are allness.  There is no separation. Neither one is separate from the other.  Neither one is separate from the earth; Oneness!
And so all of you, and everything in that Oneness; the totality of Allness and Oneness will eternally continue to evolve.  You will become; you will regain power; knowledge; wisdom; you will regain what you have hidden from yourself before you came onto this planet into this incarnation. 
You are not dumb physical bodie; you are advanced masters.  You have powers that you cannot even begin to dream about: and you have carefully hidden those powers from yourself so that you may have your experiences and lessons here without calling upon those powers shall we say to solve the riddle. 

When you move back to home, to the realms, you re-gather those powers to yourself plus any other enrichment that you have gained in the various numbers of incarnations that you have had here.  And you will go on, and on, and on.  You will continue to develop and expand because you are energy.  You cannot confine energy.  You cannot compact it; you cannot confine it; because it is in a continual state of expansion.  It will continue to grow and expand.  You are basically, in essence, energy.  You are energy!  You have energy: energy encompasses a considerable amount of elements.  The basic ones would be light; love; colour; vibration, frequency, which I have just explained to you. When we alter your frequency here your vibration increases; your frequency becomes compatible with the frequency of the energy generated by the Creator that comes down through the cosmos; comes through your galaxy; down through your universe, strikes your planet …and you as a micro cosmic portion of the Creator Allness. 

So now you see the basics of your energy self – colour; light; sound; frequency – that is all changing.  Your essence - your basic essence - your total beingness, as a direct result of this altered and enhanced energy that is now permeating and covering your planet and yourself; this will continue on, and on, and on, infinitely; infinitely.  You need not have fear of losing this physical body; or any physical body; or any solid mass physical representation of your energy beingness; because none of it your true state. It is your energy; and your energy will continue to expand and grow and heighten and it will have troughs and peaks and plateaus and that is all part of your development. 
And your development is going along very nicely I might add. 

Now the energy that the Creator is radiating to you can be greatly assisted by “little old you”.  It can be greatly assisted! You are not this physical being; you are a very powerful creator being.  And if you want to apply yourself; if you want to apply yourself to it; you can use your creative powers to assist and enhance the Creator’s energy… which helps lift this planet and everything on it into a higher frequency: and that higher frequency is one of love and light.  And if the planet and everything on it goes into this higher frequency you will not have these wars and famines and tragedies; you will have no of need of that.  All that can be done away with.  Simply because the Creator energy, ably assisted and enhanced by you, will just dissolve; dissolve this lower dimension. 
No further use? Dissolve it!
Because you are now up here (indicates high above his head) into higher and finer dimensions.  I’m sure that will make sense to you. I’m sure that you can understand that simple analogy; that simple expression of it. 

What is your task here?  Simply put: continue to evolve as an essence; as a being; as an energy.  That’s your task.  You chose it: you chose it eons ago; you chose to be part of the grandest scientific experiment that this planet has ever known.  The grandest, most powerful, and complicated.
What an experiment and how well you do.  If you can take the blinkers off. If you can take the blinkers off and open your third eye and see clearly, clearly:  clarity, clarity of your third eye.  Clarity from the pineal. 
When you get the clarity to see, seeing is understanding; and you know what you are here for; and you can see a major portion of what it is all about. The grandest scientific experiment ever… and you are all part of it.  How wonderful  huh!  How wonderful!  I too and my brotherhood, we are all part of it: we are still part of it.  We are on the other side of the veil helping and assisting in… hmm …an educational, in a form of educational manner, informing and educating you; giving you encouragement to keep on going; keep on expanding; keep on growing; keep it up! keep it up! How wonderful you do. 

From this point on be more aware, be more sensitive, to what is happening to you and around you; be conscious, ever conscious, of the role that you play; be ever conscious of the potential, the powerful potential of your role; of the role you play; of what you can achieve. 
You are powerful creator beings.  Not only on your pathway home but on the pathway home and beyond; because let me tell you, let me tell you beloved ones, when you go home back to the realms, when this incarnation is finished and you go back to the realms, there are a great number of you who have already planned to go higher, and higher, and higher.  So there will be a form, a form I say, a form of reincarnation which will be like you being re-birthed into a much higher dimension; a much higher level of expression for you to express yourself as a creator being that not only attempts, attempts to expand yourself, your powers, even more to even higher levels, greater degrees.  It’s never ending: it’s infinite; it’s infinite! You are infinite. 
This is the lowest level that you will ever be on… and let me reassure you that no one is coming back to this low level.  No soul is coming back to this low vibration. You have my guarantee of that: no soul will come back to a vibration such as this. (3D) The experiment is over.

For those of you choosing to drive forward into a much higher and finer vibration and utilise more of your creative abilities…that will be your future.  Future as you call it.  For those souls who are at this point in time perhaps floating at a level of around or slightly above this present vibratory level, we have already created a hologram of this planet. We, the Logos, the Ascended Masters, and many of us from the Brotherhood together using our creative powers have created a hologram of this earth planet.  It may be a hologram of this planet but it does not encompass, it does not accommodate, the vibration of this earth.  Dear ones it is entirely new… ha,ha,ha,ha ….tricky?
We have created an entirely new vibration…ha,ha,ha,aha.  Nothing like the vibration you have here. 
Now we have created this new vibration to surround, permeate, and be part of the hologram of this new earth; it’s a new earth.  You have heard that expression before, “new earth”?  Many people use the term  but do not understand what they are talking about.  This new earth is a hologram of this present earth: we have created a brand new energy vibration for that new earth so that those souls who at present find themselves incapable of ascending into a higher realm where they will look for launch; lift off; and to drive themselves even higher; those souls down here who feel that they are not quite ready for that, they will go to the new earth; the holographic earth; the new, very new, energy which they will love.  Absolutely love it. 
Those dear souls - I can inform you now - when they get to the new earth; into this new vibration that we have created, they will look around in wonderment. What they will not be immediately aware of is that the energy that we have created for the new earth… ha,ha,ha,ha …keeps turning, expanding, growing, lifting them: and it’s like when the tide comes in that new energy that we have created - that’s why we have created it for - is evolving, is growing, is expanding and it is the force that is uplifting those souls so that they will continue to grow and expand until they reach a point where there is no further need of that new earth… and then they will come over and join us.  They will join us at the level where they are ready for the boost, the launch, into a higher, finer, vibration and ever lasting development… ha,ha,ha,ha.
Oh, did you enjoy your science lesson this evening? … Hmm … Well, I have enjoyed being here and I feel the joy on your level of your vibration.  I feel the love, the joy, the happiness, and I encourage you to live in it, stay in it, enjoy it, become it: become joy, love, happiness… that is the way. 
You know children, to say that there is a goal is incorrect.  There is only a way.  There is only the way: there is no goal.  How could there be a goal for you to achieve if it keeps growing and expanding; and growing and expanding?  That goal is getting away on you children; it is eluding you; no, it’s the way, the pathway, it’s how you walk it. 

Thank you for having me here again on this day to deliver your little science lecture. I shall now withdraw and allow you to carry on with your festivities.
 So, once more I say, God Bless; you are known; you are loved; and I will take my leave now. Thank you and good evening.

For locals or those within comfortable driving distance; I have ceased healing appointments until January 14th 2013.

Personal one-on-one channelled readings can still be arranged by appointment.

Ph. 0740917298
Mob. 0427 636 842

Wishing you a safe and joyous Christmas festive season and a spiritually exciting and uplifting New Year.

Peace & Happiness,
Health & Happiness,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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