Aranuth October 26th 2012


An interesting article recently appeared on the internet stating that while prominent political figures such as George Bush, Obama, Mitt Romney, and Bill Clinton all support, or at least allowed, the expansion of the GM / GE food industry.
According to a former White House executive chef, Laura Bush was “adamant that in ALL CASES, if an organic product was available it was to be used in place of a non-organic product.”  Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, has publicly credited a combination of organic foods and holistic medicine for turning her health around after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998.
The light on the horizon is California’s Proposition 37 to clearly label GM / GE foods. This CA law could have a flow-on effect and not only go national but possibly international.


The International Cycling doping scandal continues to reach new heights – or is that lows? – With quite a number of pro cyclists taking advantage of the amnesty to come forward and spill the beans. The name on everybody’s lips is Lance Armstrong and to a lesser extent his associates; the team of riders/managers/administrators, and medical staff are all in the mix.
Armstrong has been exposed as a serial drug cheat and has paid a very high penalty. This is the time of exposure and disclosure. A time of dirty deeds previously performed in the dark now being exposed by the light. Armstrong has been exposed as a serial drug cheat and has paid a very high penalty.


High-flying Felix Baumgartner’s freefall from the edge of space reaching speeds of 1342km/h – that’s 1.24 times the speed of sound – caught the attention of people all over the world. That’s one record that won’t be broken anytime soon.


The tsunami generated by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the Queen Charlotte Islands area is (at time of writing) headed for Hawaii. Hopefully all Hawaiian residents will be safe and any damage or disruption minimal.


Super storm “Sandy” is expected to wreak havoc when it makes landfall predicted to be in the New Jersey / Delaware region. Governors from North Carolina to Connecticut have declared states of emergency. Potentially 60 million people could be affected if and when Sandy connects up with two other powerful storms.
North Queensland residents are familiar with such storms with this region bearing the brunt and ferocity of destructive tropical cyclones such as “Larry” and “Yasi” which we still have not fully recovered from.
We send our heartfelt prayers and best wishes to the USA residents in the path of the storm.



THE US military has designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as enemies of the United States because they dared to expose embarrassing military dirty linen on the public clothesline of the internet.
The threatened “storming” of the Ecuadorean Embassy by British Police to capture Julian Assange with the associated risk of a major political incident, plus the around-the-clock police cordon of the Ecuadorean Embassy, is costing a reported seventeen thousand British pounds every week.
All this for a man suspected of allegedly having (hotly disputed) non-consensual sex with an adult female in Sweden?


Australian citizens now have the dubious honour of being the most spied upon nation in the world. Institutions such as Medicare, Centrelink, Australian Federal Police, Asio, Australian Tax Office, all banking institutions, telephone, text, and internet providers, and several other sources all have to report every person’s private and personal details to a central information office.
Australia's spy agency, ASIO, now has broad powers to gather unprecedented levels of data on Australian citizens, including monitoring emails and posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts. Internet providers and website hosts will be forced to keep detailed records of everything you do online for at least 2 years, and be forced to turn this over to the government if requested - and all of this could potentially be done without a warrant.


And…first prize for stating the obvious:
Researchers have confirmed that the availability of free contraceptives reduces the incidence of unwanted pregnancies and abortions.  Well, I’ll be …
And…… an unidentified newspaper had an article headlined “teenage pregnancies reduce rapidly after reaching age 25”. Yep…some mothers do have ‘em!


From the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light

Well good evening everyone: I Abraham, have the pleasure of addressing you here this evening.  I thought we might start by asking you “are you in your energy?”  “Are you in your own energy field”?  Your own energy cocoon?  Are you in your energy or are you out there too-ing and fro-ing, watching the world go by in wonderment like a small child.  Or, are you firmly ensconced within your energy beingness, your energy self, your energy cocoon? 
Now this is quite important: quite important and beneficial for souls incarnate to understand that at this point in what you call your time, it is most important, most important, for you to be firmly embedded within your own energy. 
You are all aware that you have a force-field around you: you are surrounded by an energy force-field; it is magnetic in so much as it draws like to like. 
The energy field can also be seen as a colour vibration which is often referred to as “aura”.  Simply put, it is your own energy force-field. 
Now, you do not belong outside of that force-field: if you were outside of that force field you would be in some level of danger. 
In coming times, as this energy changes, as the energy emanation flows down through your galaxy, your universe, and into your embodiment, should you be out of your force-field you will most certainly be in harms way.  Most certainly! 

When I speak of staying within, I would like to tell you that “within” is being within yourself: because even though the force-field, the energy force-field that surrounds you, is only the outer shall we say, outer casing, the outer shell; the kernel, the essence of the kernel, is within.  For you to safely transit the coming changes the more firmly you are established in the essence within, the better you shall be protected and the smoother shall be your transition. 
Now there are many ways that you can enter the essence of the heart of your force-field by going into the heart of yourself.  There are many ways of achieving this. 
Many of you are already familiar with the practice of meditation, of going within, quiet contemplation, and that is very valid; very valid.  There is another method which you call prayer.  Now the word that you use “prayer”, in many instances is non-applicable to the actual process itself.  Prayer is not a matter of kneeling down and parroting over and over again the same words which in many instances lack true meaning, true intent.  You parrot them by rote. 

What is prayer?  Well, what isn’t prayer?  Repetitive words ie, verbs, nouns, adjectives… that is not prayer.  Prayer comes from the heart as an energy emanation: an energy emanation that is a seeker; it is seeking to make contact with various beings, various Ascended Masters, Great Beings of light …and ultimately the Creator. 
Prayer does not require to be spoken.  Prayer does not require to be thought.  Prayer’s only requirement is a genuine heart-felt emanation: be it as a statement; a statement of intent; a statement of mission; or seeking protection, seeking love, seeking confirmation, seeking personal validation.  That is prayer!  Prayer comes from deep within the seat of your energy force-field. 
You do not need all the other add-ons. You especially do not need all of the dress-ups, charades, and the conglomeration of words which issue forth in meaningless fashion. 
When you seek truth in prayer you have to seek that truth in truth.  In truth! Within: within your true self; within your individual truth.  Not the words: not the verbalization of another entity who scribes words for you to speak.  Prayer comes from and embodies truth …and like attracts like.  Issue truth, receive truth. 

Prayer can also be enhanced somewhat by ceremony.  Ceremony.  Again, as in seeking truth: speaking truth; you can do this most simply. Ceremony; ceremony can be standing, sitting, kneeling, in the presence of a tree, of a rock, of a waterfall, of a stream, of your ocean, because such symbols are used by yourself to focus your intent.  Some stand before the cross: some stand, sit, or kneel in grand edifices…which mean nothing.  Prayer can be just as powerful, and made even more powerful, by your ability to focus on one of the Creators creations.  Your tree, your rock, your ocean, becomes a huge reflector, similar to a lake or a mirror, where you radiate your inner truth, your inner seeking.  You radiate that out and it is reflected, enhanced, and empowered to reach the source.
In coming times it will do you well, it will serve you well, to consider these things.  If you wish to strengthen your force field, strengthen your communication with Higher Self, higher beings, with higher realms, higher vibrating realms, the Great Masters, the Ascended Masters, the Creator, you only need to go deep within, deep within your essence.  Genuinely: genuinely seek to issue your proclamation, or ask for your answer, for your protection, whatever it is that you seek …and you do this as an individual sovereign energy being. 

Your needs, your requirements, are not the same as every other souls so you need not gather in a group to pray. You should be doing prayer as a very, very sacred communication between your true self, your inner self, and whatever realm or whatever being that you wish to communicate with. 

As well as having an energy force-field that surrounds and permeates yourself: as well as having a force-field that your scientists can measure, have photographed, and still investigate in wonderment of how this all comes about: as well as that you reside in a field of energy which you could consider a frequency band. 

I would like you to envision a band; an energy band which is tuned to a specific frequency.  This, my dear, is you.  This is you!  Your energy: your energy beingness; your force-field; is attuned, in tuned frequency within a very specific energy band.  Again, such frequency, such tuned frequency, is not accessible by other souls incarnate… and you cannot access their frequency because you see like birds of a feather you can and do inhabit a band, but within that band there are many, many, frequencies. 
Technically and simply put, you could take one million souls incarnate that occupy the same band width; and in that band width each and every one of those individual sovereign souls occupies their individual sovereign frequency.  When you issue forth a prayer it has your identification stamp on it.  Were you aware of this?  You have your own identification stamp. 
What is that identification stamp?  It is your individual sovereign frequency. 
So when you send up a prayer, those who are to receive it can ascertain what soul, what soul’s frequency they are transmitting and receiving on.  Do you understand? 
You are individual: you are sovereign; you are unique; you occupy a unique frequency within that band that no other soul can intrude upon.  So when you send out your prayer, you beseech something, or someone, you are immediately identifiable.  Like grains of sand on the beach, we know: we know immediately which grain of sand, which grain of sand is transmitting.  That is how we can identify the individual souls.  Because dear ones imagine, imagine, every grain of sand on the beach and all of these grains of sand are transmitting - sometimes furiously - at the same time. 

Consider: how do you think the Masters, the Ascended Masters, the Great Beings of Light, the Great Beings of Love, the Creator, the Brotherhood, how do you think that they can select one individual grain of sand from the untold billions of grains of sands that are transmitting.  It is through your own unique frequency within that band that we are attuned to: that you wish to access; and you access it by a communication; and the communication comes from the heart; the communication comes from the essence of the kernel from within your true beingness.  That is a rather a …hmm… simplified explanation. 

For your ease of understanding that is how you send out your calls, your pleas, your questions; and we receive and respond.  Simple: the Creator created all of this in perfection; and in this perfection I Abraham and many other souls from not only my level, but other levels, communicate to you and with you. 

So if we now return to the point where I first commenced; I spoke of you as a sovereign individual being who requires nothing and no one outside of your self.  This process: this process; this transition through altering and ever changing energies, is made so much more comfortable, so much smoother, so much more positive, and so much more certain, if you rely only upon self.

 In coming days you will benefit greatly by bearing in mind that you are a sovereign individual that operates from within.  This is where it starts: this is where it finishes… in firmly embedded, firmly ensconced, in your own force-field. It is your protection, it is your haven.  Those who are not in there: those who have graduated or radiated out to the outer perimeter - maybe even outside, external to their force field - will be buffeted and bounced; shaken by the changing energies. The effects of the changing energies, in possibly extreme cases, you will see evidence of souls incarnate acting insanely; driven; stressed; strained; to the point that they can no longer function in this raised energy vibration.  Such souls will have to deal with that as best they can.

For you souls who are already spiritually aware and advanced; you are not only aware, but you understand your true beingness; for you it will be much plainer sailing; you will ride the wind and the waves which will be the driving force that will carry you into a new dimension of understanding.  It will carry you into a new consciousness… because it is the understanding that will take you into the consciousness where you will find yourself in another band in your own frequency; your own unique frequency in another band, in another level; a higher vibrating level, dimension. 

I would encourage you to consider these words so that you may make your transition safely to another dimension and not be left behind like souls outside of their force field who will find themselves in dementia. 
You souls present today need not fear being caught in the storm outside of your force field.  I congratulate you on your advancement.  Many souls who are hearing these words, reading these words, will accompany you.  The souls who discard these words do so at their own peril: not forgetting free will choice. The choice is theirs: the choice is yours; and the choice is a very, very, personal thing.
I will come again: you will hear me speak again as we approach the birth; as we approach the birth of a new age; what you poetically refer to as a new dawn.
I shall be returning to speak with you, to assist you on your journey, to give you substance, support, courage, strength, which I draw from the Supreme Creator and disburse to you dear souls. 
Thank you.  I shall leave you to ponder my dissertation thank you. 

Abraham through Malcolm.

Please feel free to share this message with all who wish to receive it.
Anyone wishing to reproduce / print part or whole of the message/s may do so after first gaining my consent.
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Blessings, Malcolm.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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