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Aranuth October 26th 2012


An interesting article recently appeared on the internet stating that while prominent political figures such as George Bush, Obama, Mitt Romney, and Bill Clinton all support, or at least allowed, the expansion of the GM / GE food industry.
According to a former White House executive chef, Laura Bush was “adamant that in ALL CASES, if an organic product was available it was to be used in place of a non-organic product.”  Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, has publicly credited a combination of organic foods and holistic medicine for turning her health around after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998.
The light on the horizon is California’s Proposition 37 to clearly label GM / GE foods. This CA law could have a flow-on effect and not only go national but possibly international.


The International Cycling doping scandal continues to reach new heights – or is that lows? – With quite a number of pro cyclists taking advantage of the amnesty to come …