Aranuth Ravenshoe Sept. 2012


The Middle East continues to boil, bubble, and foment trouble. There is a large swathe of country encompassing Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria that are continually “on the boil”. Russia, America, and China, among others, with their continued sales of weapons and ammunition to these countries are not helping the establishment of peace.
 Libya, with a population of eight million people, has a conservatively estimated twenty million light arms including Kalashnikovs, rocket-propelled grenades, and various other offensive weapons. As usual the greater proportion of deaths and casualties consist mainly of women and children.

Israel is getting an itchy trigger finger over the possible acquisition by Iran of nuclear strike weapons. Iran is also attempting to bolster a free-falling currency. The falling currency value is being attributed to sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the European Union.

The entire Middle East is a powder keg at present; one accidental or intentional flash will bring on a war too horrible to even contemplate.
While the world searches for life on other planets they continue to destroy lives on this one.

The Global Financial Crisis continues its stranglehold on several European countries. Austerity measures have prompted serious rioting in countries such as Spain and Greece: Portugal is also raising the ire of its populace by increasing taxes in an attempt to raise revenue; and mass protest rallies are the order of the day in several other countries.

About 250 shipyard workers stormed the Greek Defense Ministry in Athens on Thursday, demanding to be paid their wages and calling for an audience with the Greek Defense Minister.

Australia is being pushed by powerful vested interests to re-commence uranium mining and approve exports to various countries. Australia is already exporting uranium to countries such as India who refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. The biggest worry is the uranium falling into the hands of rogue states or terrorist organisations.
At the same time Japan is planning to phase out all nuclear power stations because they see it as a dangerous power generating process.
We live in interesting times.

Following an unusually dry winter much of Australia is facing a potentially dangerous bushfire season. If summer rains come early the situation will be alleviated somewhat.

And this gem from a friend:

The midget fortune-teller who escaped from prison was described by police as a small medium at large.


My recent info-letter regarding a simple explanation of the ascension process caused much interest, comment, and debate among readers. To further clarify the process I offer this further simplified explanation.

Our third dimensional earth, and the coming “New Earth”, are holograms of an original created and existing elsewhere in the time-space continuum.
A hologram is a three-dimensional image of the original object suspended in space, and shifting in perspective when viewed from different angles.
Every part of a hologram contains the image of the whole object.
This recorded pattern actually contains much more information than a focused image and enables the viewer to view a true three-dimensional image which exhibits parallax. That is, the image will change its appearance if you look at it from a different angle, just as if you were looking at a real 3D object.

When talking of the New (5th Dimension) Earth, which is due to be birthed very shortly and ready for occupancy by sufficiently advanced souls, we are actually talking about a new hologram operating in a higher (5th) dimension. The Akashi definition is: “New Earth Star / New Earth Hologram” and is actually the future ascended state of the earth. The “New Earth” Hologram is the holographic enfoldment of the current earth into the Light field that will transform the earth into New Earth Star consciousness. That is, the energy permeating and surrounding the new hologram will move up the vibratory scale as the hologram raises up into the “New Earth” consciousness…i.e. ascension. We are all living in a giant cosmic hologram.
Many years ago whilst in an altered state of consciousness I was taken to the “New Earth” for a brief visit. At that time, my guide explained, the New Earth had not been “seeded” with birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, or animals but would be at a future time. He also advised me that none of the aforementioned would prey upon another. The New Earth is a place of stunning beauty; the visual aspect absolutely took my breath away.
For those who are concerned about being included in the New Earth Consciousness, or being left behind; well the choice is yours, dependent upon your level of advancement. You may choose to be part of the New Earth Consciousness and ascend with the new hologram; or you may choose to stay back and continue your development here on in this 3rd dimensional hologram.
It’s called free-will choice.

Well good evening everyone.  I am so pleased to be here at your invitation.  Today, I thought we might discuss right and wrong.  The erroneous concept of right and wrong. Before I commence I would like to state there is no such thing as right or wrong.  In your daily lives you use the word right or wrong: you apply it to many situations; you use it as a judgement. Sometimes very intentionally, and other times unintentionally.  Are you aware that these beliefs are outdated, outmoded beliefs, which hold you back; they hinder you on your pathway.
 We in the realms sometimes wonder why you have not awoken to the fact that many of the beliefs that you firmly hold; many of the beliefs that you firmly adhere to, are totally erroneous; totally.  In the realms, we had hoped, we had hoped that you would progress sufficiently to a point where you would have considered many things; many existing conditions in your life which were pre-existing conditions before you became incarnate: and once incarnate, they were solidly impregnated into your belief system… and you accepted that! And you still accept that without question: without question? Hmm …children, question, question, question, question everything.  Do not doubt. Never, ever doubt: erase doubt from your vocabulary and your mental system.  Question everything in your life: Question everything on your pathway.  Question every thought that crosses your mind, Question every word that crosses your lips or the lips of another.
Should you take the time to sit quiet, go within, and question: ask what is the basis of these things… these issues…and you will find that you may have been hanging on to many nonsensical things.  Right, wrong.  No such thing.  No such thing!  We hear you say, “this is right”, “that is wrong”: well that is only your perception… and in many instances your judgement. And how many times have we come to you and spoke of judgement? Letting go of judgement: eliminating it totally from your beingness…the same as you should now be eliminating right and wrong.  The reason why right and wrong does not exist is because everything just is.  Everything is of the Creator: everything comes from the Source.  The Grand Creator, the Grand Creator does not make mistakes: He gives everyone free will choice. The Creator allows you to walk in duality: and the Creator closely follows your experiences; and through you He experiences duality.
 Duality only exists here. This is the plane of duality: it’s a plane of solid matter. In the realms there is no duality; there is only one… Oneness.  All, Allness.  Right and wrong depends upon your perception.  You examine an issue and you judge it as being right or wrong mainly in the context of your life, your beingness, your belief system, your race, your colour, your creed, your religion.  All of these things are joined together like the ingredients in a cake: all of these ingredients are blended together; and then you perceive this as being right or wrong.  You do not question it.  You do not question yourself: you simply state “that’s wrong”, or “that’s right”.  No; question.  If it is right, why, why is it right?  Is it right for you and wrong for another?  Is it right for your group and wrong for another group?  Is it right for your nation, and wrong for another nation?  Consider how wars begin.  Who is right; who is wrong.
“We’ll go to war and kill many souls for that”.
Consider every aspect and if you wish to give it a label, as in right or wrong, investigate further.  Ask your inner self: “self, why am I judging this to be right or wrong”?  “Why am I judging them to be either right or wrong”?
What may be right for you may be wrong for another.  Those two words right and wrong are responsible for many upheavals, many wars, many skirmishes; and many disgraceful actions that have been carried out on your planet simply because somebody said, right or wrong.  Consider these things children: if it is wrong, why is it wrong.  Wrong in your estimation?  What about you walk a mile in another ones shoes and see if it still wrong.  Swap places with another and see whether you consider it right or wrong.  Now swap back to your originality and consider is it right or wrong.  If you do these things you will come to the realization that putting a right or a wrong on it is futile.  It is stupid: stupidity; it is you! A soul encased in human embodiment on a third dimensional planet of solid matter failing to go within.  Consider for yourselves that you can have your own opinion on how that issue sits with you, but you should not be applying the label right or wrong to anything.
Did you know discernment, discernment, hmm, …what a wonderful word;  what a wonderful descriptive word.  What a wonderful description that is very rarely investigated: so you discern what is right and what is wrong.  Should you not discern every aspect, every nuance, of an issue and then have a feeling within yourself whether this suits you on your pathway? Is this part and parcel of your earth walk?  Is this a suitable portion of your energy beingness on this earth walk?  Hmm!  Discernment. Don’t follow discernment with judgment because don’t be forgetting that you are being judged too by your peers who are not investigating the reason for their judgment.  Why, why do you feel, sense, think, say, “this is wrong”, “this is right”.  Most of the time these judgments are based on a belief system: a set of beliefs; a set of man-u-factured, man manufactured rules and regulations that in many instances are absolutely laughable.  Absolutely!
Who dreams up rules and regulations so that everyone else may judge, right or wrong?  Have we considered the person who devised and applied these rules? Have we ever considered that they have never gone within: they have never closely examined; have we ever considered that they don’t know what they are talking about?  They are trying to apply a set of their own rules to other people and in their process of devising and implementing a belief system - such as your man made religions - that they are causing a considerable number of souls incarnate to judge right or wrong.  Then we have friction. Hostilities break out. War: souls are being killed, maimed, and injured.  Why?  Because no one stopped to consider where the ground rules come from for this judgment of right and wrong.  Far better be it for every soul incarnate to accept and honor another soul’s pathway.  Consider the other soul is following their experience and lesson plan.  They are walking their pathway as well as they possible can at this point on their pathway.  Should you not look at that soul, honor their journey, wish them love, light, and God speed, so that they may reciprocate in a similar manner to you as you walk your pathway.  As you walk your pathway are you so confident that you have got it down so correct that no one will ever judge you as right, wrong, or somewhere in between.
Doesn’t happen!  It doesn’t happen because this is a planet of solid matter: it is specially devised so that you can come into duality.  When you are in duality, what are you looking for? You are looking for a common denominator.  And the common denominator is that there really isn’t any duality.  How can you have duality when you have Oneness?  How many times has many, many, advanced masters brought messages to your planet.  Oneness, Oneness, all is one, one is all.  They are trying to prompt you to look at duality and see it for what it really is.  See it so that you know that you don’t have to have duality any longer.  You can make a conscious decision to come out of duality and into oneness: and you can do that while you are incarnate in this embodiment on this planet.
What am I getting at here?  Ascension. Everyone talks about ascension.  Everyone talks about making the transition to a higher level of beingness.  You are not going there until you come to the decision to see for yourself that duality is only there for you to discover oneness.  So move into oneness.  You are all in a human embodiment so why are you judging someone else’s color, way of life, way of dress, their religion, their food, their method of transport.  You wish to leave duality and go into oneness and you keep going back into duality.  One step ahead, ten steps back! For eons of time the human race has been bombed, it has been immersed, enmeshed, in duality which they feed with their judgment.  You are supposed to be discovering oneness.  That’s what you are doing here.  You are working through duality until you come to a point in your dimension, in your advancement; you come to the point when you realize that there really is no duality.  Duality only applies here.
Believe it or not you spend a minimal amount of time here: you have spent, you do spend, and you will spend, a far greater portion of time in other realities.  Not so much in this reality which you call duality.  Duality: start moving away from it.  How do you move away from it? One of the first steps is to eliminate judgment.  Allow: allow the oneness to just be.  Allow it.  Things are the way they are simply because that is the way they are.  Oneness, oneness.  Have you considered that you are oneness?  You are not divorced from the rest of it you know. You are not separated or divorced from oneness because you are that! Oneness is you: oneness is everything; it just is; everything is.
And so the Creator observes all of the happenings on your plane of solid matter. The Logos, the Great Beings of Love and Light, highly evolved masters, watch you.  They come through the veil to prompt you: they bring messages such as I bring today, through this medium, to point you in the one direction: point you in the direction of oneness and non judgmental beingness.  Hopefully, hopefully, with the force that I have delivered these words on this day they will have imprinted on your beingness to such an extent that you will consider not just this day, not the next day, or not only the day after, but continually question, question, question.  Question your beliefs. Question all of your rules and regulations.  Don’t be afraid to own up to the fact that you have been on the incorrect path.  That’s what souls incarnate are here for – learning experience.  So you have all wandered up the other path, crossed the path, did a u-turn, and gone back the other way, and the Angel of the Presence turns you around and points you in the proper direction again.  It’s quite okay; that’s all part of your journey here in what you perceive as duality; as what you perceive as separation.  It’s what you perceive as a judgmental world because you are afraid of a world that does not have rules and regulations.  You need a format, a blue print, to follow; that’s what you are here for; to work your way through.  You are here to work your way through to realizing that you are being of light.  And oneness is Allness.
I feel I have assailed your beingness enough for this evening.  I feel that I have given you not just food for thought but a banquet of food for thought… ha,ha Children I shall come again, I shall come again.  We shall talk on other matters as we in the realms deem appropriate. So I wish you love,
I wish you light, I wish you recognition of Oneness.
Good evening children.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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