Aranuth: September 2012 "Info-Letter"

Comment: “Time for truth”.

In the year 2000 my guides arrived in the early hours one morning with information for me. They advised me that the information concerned future world events and was to be made known to one and all.
The guides said that three days before Christmas in the year 2012 (Australian time) our planet would achieve a celestial point in vibration amplification and would then glide over into a new energy era. The energy shift had actually commenced in the year 1987 and was progressively ascending the vibratory scale and gaining impetus as it approaches the due date; 22nd December 2012.
I of course inquired as to the effects of the Shift of the Ages on our planet and every thing upon it. 
The guides informed me that in the lead up to the due date the planet would progressively experience an increasing number of natural tragedies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, tidal waves, earth slips, famines, and altered weather patterns as the planet responded to the heightened energy.
To accompany that there would be on-going wars with accompanying human suffering, misery, and many man-made / human-induced catastrophes. (It was not until a few years later that they forewarned me of a global financial collapse.)

Because of the tardiness, and in some instances the stagnation, of the spiritual development of souls incarnate on this planet over many eons of our time a decision was taken by the Logos and other Great beings of Light to increase the volume and intensity of the Creators Light to prompt and assist souls to seek advancement and progress so as to be able to participate in the transition / ascension in the Change of the Ages.
The heightened energy would affect every single human incarnate upon this planet; not only as groups and individuals, but the energy would also affect every soul incarnate in a very personalised and individual manner according to their level of advancement, ability, readiness, and capacity to absorb, assimilate, and utilise the energy to propel their own upliftment: ascension.

The ascension process is rather easy for me to understand but it is quite difficult to put the details on paper in a manner that fully and simply explains the process without it becoming confused in the telling. Simply put, I receive the information as a package of complete knowingness and understanding; explaining it adequately or putting it on paper is an entirely different ballgame.

Here goes:
Every single soul incarnate or discarnate has a record of experiences and lessons on this and many other levels / realities. This record faithfully evidences each individual soul’s achievements, accomplishments, and their progressive advancement: i.e. soul growth; soul enrichment. It also acts as an indicator of how much more development is required before the soul is able to transition into a higher dimension.
There are many souls here incarnate at present who, even though they walk this dimension, are actually highly evolved souls here on earth for another experience or to carry out a mission. Such souls could be disguised as a homeless person, a teacher, doctor, animal activist, housewife, national or world leader etc. Physical embodiment, gender, race, and status in life are no indication of a soul’s true level. In a nutshell; you can’t judge a book by its cover.

The ever increasing intensity of the energy bombarding this planet is the driving force behind our continual upliftment with each individual soul faring markedly different to others in the ascension stakes.  We are not all ready; we are not all going to the same level; not at the same time; and some younger, lesser evolved souls, are not going anywhere.

So what happens? Well the understanding that the guides have given me is that when the energy peaks three days before Christmas 2012 those souls who are ready to transition to a higher vibration will be able to do so in a smooth and harmonious movement. It will not be a sudden change – slap, bang, snatch and grab - but rather the culmination of a long and involved process of spiritual evolution. Those who are not yet ready for ascension will continue to complete their chosen pathway here or on a level conducive to their ongoing development.
To ascend or not?  Ready or not?

The ascension process itself is a smooth and ordered transition from one reality to another. You will not wake up one morning and suddenly find that the whole world has turned topsy-turvy while you were sleeping; or find yourself slam dunked, bones rattling, teeth chattering, into another dimension. The chances are that you will not be immediately aware of the change that has occurred.

Why am I telling you this?
Because as the time of the shift draws near it is time for the truth to be told …as opposed to the disgraceful scare-mongering scenarios being spruiked by negative and fear-filled entities.
Gigantic spaceships are not going to hover above the earth, beam us up, and transport us solo or en-masse to some Galactic Utopia. The world is not going to stand on its head: it is not going to split in half or disintegrate; it is not going to turn upside down or turn into a barren and desolate wasteland where souls who didn’t make the cut will burn forever in a super-heated hell. To even entertain such thoughts indicates a lack of awareness of the true nature of souls and of the Supreme Creator and the Divine Grand Plan.

Many souls incarnate are here at this time to assist other souls with their transition: many souls have already achieved ascension-ready status; many still have some way to go yet to make the cut.
So how do we prepare for our possible movement into a higher vibrating dimension?
Walk your pathway in peace, joy, and positivity: radiate love and light to the Oneness, the Allness; radiate only care, compassion, tolerance, understanding, and unconditional love to one and all. Above all cultivate and maintain a strong communication bond with your Higher Self.

One thing that my guides have emphasised is that free-will choice for souls remains paramount as always and every soul is known, valued, cared for, loved, watched over, and provided for in the Creators Grand Plan.
Did we think otherwise?


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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