Aranuth August 2012



The London Olympics are over and as usual the Games generated plenty of heart warming stories of what has been; and many heart breaking stories of what might have been. Some competitors went home triumphant, and some simply went home. Of course the Games would not be the Games without elation, disappointment, and controversy… and the London Games did not disappoint in that regard with commentators and the news-hungry media hyping it up and expanding on it.
The Olympics is a “goodwill competition” and celebration of the sporting prowess and ability of the worlds’ finest sportspeople and should not be used as a point scoring arena for biased media commentators with a thirst for scandal and gossip.

Mother Nature has certainly been presenting contrasting weather patterns all over the planet. Power outages in India, severe flooding in the Philippines, and earthquake activity in Iran, Borneo, California, and of course Mexico and South America are all in the mix. 
The ongoing drought in the USA has affected more than half of the total land mass and in excess of fifty million people. In Australia we have experienced similar conditions many times in the past so we can empathise with the American people. We can but send light to them in their hour of need.

An earthquake in Iran has killed over three hundred people and injured in excess of two thousand. The middle-east is an area with a long history of war, aggression, and ongoing negative energy generation so it is to be expected that Mother Earth would focus upon cleansing negatively affected areas. Unfortunately it is the general population who suffer however that is what they came here to do…this is their planned pathway.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu called for Tony Blair and George Bush to face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Quote: "The then-leaders of the U.S. and U.K. fabricated the grounds to behave like playground bullies and drive us (nations) further apart. They have driven us to the edge of a precipice where we now stand — with the specter of Syria and Iran before us," said Tutu, who last week withdrew from a conference in South Africa due to Blair's presence at the event.

Good News:
Over the course of 26 years of oil drilling in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, U.S. oil giant Chevron deliberately dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest waterways. The contamination devastated the homes of some 30,000 indigenous people as well as large areas of the rainforest, leaving local people suffering a wave of cancers, miscarriages and birth defects. In spite of the tremendous suffering caused by this toxic pollution, Chevron refused to clean up the catastrophe.
Chevron Oil has now been ordered by an Ecuadorian court to pay more than $19 billion (US dollars) in environmental damages, $1 billion more than originally decided after an Ecuadorian court adjusted the amount on appeal. It has taken years of litigation to hold Chevron accountable and force them to compensate the victims of their environmental destruction.

A $49 million U.S. government effort began on August 9 to cleanse the residue of deadly Agent Orange herbicide from a former US air base in Danang, central Vietnam, where Americans stored, loaded and washed chemical weapons and equipment while spraying the country during the Vietnam War.  Americans, Vietnamese and others are believed to have suffered deformities, diseases, or death from Dioxin and other herbicides, which the Pentagon used to clear jungles and spray-bomb the villagers - who may or may not support the VC - and deprive them of crops and other plant based food sources.

It does appear that mother earth is cleansing and balancing - or re-balancing- herself in preparation for the coming energy shift; the “change of the ages”.
Again directing love and light to all and everything seems the best way to go


Well good evening everyone.
So, you think you are alone; well you might; well might you think that. You are never alone and those who are with you are, in most instances, well beyond your vision.  When I talk of vision I am not talking about your visual, your eyes; I am talking about your third eye… which in most of you is at present inoperable.  Some of you have a third eye that is open to some extent.  Very few have a third eye that is wide open and giving you clarity of vision. 
That is not a judgment. That is not a failing on your behalf; it is simply owing to the fact that while you are embodied on this planet it is far more beneficial to you as incarnates on your pathway not to be able to see with your clear eye, your third eye. That is what is happening to you, around you, in what you term your past and your future of your parallel lives.  There will come a time in your development… there will come a time in one of your selected pathways where you will kindly consent to allow yourself to see with clear vision. 

Now, as I first said, you are not alone.  If you were to see who and how many accompanied you here, and are at present beside you on this day, it would most certainly stun you.  Yes it would.  You would be stunned if you could see who accompanies you:  how many accompanies you.  The power, creative ability, and the level that they have achieved would stun you. 
However, to encapsulate it, I just would like you to know that regardless of circumstance you are never alone, never!  There will never come a time whilst you are incarnate where you are alone.  What I would like you to think about it is this; now knowing, and having I confirm, that you are never alone I would like you to consider all of the experiences and lessons that you have undergone in this lifetime where you have had a hunch; intuition; a sense; a feeling; and most importantly a stunning result or outcome of an issue that did seem most difficult and most perplexing to you.  All that is attributable to your guides: and not just the beings, the highly evolved beings of light that you call your guides, because there are many others who are with you - not necessarily all at the one time in a large group - but coming to you individually or maybe in pairs; they are with you and watching over you. Their charter is to assist you; nudge you in the right direction; to intuitively… or you might say telepathically…to give you hints. 
Now, they know that none are allowed to usurp your free-will choice.  You and only you make the choice.  You and only you make the decision.  You and only you walk your pathway.  However, those in the realms that either accompanies you on a regular basis, or come to you on a regular or irregular basis, are allowed to put all of the evidence before you telepathically, intuitively, to help you to make a well thought out a well qualified decision. 
Now each of these beings who are there to help, assist, and guide you, they are not in totality always in your presence.  Some come to you to assist you with a specific issue; maybe a couple of specific issues.  At times it may be a requirement that they impress intuitively or telepathically upon you what would be the best course of action; what would be an alternative course of action.  They will give you as much as they can while still not taking away your free-will choice.  So you might say they put all the facts and figures in front of you; and if you cannot see, if you are still blind to the obviously best choice, they will attempt to nudge you or steer you in that direction.  Not to change your mind but to nudge you to look again; to consider and re-consider what your options are and what is the best option.  But it is you alone who will make the decision. 

Now sometimes those beings will be there for only one specific issue: they may be there to …hmmm …advise on several issues associated with other issues in the same vein; issues where you are doing repetitive lessons that are quite similar.  When you have one issue - should it be brief - then they will be with you for a brief time.  Should it be one… eerr… shall we say lengthy experience or lesson, they will stay for the duration of that experience; that lesson. 
Now when I talk about the duration I would like to point out that your chosen pathway is planted like a garden: it is planted with various issues; and of course it is not all roses and flowers.  There can be some thorny issues there.  To name a couple is drug addiction, alcohol addition, sexual addiction.  Some of these lessons have to be worked through: they are not the type of lesson that you could generally, or as a rule, learn to overcome in a very short period of your time.  Some of these issues are very demanding.  They are to you mentally, emotionally, and physically painful …and it is a test of your mettle, your courage, your inner steel, for you to overcome that particular addiction. 

Now let’s not be forgetting that this is a lesson that you have chosen.  This is not something that just pops up in your life.  This is something that was very, very carefully planned before you chose a body and became incarnate; and you did choose a body, a family, an area, an environment, whereby it would offer the best opportunity for that addiction to manifest in your life for you to test your resolve, your inner strength, your creativity.  So in an instance such as that, whilst having what you refer to as having a primary or personal guide, you may have in most instances, in most instances, have a very highly evolved being, a very powerful highly evolved being who has the knowledge, the experience, and the strength to carry you through …because you will need that strength to carry you through.  You will need that strength to help you up when you fall.  You will need that strength to carry you across the most difficult parts where you may stumble, fall, and may be consumed once more by that addiction. 

And of course all of these lessons are not a one-way street.  You see while you are undergoing that lesson, which you have chosen, that great being of light chose to assist you as a lesson, as an experience, for themselves to become more experienced and to grow.  So it’s a …you might say …a give and take situation.  While your highly evolved being is helping you, you are offering that highly evolved being a soul who is struggling with an addiction opportunity for him or her to grow in stature, in wisdom.  So it is a beneficial, beneficial, win - win situation.  Now while these situations are fraught with danger, not only for incarnates who may not be able to overcome that addiction, but also for that great being of light who may become involved to such an extent that it will take its toll.  Your lesson will take its toll on that highly evolved being, that powerful being.  So whilst you are strengthening yourself, steeling your resolve to overcome great difficulties so too does that one that guides you. 

Now there are also those highly evolved beings who you would call specialists; specialists. They only come to you for a short period of time while you are transiting a certain lesson plan; generally a short duration lesson plan; and they come in as a specialist operative.  This is their specialty: and they can achieve their task of getting you through the experience in a very short period of time.  And upon completion of that lesson, after you are satisfied that that lesson is completed, then they will withdraw and go elsewhere.  They will wait for the call from another incarnate who is encountering problems with that aspect of their experience. 
So these specialist guides: what we call specialist guides; will only come to you for a short period of time. So they will come to you, complete the task, withdraw, and wait for the call to attend to another soul in need.  And again it is a give and take, a win/win situation: whilst they are helping you, you are providing them with an opportunity not only to use their powers and ability but to be able to expand it, expand their powers and the ability. 

Now we come to the part where you have discarnate entities - who are not necessarily highly evolved - who could be your loved ones …or perhaps they are angelic beings in training; or guides intending; intending guides in training. And they come to you to watch over you, to be with you, to radiate love and light, and encourage to you on your pathway.  They share; they share your lesson plan and pathway.  Now they do not have great powers: they are not that highly evolved that they can come into your life here on earth and use these wonderful powers… but they can come in and help you.  They can assist you; they will help you over little obstacles, barriers, rocky portions of your pathway; they are like your very best friend; your very, very best, loving, caring, and non-judgmental best friend… disembodied… so they are there to fulfill that role. 

So now we go back to where we started.  You are never alone. 
Now it is very, very, important for you to keep that in your consciousness. Be ever conscious of the fact that you are never alone.  There is always someone from other realms, from higher realms, listening in, watching, helping.  Having said that I would not wish you to perhaps…umm… hmm…be in fear that someone is peeping over your shoulder when you are doing something personal.  These discarnates, these disembodied beings, whether they be guides, loved ones, or family friends, are not allowed to be an onlooker.  It is considered bad manners - and we are using bad as a judgment there -  if they were to stick their nose into your personal and private business it would be very improper.  They are all well advised and well schooled that they are to sit back, step back, and allow you to live your life; allow you to explore all of the experiences, explore everything that a physical life can offer you because being non-judgmental and with you having free-will choice you may choose to do whatever you wish without judgment. 
Judgment is very much a human physical condition.  Judgment does not exist in the higher realms.  You could say a form of judgment exists… it only exists in the manner that your guides would consider it - not judge it - consider it inappropriate; inappropriate behaviour or form. Not being allowed to interfere with your free-will they will just allow you to do whatever you wish however, they will - as previously spoken - intuitively or telepathically impress upon you that there are other options, other ways, other methods that they will put before you for your consideration. 

As you go through your daily life it is beneficial for you to be ever-aware, ever consciously aware, that you have these people with you waiting to respond to your call; waiting to respond for your call for help, your call for guidance, or assistance.  That is what they are there for.  They are there for you. 
Of course, they appreciate you acknowledging their presence; acknowledging their input; being grateful; expressing gratitude to them for the service that they provide for you….the caring, the guidance, the help, the assistance. 
So in every way, in every day, be consciously aware that you are not alone.  Be aware that there others besides you, around you; be aware that they are standing there ready with valuable input.  If you so ask! 
Freedom of choice.  If you so ask!  Even if you don’t ask, if they see you struggling they will offer that help, guidance, advice… that is all they can do; try and impress upon you that they are there ready to help if called upon. 

So, it also follows that they would like you to call upon them; that is what they are there for.  If you are not calling upon them or ignoring them they would very rightly feel redundant.  They would feel like they are out of work.  They would feel that they are rarely called upon and they may be wasting time even though they know they are not because their charter is to be there for you… to be there when and if you call upon them. 
So you are never alone: you are never alone regardless of how heavy your burden; regardless of how difficult your pathway; even when your chosen experiences beats you down so that you are feeling like you are beaten, broken, on your knees, on your last legs, they are there awaiting your call.  So if you feel that you are down, down, down, know that you are not alone; you are not forgotten.  Help is all around you; ask for it.  Help is all around you.  Ask for it.  It will be given with the provision that it is not interfering with the lesson plan that you chose when you were home in the realms.

 Dear souls, sometimes at home in the realms when you were planning an incarnation you planned some very tough ones; some very difficult ones.  Despite the best advice and efforts of your guides some souls still insist doing the tough bit; the very difficult bit, the bit that’s fraught with danger.  Free-will choice again. They cannot interfere, they can only assist you.  So as you go through your daily life in this incarnation on this planet be very much aware of those around you… .the unseen ones. Be very much aware of that.  Talk to them, ask for help, for guidance, for intuition, and they will give it… but do not forget to express your gratitude.  You may thank them for the work that they do because many of you are totally unaware of the immensity of the proportion of the task that they have taken on to…errr…shall we say… help you steer a safe course through a very difficult lesson plan in your present incarnation. 
It is not all serious stuff you know. There is quite a lot of humour attached to situations that exist which is shared by yourself and your guides.  There are some very humorous situations …so it’s not all tough yakka. 

And so dear souls I thought I would come to you this evening just to give you a little reminder that you are never alone and I hope that I have given you information and knowledge which will assist you, will help you, along your pathway.  So, with that… I shall depart. 

It has been a pleasure to be here.  I was invited.
My name is Kitera; Kitera. 
I may come again if you wish. 
Good evening and thank you.

Please share this message with anyone who wishes to receive it but do not alter or edit the content.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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