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Aranuth: September 2012 "Info-Letter"

Comment: “Time for truth”.

In the year 2000 my guides arrived in the early hours one morning with information for me. They advised me that the information concerned future world events and was to be made known to one and all.
The guides said that three days before Christmas in the year 2012 (Australian time) our planet would achieve a celestial point in vibration amplification and would then glide over into a new energy era. The energy shift had actually commenced in the year 1987 and was progressively ascending the vibratory scale and gaining impetus as it approaches the due date; 22nd December 2012.
I of course inquired as to the effects of the Shift of the Ages on our planet and every thing upon it. 
The guides informed me that in the lead up to the due date the planet would progressively experience an increasing number of natural tragedies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, tidal waves, earth slips, famines, and altered weather patterns as the planet responde…

Aranuth August 2012



The London Olympics are over and as usual the Games generated plenty of heart warming stories of what has been; and many heart breaking stories of what might have been. Some competitors went home triumphant, and some simply went home. Of course the Games would not be the Games without elation, disappointment, and controversy… and the London Games did not disappoint in that regard with commentators and the news-hungry media hyping it up and expanding on it.
The Olympics is a “goodwill competition” and celebration of the sporting prowess and ability of the worlds’ finest sportspeople and should not be used as a point scoring arena for biased media commentators with a thirst for scandal and gossip.

Mother Nature has certainly been presenting contrasting weather patterns all over the planet. Power outages in India, severe flooding in the Philippines, and earthquake activity in Iran, Borneo, California, and of course Mexico and South America are all in the mix.