Aranuth Ravenshoe July 2012

Times are a’changing…and very speedily too. The last CME (coronial mass emission) surely shook a few people’s trees. Around the world we have seen senseless acts of violence ranging from crazed gunmen and suicide bombers down to random bashings and physical assaults on innocent people. So many people have been pondering the why’s and wherefore’s of this human behaviour aberration but so far no one has come up with an explanation that the public find acceptable.

Relationships are undergoing change and are coming to the fore in many people’s lives. The altered intensity of the energy – especially in times of solar flare activity – are prompting change in the entirety of humans bodies right down to their individual blueprint.

Medical advances in the treatment of cancer, HIV, and AIDS have raised hopes of curing these life-threatening and in many instances terminal - diseases. While several multi-national drug companies have been caught out manipulating – or at best misrepresenting - the results of various tests it is refreshing to find positive verified advancements being made in disease prevention and treatment. Perhaps if food producers ceased contaminating our food sources with herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, irradiation, genetically altered seeds / crops, animal dips, sprays, inoculations, and other pollutants we might not have these diseases to begin with.

The big world event at present is of course the Olympic Games. Sporting events such as this bring together people from all over the world in an environment of one world, one people, and assists in the understanding and acceptance of the differing beliefs, customs, values, and way of life of numerous other cultures. Hopefully these games will be safe, incident free, and promote peace and goodwill between nations.

The Ravenshoe session was another pleasant event with friends old and new attending. The afternoon was made even more pleasant with gifted Irish born sound healer, actor, and acclaimed singer, Lia Scallon attending.
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The one who is coming through is an Egyptian lady who came to visit me in the night recently. She has not ever been through before but she is coming through this time. 

“Good evening dear souls.  I thank you for having me in your light. I give thanks to you for inviting and allowing me in.  It is my pleasure to speak with you of certain things that I find will help you on your pathway.  I have come a very long way to be here on this evening to deliver this message from my brotherhood some of whom have never been to this plane embodied or disembodied as a soul or as an energy entity. 
Dear ones we watch you from afar: we observe your struggles; your turmoil.  We hear your prayers: we hear your desires; your wishes.  We feel your anger; we feel your love. 
What I wish to speak with you about is the healing of your planet, of your self, of your brothers and sisters.  I have come to give you a simple explanation of a subject that you find difficult to understand and comprehend.  We are talking of healing.  We are talking of healing energies.  Dear ones; healing as you understand it is different to what you could consider to be the ’reality’.  We would like you to understand this; when you talk of healing, we are talking about your focusing the intensity of a healing vibration that is directed through you and by you to a certain entity or situation. 
Now what I wish for you to understand is… it is for you to direct healing to wherever you consider necessary.  It is not for you to judge whether or not that healing will be effective, has been effective… and especially it is not for you to consider the outcome.  Children, the outcome of your healing energy is not for you. There is a Creator: there is a Divine Grand Plan.  You may, and will, send healing energy to anything that you so desire.  That is all that is required of you.  I would like to further explain that because the Creators Divine Grand Plan is always in operation: is always in perfection of operation; and perfection of outcome; it is not your preserve.   When you direct healing energy to another soul incarnate, to an animal, an environment, a state, or nation, or even to your planet and other planets within your universe it is for you to send the healing energy; that is all you need to do – send the energy. 

Dear ones, I must tell you this: because the Creators Divine Grand Plan has an outcome which will not be affected by your healing energy.  Your healing energy is positive: it is very positive; but may I remind you that you are sending the healing energy to assist! Assist with the outcome.  Yes, you may hold a positive view of what that outcome may be but that will not always be the resulting outcome simply because you do not have the power to see the outcome of the Creators Plan.  When you direct healing to yourselves, to your loved ones, to your friends, to your fellow man, you have no way of knowing what their pathway is.  You have no way of knowing what experiences, what lessons, that they have included on their pathway in this present incarnation. 
You are all well aware that before you incarnated this time… you were well aware that you, in company with other higher beings, planned every aspect of your experiences and lessons in this incarnation.  You planned it to perfection.  What befalls you is not an accident: it is not something to become angry or depressed about; it is something to be joyful about because you see dear ones you chose it.  This is what you wanted in this incarnation: this is the experience and the lesson that you wanted so that you may grow, and expand, and become.  You chose that of your own free will!  
Should another; should another soul; send healing energy to you which has as an attachment a desired outcome – No… No!  Another soul may send you healing energy to assist you along your pathway; to assist you and give you the strength, the courage, and the commitment, to stay strong and true and face the challenges of your pathway.  In that manner they do not infringe upon your free will choice. 
So as you see my dear ones, you can, and do, in all honesty, with compassion, and caring, send healing energy to another person, animal, object, or place… that is wonderful. But if you attach a desired outcome to that healing energy well then that can be defeating the purpose of the lesson plan of that person, animal, or place. 
It is not for you to know what the best outcome is.  It is not for you to attempt to alter that outcome.  Certainly, you do not desire to have someone or something alter the outcome of your lesson plan to the detriment of your own growth. 
From where I am we see so much of this.  May I say that whilst you have all the very best and positive intentions you are unwittingly attempting to manifest an outcome which is to the detriment of that person or that place or that nation. 

What is healing energy?  Simply put: the simplicity of it is; that portion or aspect of the Creator’s energy that you are capable of harnessing, expanding, exuding, radiating, is to assist; to assist with a smooth transition according to the Creator’s Divine Grand Plan.  I would suggest to you: I would suggest that you certainly continue to radiate healing energy; I would suggest to you that you confine the radiation of energy to that of love and light. 
Should you desire to use your powers of focusing the Creator’s energy for healing purposes, I would suggest that you focus the healing energy in the form of love and light.  Do not pre-empt the outcome! Simply, earnestly, from the heart, send love and light with no conditions upon it. 
Do not apply any conditions.  Should you apply conditions then you are unwittingly standing in judgement of that situation.  You have pre-judged the situation: pre-judged; and arrived at what you consider to be a successful completion or outcome …which is totally erroneous, erroneous! 
We in the realms, even as distant as mine, we observe, we see very plainly, very clearly: we know of your beautiful intent; we understand the care and the compassion underlying your intent.  I would suggest to you that you alter the intent, not for a specific desired outcome or result, but simply to empower… and I shall say that word again… empower  the energy that drives the Creator’s Plan. 
Give impetus to the energy which is accelerating the Creator’s Divine Grand Plan and desired outcome.  Yes: you can with your thoughts and your energy alter the pathway and the results to some extent… but not too any great extent. 
And whilst you are sending this caring and compassionate energy with outcomes attached you are unintentionally causing more ripples in the energy and interfering with the successful delivery of the outcome desired by the Creator. 
I would say to you: that if you adopt this approach that I speak of; alter your aim and your intent… but certainly continue on radiating the healing energy… the result will be in the Creator’s perfection …which you are at this point in time unable to see; unable to know.
Your charter dear ones is firstly to direct healing energy to self, self! Is that selfish?... No! …No that is not selfish. This is where it all starts.  You are one singular soul in an ocean of billions of souls seeking your own development, your own enlightenment, your own upliftment.  If you cannot direct positive healing energy to self how would you direct positive healing energy to any other thing?  It starts with one: self; in-self, soul self, sovereign soul self. 
You are sovereign: unique; if you are going to employ a healing energy - which I encourage you all to do - if you are going to employ a healing energy firstly direct the healing to yourself, to your pathway, to your experiences, to your lessons, to in-lighten and empower your beingness: your beingness; because it is your essence, your beingness, that makes this physical body. 
Direct; direct the energy to your beingness; your individual beingness; your essence; to give it power, to give it broad insight, then direct the healing out of yourself. You can direct your energy to another, to a person, a situation, a nation; you can direct your healing energy but you go, you go for the light and the love of the Creator first because it is the love and the light of the Creator that fills your beingness, empowers, and in-lightens you. 
And after you have drank your fill, radiate it outwards to your friends, to your family, to your pets, to your planet, without putting an outcome on it.  Please, do not ask for an outcome: do not ask for a specific outcome. 

My dear souls, I still have power to stay within (refers to my physical body) I feel that I have spoken sufficiently on that subject. I am aware of your thoughts, I see your visions, I see what you see, I feel what you feel, I can reach out and touch it.  Stay within the parameters of the Creator’s love and light.  Perpetuate that love and light: go in peace, go in love. Before I leave I shall radiate a unique energy to each and every one of you.  You will feel my energy, you will feel it: it will come and revisit you again to prompt you to remember my words; to give you courage on your pathway. Again I thank you for having me in your space.  May the Creator bless you, shower you with love, I thank you.  Good evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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