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Aranuth Ravenshoe July 2012

Times are a’changing…and very speedily too. The last CME (coronial mass emission) surely shook a few people’s trees. Around the world we have seen senseless acts of violence ranging from crazed gunmen and suicide bombers down to random bashings and physical assaults on innocent people. So many people have been pondering the why’s and wherefore’s of this human behaviour aberration but so far no one has come up with an explanation that the public find acceptable.

Relationships are undergoing change and are coming to the fore in many people’s lives. The altered intensity of the energy – especially in times of solar flare activity – are prompting change in the entirety of humans bodies right down to their individual blueprint.

Medical advances in the treatment of cancer, HIV, and AIDS have raised hopes of curing these life-threatening and in many instances terminal - diseases. While several multi-national drug companies have been caught out manipulating – or at best …