Aranuth Mission Beach July 2012

So much is happening around the globe headlined by cosmic, (solar flares) planetary, meteorological, and other events. However we have weathered it all so far without hitting any insurmountable snags.

The good news.
A huge area of the Torres Strait and Great Barrier Reef waters has been locked up for future generations. UNESCO has voiced disappointment that the Australian and Queensland Govts have not sufficiently protected these waters from the pollution caused by present and planned future mining developments and illegal fishing activities. Sea Shepherd has offered to use their formidable resources to police this area and deter marine life poachers, illegal fishers, and other trespassers.

World events.
The parlous state of the European financial situation continues to snap at the heels of several nations who are desperately seeking a solution to a complex situation. World leaders at the G20 summit have committed more money to the International Monetary Fund, but have not been able to come up with a workable solution for the current financial ills.

Former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, sentenced to life in prison for being an accomplice in the killing of many unarmed protestors is in failing health.

The civil war in Syria shows little sign of abating. Over 17,000 people have lost their life in this conflict. Perhaps we will see Syrian President Bashar Al Assad removed from power and convicted of crimes against humanity into the near future.

The persecution and prosecution of Wiki leaks founder Julian Assange by Sweden took a new twist when Julian Assange calmly walked into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and requested asylum.

Massive bushfires in Colorado have destroyed many homes and infrastructure causing the evacuation of thousands of people to safer areas.

Heavy rains and floods in Russia, India, and Japan have claimed many lives with a combined tally of in excess of 400 people dead and many more missing presumed dead. The severe flooding of the Japanese island of Kyushu forced the evacuation of 240,000 residents.

Boatloads of illegal immigrants attempting to reach Australian shores have sunk with considerable loss of lives while Australian politicians play ego / power games with each other and resolve nothing.

Timber loggers and mining giants have ripped huge holes in the Amazonian forest. Mining and logging the Amazon contaminates rivers, diminishes native flora and fauna, and endangers the very survival of the native communities.
Mother Earth and her inhabitants need Lightworkers and kindred souls urgently to focus the Creators Light on the healing of the planet… that is if we are to leave something of value for our children and grand-children.
Solo or in groups, without judgement, we can sit in silent meditation and send healing energy to Mother Earth.

Spiritual proverb of the month.

“The Snow Goose need not bathe to make itself white…
Neither do you need do anything except be yourself.”
Lao Tse
The message below was channelled in the charming surrounds of the Castaways Resort Drift Spa on the beachfront at Mission Beach.
The video of this session is up on YouTube now: go to


Good evening everyone: it is I Kaminya who has returned to speak with you.  What I have chosen to speak with you about on this beautiful evening is dreams.  Your dreams: your dreaming; or your lack of dreaming. 
Children you should be aware by now that dreaming, dreaming, constitutes the major part of your manifestation process. Now we are going to separate dreams at this point: we are going to take the dream state which you enter into following a sleep state; we are going to take that away for the time being. 
What I wish to discuss with you is dreaming: to dream; to create in order to manifest. 
Now, surely by now you will have picked up a hint or a thread somewhere during this lifetime that your conscious - conscious dreaming - is part of creation;  which you must have before you can achieve manifestation.  To dream: if you desire to alter anything in your physical life on this dimension of solid matter;  If you wish to create something you must be very, very, clear within yourself what it is that you wish to create…and thereby become manifest.  So if you desire to change or alter something, to bring something into your life, or perhaps move something away or out of your life, you firstly have to gain clarity. And I say clarity!  Be very, very, clear about what it is that you wish to achieve and why you wish to achieve it. 
Now, once you have picked up the thread and have chosen to create you then enter your conscious dreaming state which means that you only have to sit still and quiet, go within, and then create, create the dream.  Write the script, create everything; all of the scenery, the backgrounds, the thoughts, the smell, the sensations, the feelings… it is like you are going to create a moving picture… a real life moving picture.  So real in fact that it appears to you as the reality… as opposed to the dream.  Now this is the target that you are aiming for because whilst it remains a dream it will always be that; but whilst you have a dream that takes on reality, becomes the reality, then you have a creation waiting to become manifest. 
At this point I would caution you to be discerning regarding what it is that you wish to create. Examine your reasons for wanting to create and be satisfied within yourself that it is not only for your individual highest good but for the highest good of all. 
So now, having entered into your conscious dreaming state with the desired object firmly in mind, you may then create your movie: enter into your movie; and accept and adopt it as your reality.  Because is it not that which you wish to become real? Is it not that dream that you wish to transform into a reality?
So, your conscious dream becomes a reality!  Step into that reality; breathe it, feel it, sense it, bathe in it… experience every aspect of that reality.
Now that is only the commencement.  Once you are in that reality you have to… shall we say… convince yourself that it is the reality and not the dream. And in doing this you have to apply a large measure of self belief; absolute belief in the reality which you created from a dream state. 
You require a solid belief system absolute! Absolute belief!
You have heard the saying “you shall see it when you believe it” and so it is… and so it is.  When you believe it you will see it because it is then truly reality.  What else could it be? 

Now in that reality you will still have room to move: you will still have your free will choice; you will still have your freedom; and of course you will still retain all of your faculties because the basic essence of yourself has not changed.  Your energy, your light, has not altered or changed to any substantial degree.  It will have altered and changed to a minor extent but only so as to accommodate that which is now becoming the new reality. 
Children, there is so much… there is so very much that you can achieve.  Firstly, examine yourself: and examine, carefully I might add, your existing belief system.  What are your current existing beliefs?  Are they compatible with, and suitable to, the situation and the place where you now find yourself?  Have you retained old ingrained belief systems?  Have you clutched to your beingness outdated, non-applicable, hand-me-down belief systems? Or have you progressed as a being, as a spiritual being, as an energy being of light; have you progressed to the state where you examine all of your beliefs, evaluate those beliefs, take them to your heart centre, and ask your heart to examine and evaluate the absolute authenticity of those beliefs?  
Many, many, souls incarnate; and I must say, a considerable - quite considerable - number of souls incarnate still cling, cleave, to nonsensical, outmoded, outdated - and definitely not useful - belief systems. 
Why? ….. Why indeed? 

The why is because you feel safe: you feel safe clinging to a belief system that is accepted by the majority of other souls incarnate around you; those souls that you interact with on a daily basis. 
Dear ones have you ever stopped to think that you are sheep?  One of the herd? One of the flock?  Should you not break away from the herd way of thinking, living, and being?  Should you not go within to your sovereign individual light, your beingness?  Should you not go within and ask for truth? Look at what your heart is showing you?  Listen to what your heart is telling you? Rather than listen to the nonsense that is parroted on a daily basis by many souls who are lacking in development and advancement because of their lack of understanding of what truth is? 
Truth is the light of the Creator …whatever situation is. If it is in the Creators light: if it is surrounded or infused with the Creators light… then it will be truth.  It will be truth. 
Dear souls, you have no need whatsoever to retain a belief system other than the ‘pure bell of truth’ that rings within your heart: the ‘pure bell of truth’ that rings within your heart is what you can call the Christ, the Christed energy of the Creator.  So, a wise soul would firstly go to, and examine, their belief system before attempting to dream and create a different reality.  This is why I said just previous, be careful what it is that you wish to create. 
You do not wish to create a distortion or an abomination: you do not wish to create a reality that is same-old, same-old, repetition; a repeat of old belief systems. Of course not!    Of course not! 
So before you even entertain a dream you have to lay the foundations: you have to dig the trench; excavate the trench where you are going to embed the foundations which will support the structure of the new reality that you are going to dream and create… and have total belief in. 

Dear souls, spend time, much time, with a quiet mind and a peaceful heart: spend time examining everything in your life; foremost examine your belief; the why, the wherefore. Go within: ask the question; what is this belief I have? Why do I have this belief? Is this belief based on pure truth? Or is this belief based on papers, books, and magazines? ….Or words spoken in my ear by others with firmly entrenched old belief systems that have been recycled and handed-me-down over eons of time? 
You wish to ascend? You wish to ascend the vibratory scale and become an Ascended Master?
If you wish to do these things you certainly can’t climb that vibratory scale, that vibratory ladder, while you are carrying all of these anchors, all of these rusty, heavy, old anchors of old beliefs!  How, are you going to rise when your beliefs anchor you to this dimension where you so often say ‘I do not wish to be I here’? I hear you say ‘I do not wish to be here anymore’… ‘I want to get off this merry-go-round’… and you are not going to get off this merry-go-round while you are still carrying anchors… ruck-sack loads of old beliefs.
The start of the new you; the start of the new reality; the start of your upraising in vibration is to have a clean out; have a clean out until you have the quiet, uncluttered mind which is divested of old unworkable beliefs. 

Did you know that the only belief that you require is the belief in yourself: the belief in yourself; the belief that you are a spark of the Creator. Your light is the Creators light; your energy is the Creators energy; you are like a drop of water in the Creators ocean: you may only be a drop but you are still the ocean. The only belief that you require is the belief in yourself: is the belief that you are Creator energy; that you are sovereign individual Creator energy particles of the Creator… and you can be a very powerful creator once you discard the baggage, discard the mental refuse. Start with a clean slate: the only belief that needs to be instilled or re-installed is the belief that you are a particle of the Creators light; you are that light; and you have the creative capacity within you. 

So, we have almost come the full circle: once you have dealt with the belief then and only then is it time for you to consider what it is that you wish to dream-create into your reality… and have it become the reality.  Enter the new reality as a clean skin; like a new-born babe; clean, pure, uncomplicated. Go back to being that babe, that particle, that spark of the Creators light. You may surprise yourself with what it is that you have decided to dream into reality; to become your reality.

Now at this point I would also like to make you aware of this: of course compassionate, caring, understanding, souls have a measure of concern for the world; the people of the world,; your environment, your animals, bird, fishes, reptiles, mammals; of course you care; of course you are concerned; and of course you want to make it better.  Dear souls it is not up to you to judge the situation and decide to make it your version of better or perfect. All is in Divine Order. The Creator does not make mistakes. In the Creators wisdom every soul on this planet has free-will choice: they have been given free-will choice. The Creator allows that simply because this planet, this earth, is the school yard. This is where all souls come to learn: they come to experience; they come to endure; they come to become.  What is that they have come to become? To become a new born, pure, babe; back to the original essence; who can then move into the dream and create their own reality of love and light. To rise with the love, with the light, with the energy; rise above all of this because you see all of this is a dream; was a dream; it was and is a dream that went into creation and was created for you to come here to experience, and learn, and grow.
But you don’t require that anymore. Have a clean out: have a clean out!
Quiet mind, stillness, peace, love in the heart… go back to the beginning and you will realise that what you have gone through over many incarnations was designed to bring you back to this point.
The Creator allows energy beings such as I from the Brotherhood: we are allowed to come to you, to talk to you, to put our knowledge and advice before you… but not influence or take over from you.  You are free-will souls; absolute free-will.  We come, we speak, and we leave. It is entirely up to you what you do with that information. We do not judge: we in the realms do not judge; we allow you to be the free-will soul, the free-will energy being that you are.  We honour that: we bless you for that; and we come humbly to offer our words of advice, wisdom, encouragement, and love… then it is all up to you: it is your pathway; your progress; it’s all up to you. 
Good evening and God bless you all.
Thank you for listening to our words. 
Good evening, God Bless.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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