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Aranuth Mission Beach July 2012

So much is happening around the globe headlined by cosmic, (solar flares) planetary, meteorological, and other events. However we have weathered it all so far without hitting any insurmountable snags.

The good news.
A huge area of the Torres Strait and Great Barrier Reef waters has been locked up for future generations. UNESCO has voiced disappointment that the Australian and Queensland Govts have not sufficiently protected these waters from the pollution caused by present and planned future mining developments and illegal fishing activities. Sea Shepherd has offered to use their formidable resources to police this area and deter marine life poachers, illegal fishers, and other trespassers.

World events.
The parlous state of the European financial situation continues to snap at the heels of several nations who are desperately seeking a solution to a complex situation. World leaders at the G20 summit have committed more money to the International Monetary Fund, but …