Aranuth Ravenshoe May ‘12


The Big Moon of May was watched by many all over the planet and quite a number of “aware” people experienced varying effects of it. For myself, I had the most refreshing nights sleep that I have had for many nights. Within the 48 hours following the full moon I received calls from five people who were seeking remedial treatment for the sudden onset of back problems. Others reported a whole plethora of unusual effects far too numerous to mention here. Every time there is an energy burst or acceleration in energy potency it brings out various ailments requiring resolution as part of our ability to deal with the new vibration. The portals that such energy fluctuations enter our body are our chakras and it is through these chakras that we receive and direct our energy based communication with other realms and levels of existence.

Aranuth was right on the money when he stated many months ago that Syria was fomenting big trouble which had the capacity to erupt into a civil war which would have a flow-on effect of dragging Lebanon into the conflict. We are witnessing it unfold now.

The biggest threat to our continued healthy existence is the interference with the genetics / DNA and nutritional structure of our food sources. The chemicals being introduced into our food chain are known and proven to be poisonous and are the cause of many known, exotic, and never before encountered ailments. It would be wise to avoid genetically modified foods – especially the cooking and salad oils -and purchase the freshest organic non-processed foods that are available to you. Many countries are now banning the use of GM chemicals as well as the production, importation, and sale of genetically modified foods. 

In northern Peru over the last few months in excess of nine hundred dolphins have died along a 137 mile strip of beach. Peruvian Govt officials identified extreme levels of nitrogen-causing bubbles in their bloodstream; it is believed to be caused by a massive underwater noise or vibration.  At Cape Cod USA 179 dolphins washed up on the beach 109 of which were dead. Authorities are yet to determine the cause of the strandings and deaths.
The best thing that we as Lightworkers can do is to send Light and Love to these mammals and the world in general.

Spiritual proverb for the month:

If you see things as “how they should be”…
you will never see things “how they really are”.


Well good evening everybody. It is I, Kaminya who has the honour of addressing you once more. I thought an appropriate subject
that I wish to speak to you about on this evening is something that has been not only on your mind, but firmly embedded in your psyche… I am talking of fear.  There is so much fear on your earth at present:  unwarranted fear. However it may look to you it is unwarranted.  Having had many incarnations myself I understand the meaning of fear: I understand the feeling of fear and I understand what fear can do to incarnates.  Destructive. Fear is destructive: unreasonable fear… unreasonable fear is destructive.  There is no need for fear.  Many eons ago when the human incarnate was not as advanced as it is today there was great reason to have fear.  You had fear mainly of predators; those wanting to prey upon you; those lowly-evolved animals and other species that would prey upon you.  You had much reason for fear. Fear played a big part in the life and the evolution of human.  However, you are past that now; you are well past that.  If it is your intention to become a master, and if it is your intention to become an Ascended Master, then it is time that you discarded all this hand-me-down fear.  This ingrained hand-me-down tribal memories of fear.  Let go of it!  You will never ever become an Ascended Master as long as you hold on to fear.  You are never going to rise. 
Fear and doubt.  Doubt is a destroyer: yet doubt can rather easily be overcome if you choose to.  If you choose to overcome doubt you can take a 180 degree turn in your mental body and just put out your knowingness that all will be okay.  All will be alright.  Fear is a greater mountain to climb; and it is a lofty one at that.  However, you can conquer it if you so choose; if you so apply yourself to the task. 
Fear. What is fear? Fear is total absence of love. 
Now, you all have a degree of love within in you and you all know how to express love but yet you still have that block.  It’s a mental block; a psychological block.  It is insurmountable to you; an insurmountable block.  But it is truly surmountable.  Fear. Fear you must look at it; you must examine it and discover for yourself “what is unreasonable fear”.  If each incarnate goes deep within and reviews their past life, past lives, present life, and concurrent lives; if you examine that, examine your present life, and know that into the future you can be without that fear, then you can look into the future and visualise what sort of future you will have without fear.  You can… hmm …visualise what you can create; the future that you can and will create without fear. 
Create, create, create, that is what you are here for because you are all creators.  How many times has the Brotherhood given you that message?  You are creator, you are part of The Creator, you are the creator, you are creative, you create your future minute by minute and you can create a future without fear if you apply your creative powers; if you shut down Mr Mental and stop him from prompting you with more and more feelings of fear. If you dismiss his unreasonable promptings of unreasonable fear you will discover that there is nothing to fear.  In your daily life you have many issues; many issues confront you on your pathway.  A great number of these issues will be viewed by you as a barrier as an obstacle… something to overcome… hmm.  A barrier? An obstacle?  What are we talking about here?  There are no barriers or obstacles on your pathway!  You have learning experiences, you have lessons but an obstacle?... hmm?  Not at all!  It’s an experience that you created; that you placed in your pathway so that you may confront it, examine it, bisect it and dissect it; to work your way through it and move on.  There is no reason to fear that “obstacle”, that “barrier” because there is no obstacle and there is no barrier and there is nothing to fear.  There is nothing to fear!  Yes, it is a human trait to ponder the present, transpose it into the future, and then rather stupidly magnify it in your Mr. Mental.
Mr Mental magnifies it. A small stone on your pathway suddenly assumes the proportion of a mountain… and a great one at that. 
Do you see how your mind can play tricks on you? Do you see that your mental your mind does not have the knowingness that you have within?  The mental does not know.  The mental conjures up all sorts of boogey men.  The mental will take a small stone and turn it into a mountain: it will take a puddle and turn it into an ocean.  It’s all mental!  It is not coming from within you because within you lies the master.  Within you lies the creator.  If you are a master; if you are an intending ascending master; why are you listening to your mental?  Why are you listening to these convoluted out-of-proportion machinations that the mental puts up?  Why do you entertain it?  Why are you not going within?  Asking for one who knows; asking the Divine One within.  Hmmm? 
Food for thought:  not too much thought or the mental will think that it can assume superiority over your creator self.  Your mental is your servant not the other way around: however, unfortunately, there are many, many souls incarnate who are manipulated by the mental.  The mental is a grand puppet master.  A puppet master! And the mental feels quite satisfied; feels that he has greatly achieved when he sees you dancing to the jerk of his string.  The mental needs to be told to get into the back seat because the Divine One within is driving this bus.  The Divine One within is driving this human bus.  The mental takes a back seat.  The emotional takes a back seat.  The Divine One within, the Divine One within gives the instructions, makes the decisions and the changes necessary on your pathway.  The Divine One within is the decision maker: the mental the emotional, the physical does your bidding. 
It is astonishing: it is astonishing how people can get caught up in the web woven by the mental.  You do not need to become enmeshed in that web because you will then become subservient to the mental.  Think: think of the scenarios: think of the recent scenarios that have invaded your beingness.  Think about the mental scenarios that have been concocted and conjured up by the mental.  It’s a monkey isn’t it?  It will play all sorts of games to see your response.  The mental pulls the strings and you dance to the tune.  You must stop that. You must stop that for your own good.  You are here to advance and progress.  The way you do that is to continually …and I mean continually… call to the Divine One within because the Divine One within is constantly in tune and in communication with the Creator…. the totality of the Creator. You draw your creator energy from the Supreme Creator.  You have this life line: you have this life line where you create.  And you create from the Being Within because the Being Within is the only being that has substance. 
How transient is your physical body? How many times have you worn one body out and then dropped it and returned to the realms?  Your true beingness; the Divine One Within is the reality! The physical, mental, and  emotional? … very temporary!  Very temporary! They are only here for this incarnation then you will dispose of them; and you will discard them; let them fall away. The Divine One within goes on and on and on into infinity; infinity! 
Now if you care to consider what has taken place in your life in this incarnation, up to this point… obviously you’ve made it.  If you didn’t make it…ha,ha,ha…then you’re not here; you’re back in the realms. So you made it; you made it through your challenges, experiences, and lessons.  You are the creator being: you created this present pathway; you created this body; this pathway… you created everything… all of the circumstances… so here you are with the essence of an experience - there is a lesson in the essence of that experience - you created that… and you created this physical, mental, and emotional… you created all of that… and that’s your vehicle to transit this current pathway. I am not speaking of concurrent pathways I am speaking of this one.  You concocted this body, this totality, because this is what serves you best to confront these challenges and to work your way through these experiences and lessons.  So when you think about it everything is in Divine Order isn’t it… isn’t it?  You created the body; the mental, the emotional, the physical; you created it all because you said to yourself “this is the machine (body) that will carry me through this pathway and when I encounter these experiences I will overcome them”.  “If I view them an obstacle or a barrier I am going to go into fear… I don’t want fear”.
You don’t want fear.  It is totally unreasonable; totally!  So as you go through your current lifetime pathway view everything, every incident, view everything as an experience, as a lesson that you placed there so that you could learn and grow from.  There’s no right or wrong.  There is no pass, there’s no fail, only the human created that: only the human put a judgement on it.  We didn’t! Your inner being didn’t do it! Only the human did it.  You  human, put a judgement on it.  You have a lesson, an experience, and then Mr Mental says “you failed…hahaha, you’re a miserable failure; don’t try that again or you will fail again”… so you go into fear.  There is no reason to have fear.  It should not apply at all.  At your point in evolution you do not need fear as a learning tool, as a learning aid. 
As I spoke of before… eons ago, when you were not as advanced, you were not as physically advanced, or as capable and competent, you were fair game for predators …so you feared alright because you were not in the knowing that if that predator actually terminated your life in that incarnation that was all in Divine Order.  You had already worked that scenario out before you came into that incarnation!  That was the life plan: that was the scenario that you wrote for that life plan.  You don’t need that anymore.  How long has it been since you were pursued by lions and tigers?.... hahaha… No: fear must be eliminated if you are to advance… and I encourage you all… I encourage you all to eliminate fear.  Every time that you look at a situation that has arisen or is in evidence in your life at this point in time, if you examine it without fear; consider how you will surmount that; ask the Divine One within; does it matter how long it takes for the answer to come?  It doesn’t. It doesn’t count; not at all.  When the answer comes, it comes in its own good time… because that is the point of expansion and development… that the Divine One within is the guide of advancement of your divineness, your beingness. 

Now some of you have this wonderful level of communication with the realms.  Some of you know that you have this wonderful communication with highly evolved beings in the realms: some of you have this high level of communication and are totally unaware of it simply because the communication takes place while you are in a meditative or sleep state… or various other altered states that border between sleep, dreams, and imagination.  Yeah, So the Divine One within knows far more than the mental, the emotional, and the physical; this is the one you take notice of.  The Divine One within is YOU.  Not this body: the Divine body within is you… that’s YOU.  The Divine Beingness, the Divine Essence… that’s YOU!  This, the physical, and every other thing that goes with it is very temporary; very temporary! 
So at this point in time when there is so much change, accelerated change, happening on your planet; there are numerous, numerous chances that you will take one of these instances in isolation and go into fear.  Is it the movement of the tectonic plates? Is it the eruption of the molten magma? Is it the rising of the waters?  Why go into fear?  This is all part of the Divine Grand Plan.  You play your part according to your Divine One within.  You play your part; let the Creator, the Supreme Creator worry about the evolution of the planet.  Let the Divine Creator allow the plan outworking to happen regardless of what you term natural disaster, man made disaster, or injustice. You are the individual; you are the sovereign; you are the one, the only one that you pay homage to; the one that you should allow to express in your physical life and let the rest happen.  Let the rest happen.  The Divine Grand Plan will continue to work itself out with or without your help.  You’re here to help yourself. You are here for advancement; that is what you are here for.  Expand your energy; grow your energy; advance, expand, accelerate, become more potent, become more explosive.  That is what you are germinating and growing within yourself; the Being Within.
 So if you look right now, this day of your time, consider what is happening to you, around you, but instead of looking at it with a  doubting attitude and allowing the mental to run riot with these stupid scenarios that will create excessive fear; instead of allowing that, quietly, calmly go within.  Let the Being Within, the Divine Essence; let that guide the physical.  If things are not changing and altering for you immediately so what? You do not have the power, the complete creative power, to alter your pathway and the effects of your actions on your pathway and on every other being and other thing.  You have that power: you have the power to create for yourself however, in your present embodiment at this particular point in your pathway you are a little restricted in what you can create.  What you can create, you will grow in experience, you will grow in wisdom, then you will also grow in creative ability.  And may I tell you, there has been some terrible, horrible, things that have been created by souls incarnate who have absolutely no idea of what they are doing.  Never mind, all is in Divine Order, all is in Divine Order.  So I would say to you, start now, eliminate fear. I realise it is difficult to just do a 180 degree turn and start expressing love for everything, everyone, and every situation.  It just doesn’t happen; it just doesn’t happen; not in that context.  Look within your self and see how many times you have decided to apply love to a situation and all the time you think hmm I am cheating myself, it is not working; I am not doing it genuinely so forget about that.  If you eliminate fear, love happens!  If you eliminate fear love rushes in to fill the vacuum.  Did you know that? Did you know that every time you take something out of space it leaves a vacuum?  Take the fear out and the love will rush in to fill that space; to fill that vacuum.  That is the way that you apply it and that is the way you apply love genuinely.  I have heard, you have heard, people say that they have sent love to this, and sent love to that, and sent love to something else and your Divine One within is saying to you, “it didn’t happen”; “it did not happen”, “it is not happening”.  Simply because the human incarnate has so much trouble directing love to things especially when those things are quite abhorrent ..that’s a judgement! Judge it as abhorrent and it doesn’t work. 
Now: remove fear; remove doubt.  Doubt is the easy one; that’s the easy one.  Instead of doubting just say “let us see what is going to happen next”: “let us see what’s going to happen next”.  Don’t, don’t doubt!  Just say “let us see how things work out”.  Or “I’ll just leave that be and let it work itself out”.  Don’t doubt!
Fear? Remove the fear; stop going into fear.  Know that everything is okay, know that everything is fine.  What is going to happen? The very worst that is going to happen is you will enter into another experience, another lesson that you created for yourself.  Now if you want to cease that… now again, where do you go? To the Divine One within.  It’s yourself! It is you that created that! Want to do something about it? Well go to the Divine One within and say to them “whoa there! …can we shuffle that around a bit and make it a bit more palatable”; you created everything, you created all of it.  Go to the Divine One within; keep seeking the guidance …but please eliminate fear.  You don’t have to do it in one magnificent stride… bit by bit just eliminate fear.  Just eliminate the fear of the situation and you shall be fine.  And let me remind you, as I said before, there are millions, billions maybe, of souls incarnate wanting the ascension experience. Well, your ascension experience is going to be grossly hampered for as long as you maintain fear. 
And so dear souls I thank you for entertaining me this evening.  You will now look at the situations, experiences, and lessons in your life quite differently I presume… and do not forget that while you are talking to the Divine One within you are also being heard by some very highly evolved beings who will, without infringing upon your free will, come to your aid; they will help you and give you assistance to deal with the issue that concern you while you are trying to remove the fear factor. 
And so thank you again dear ones you are loved by all in the higher realms… heaven as you call it. You are greatly loved. You are watched over. You are cared for.
All is in divine order. 
Good evening

Please feel free to on forward these messages to anyone who cares to receive them but do not alter or edit them without my permission.
Love & LIght,

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