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Aranuth Ravenshoe May ‘12


The Big Moon of May was watched by many all over the planet and quite a number of “aware” people experienced varying effects of it. For myself, I had the most refreshing nights sleep that I have had for many nights. Within the 48 hours following the full moon I received calls from five people who were seeking remedial treatment for the sudden onset of back problems. Others reported a whole plethora of unusual effects far too numerous to mention here. Every time there is an energy burst or acceleration in energy potency it brings out various ailments requiring resolution as part of our ability to deal with the new vibration. The portals that such energy fluctuations enter our body are our chakras and it is through these chakras that we receive and direct our energy based communication with other realms and levels of existence.

Aranuth was right on the money when he stated many months ago that Syria was fomenting big trouble which had the capacity to erupt into a civil wa…