Aranuth @ Ravenshoe April ‘12


Here in far North Queensland the wet season has come and (almost) gone without the visitation of any destructive cyclones – which is astonishing - leaving only full dams and water catchments, green fields, and lush new life in its wake. In my part of the world, the Atherton Tablelands, the countryside is absolutely beautiful. The farmers are looking forward to a bountiful harvest and the nearby Great Barrier Reef is in magnificent condition attracting tourists from all over the planet; we are indeed blessed.
Each and every day it seems like something new is happening in my life and spiritual development – as it would be in yours - and I love it!
Of course there are many mystical things presenting themselves in my life that I do not fully understand (my guides do not explain everything) however I know that I am never off my pathway and that it is all good. Hopefully everyone else receiving this message is having and recognising their own individual spiritual advancement experiences.
It’s funny you know, so many people tell me that …“nothing exciting or out of the ordinary ever happens in my spiritual life” … and then go on to tell me about their mysterious, mystical, or esoteric experiences. Sometimes we can’t see the woods for the trees.

Recently I was scheduled to have abdominal surgery which would require full anaesthesia. The guides informed me that as the anaesthetic entered my bloodstream they would pluck me out of my physical body and hold me in a suspended state until after the surgery was complete; once I had been wheeled from the theatre I would be returned to my body. It did in fact happen that way however it took ten days for the full effects of the anaesthesia to leave my body and allow my body harmony and energies to return to previous levels.

The continual struggle that we call evolution continues all across the world with masses of people striving for freedom and access to nutritious food, abundant clean water, and basic health services.

Notable world events:
Tornadoes rip through Dallas – Fort Worth; Earthquakes trigger Tsunami alert in Indonesia; significant earthquakes occurred off the coast of Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, and NSW Australia; North Korea missile launch flops; Lights in the sky (UFO activity) observed and filmed by hundreds of people in ST. Petersburg, Russia; and sadly there appears to be no end in sight just yet to the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan or Syria.

The good news:
Finally the troops have a date for withdrawal from Afghanistan; Aung San Suu Kyi wins a seat in parliament after 20 years of house arrest; and the US President, Barack Obama, has signed an executive order targeting people and entities who supply technology to assist authoritarian regimes such as Iran and Syria suppress their people. Protest groups across the world stage class action protest. Many nations enact bans and restrictions on Monsanto GM seeds, crops, and foods; “Occupy” groups stage mass protests against Monsanto world wide. Liberian President Charles Taylor of “Blood Diamonds” fame found guilty by an International Court of war crimes including arming, aiding, and abetting rebels who tortured, maimed, raped, and murdered innocent civilians in return for blood diamonds; I doubt that he’ll ever be set free again.  And…the International Court has other despots firmly in their sights.
The Creators light is overcoming the darkness; light workers everywhere are rejoicing …keep it up!
All is in Divine Order!

Good evening children.  It is I, Kaminya, Ascended Master Kaminya, “Bringer of the Light”, who addresses you this evening.  Children of the light, welcome to the light.  I am known as the “Bringer of the Light”.  The light I have brought here on this evening is not just to mix and blend with yours; it is to accelerate the potency of your light, to lift the light quotient currently coursing through your physical bodies.  I bring the light to various parts of your planet, your world, your dream, to assist those areas that are mired in the darkness and those souls inhabiting such areas who have great difficulty boosting their light energy to overcome and overpower the darkness.  It is not just to areas of darkness that I bring the light.  I bring the light to many areas: I bring the light to wherever such light is needed to enhance the light quotient currently displayed and generated by souls incarnate.  
By way of background information, I would like to inform you, I would like to tell you precisely what the light actually does to you in your physical embodiment and how you practically benefit from such light; benefit from the acceleration of the potency of your light.  Dear souls, everything is composed of the Creators light energy.  If there is no light, there is no thing! Even areas which you refer to as darkness contain elements of the light; receptors of and receptive to the light.  
In your physicality when you first incarnate here, your lifeline, your lifeline with the inner planes, within higher realms, lies within your light receptors.  You are not in the knowingness yet that you have light receptors in your physical and implanted in your blueprint. The physical manifestation and aspect of your receptors is in a broad sense what you call aura. In a narrower sense, it is in the cells, in the cellular structure of your physicality, and embedded firmly in your DNA, so that as you evolve and procreate such physical bodies the subjects of such procreation carry receptors passed on from generation to generation. How else could we fill you with the Creators energy - which is light - if you did not have receptors?  Surely, we can immerse you in the light but how shall we anchor the light.  The Creator in its wisdom designed sensitive receptors in your physicality, in your human blueprint, so that at every stage of your evolution you can be assisted, helped, given guidance, knowledge and intuition.  All this is carried via the light which your receptors respond to.  Your receptors recognise and respond appropriately to the volume, intensity, and quality of the light.  And so, you will understand that everything is of the light.  
Now, when you require guidance, knowledge, help, or assistance we urge you to go within.  When we from higher vibrating realms, from the deep inner planes, advise you to go within we are saying to you go deep within, not just surface, not just below surface, but within.  We are saying to you go deep within: go to your receptors; because your receptors are the first point of contact with the Creator energy. The light and the information, advice, and assistance that we provide is to recognise this help, this assistance; you must go deeply within, right to the base of your very essence which is light.  Your very essence is light: one slim layer above that lies your receptors. When we in the realms come to you we radiate light to you, to your receptors, which you will interpret as an intuitive action, message, or intuitively received message of advice of help.  
If you wish to consolidate a line of communication with your guides, with the community of Ascended Masters, and with the Creator itself, you firstly are required to go within, go deeply within, go to the receptors, the light receptors within your blueprint, your basic essence, that is the pool that you dive into; that is where you will find the answer to all, to everything that is provided by All That Is; All That Is.  
You have heard many times “the answer lies within”.  How many of you realised or discerned that the answer that is always available to you lies within: deeply within; deep within your receptors. And so who is your guru? Do you in fact require a guru?  You are your own guru: you are your own guru! You only need to establish the strong link, the strong communication, with your light receptors and everything will be revealed to you.  So when you go to another soul incarnate who may be named guru you are only inquiring of that soul because that soul has developed a strong communication link with the light through their receptors and the light is the energy of the Creator; it is the energy of All That Is. It contains All That Is; nothing is hidden or unknown in All That Is.  

So your mission, your mission whilst you are incarnate, is to recognise that you are light!  Recognise that you have light firmly embedded within your soul, within your psyche, within your beingness. And the way to vitalise that beingness is to open your receptors, open to receive the light into your receptors, into your beingness, into your entire soul beingness, your soul essence.  You were birthed in the light: you were birthed of the light; you are the light.  And so it is incumbent upon you to discover the light within you and cling, cleave, firmly to the light because that is your lifeline - light energy! And so you are now all at a stage in your evolution both as a physical being and as an energy-being-in-physicality; a stage where you know, you understand that your basis is light. You must use the light wisely; you must recognise the light; you must promote the light; you must use the light… and where will that get you?  Mastership! Mastership!  
If you choose to advance: if you choose and desire to become not just a master, which you already are in varying degrees, but to become an Ascended Master then there is only one way; there is only one way! And  that is to the light, through the light, become the light; and when you become a fully realised light being then so shall you become a member of the community of the Ascended Masters.  
Now, I have brought you this simple, easy-to-digest and understand information; it is in all simplicity laid out before you …and I would urge you …I would urge you to seek, seek, seek, the light, the source of your light, the base of your light, become the light totally and thereby become a member of the community of Ascended Masters.  

Today, I Kaminya, bring you the light; not just in an energy form, a potent form, but in a verbal form which is the way you will relate back to the energy form.  The light here on this very day is very powerful.  I would ask you to please hold your hands in a relaxed position palm up; close your eyes, close your mind, watch, listen, intuit; you are this day encircled with the light of love.  You are encircled with a broad band of intense divine white light overlaid with a deep pink hue of divine love sprinkled with glittering dust of gold which is your protective barrier.  Within that light stands a great number of Ascended Masters, your guides, and other beings of love and light who are here to help you, to assist you to blend their energy with yours, to expand your energy, to accelerate the potency of your energy, and assist you to become once more, whilst in physicality, a being of light.  
I would like you; I would ask you; to silently give thanks to all of those great beings of light and love, those great beings who are emissaries of the Creator carrying the Creators energy of love and light to help you on your pathway.  
Thank you children for being here on this evening: thank you for absorbing the energy of these words; for absorbing the information contained within those words which is designed to prompt you to recognise and expand your light.  You are light beings: you always were light beings; you will always be light beings.  Within the light there is peace, there is comfort, there is protection.  Walk your pathway in the light.  
I shall withdraw now, however, there are many beings here who wish to remain to continue to work with various individuals so be open to receive them; be open to intuitively recognise and respond to the light energy that they are permeating you with.  
Thank you children: blessings in the light; blessings in the light.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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