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Aranuth @ Ravenshoe April ‘12


Here in far North Queensland the wet season has come and (almost) gone without the visitation of any destructive cyclones – which is astonishing - leaving only full dams and water catchments, green fields, and lush new life in its wake. In my part of the world, the Atherton Tablelands, the countryside is absolutely beautiful. The farmers are looking forward to a bountiful harvest and the nearby Great Barrier Reef is in magnificent condition attracting tourists from all over the planet; we are indeed blessed.
Each and every day it seems like something new is happening in my life and spiritual development – as it would be in yours - and I love it!
Of course there are many mystical things presenting themselves in my life that I do not fully understand (my guides do not explain everything) however I know that I am never off my pathway and that it is all good. Hopefully everyone else receiving this message is having and recognising their own individual spiritual advan…