Aranuth @ Ravenshoe March ‘12


The March 2nd Mission Beach channelled message prompted many people to e-mail or phone me to express their thanks, thoughts, and feelings regarding the “lethargy, disinterest, headaches, numerous aches and pains etc” explanation. I find it personally pleasing that Aranuth is providing such helpful information.
It really struck a chord with a considerable number of people. Even people that I meet who are not associated with any spiritual interest group or demonstrate any level of spiritual awareness are openly commenting about these symptoms
A couple of people noted that Aranuth is giving them viable and workable options to struggling along on their own wondering “what the…….”?
Listening carefully to his words or reading between the lines it becomes obvious that Aranuth is giving us timely warnings of future increased discomfort associated with accelerated energy radiations without causing us to fear the future. He also provides us with advance notice of global occurrences, earth changes, and disturbances that have the capacity to impinge upon our lives.
One of the most important issues looming on the horizon is future food security. There are quite a number of nations that are unable through ongoing drought, soil unsuitability, poor farming practices, international trade difficulties, or various other conditions, to feed their population and are looking elsewhere for not only a continuous economical food supply but also access to plentiful supplies of clean water. If nations, especially the UN, do not address this situation immediately we will see mass starvation, deprivation, and armed aggression on a scale never witnessed before. It is already happening in Africa where the entire population of towns and villages are starving to death while in the western world excess grain production is fed to livestock. This planet is capable of sustaining the entire population however it will require a determined and unified effort by all nations to grow and share the available food and water supplies. Aranuth has spoken repeatedly about supporting your local community; industrial, commercial, and most importantly rural industry / farming to the extent where you no longer have to depend on essential foodstuffs and consumable goods to be transported in from other areas.
Several areas across the planet have recently been affected by increasing earthquake activity. Notable quakes happened near the coast of Guerrero, Mexico, 7.6, New Guinea highlands, 6.7, Chile, 7.2, and surprisingly the Central Australian aboriginal communities of Ernabella (South Australia) 6.1. This global earthquake activity is expected to increase into the future.
The world financial debacle continues to adversely affect many countries not just European countries and the British Isles. The full extent of the global financial meltdown is yet to be revealed.  Much is being hidden from us. There will be more wheeling and dealing, conferences, negotiations, and financial market twisting and writhing before this mess is sorted. One thing is for sure, it might be the banks, financial institutions, and governments that created the mess but it will be “we the people” who bear the full burden of the solution.
Watch for a debt and currency restructuring which will cost the little people plenty. “Let those who can afford the least pay the most” will be the bankers and controllers mantra.
The solution to all of this is to continue sending love and light to all; hold the planet and everything upon it in the light.  All is in Divine Order.

I know that I have said this before but perhaps meditation groups all around the planet might allocate a few minutes of every meditation session to sending Divine Love and Light to the entire planet. Once the volume of souls sending love and light reaches critical mass this world will alter in an instant.  Any takers?

A nice group of people turned up for the regular end-of-month Ravenshoe channeling. Everyone was expecting Aranuth with his trademark laugh to set the session in motion; how surprised were they to find the Lady Kwan Yin coming in to deliver her message. Kwan Yin’s energy was so powerful that I experienced some difficulty bringing her through. Towards the end of the message the energy overwhelmed me and I was on the verge of a meltdown however it all ended okay.
My new MP3 worked very well and dutifully recorded every word clearly. Goodbye tech gremlins…hello reliability.


Well good evening everyone, I would like to welcome you all here this evening.  I trust that you are all well, healthy, and happy in your life.  What I thought that we may talk to you about this evening is spirituality.  Spiritual: spirituality; and your perception of what comprises spirituality.  Firstly, you are spirit.  You do not have to concern yourself with being spiritual or developing spirituality simply because you are already that.  The Brotherhood has spoken many times regarding spirituality.  You full well know that you are a spiritual being.  You are a spirit entity.  You are spirit.  Now, you are spirit encased in a physical embodiment. You are spirit, highly intelligent, highly advanced spirit who has chosen to manifest in an embodiment so that you may come to this planet of dense physical matter and join in experiences not available to you on the higher realms.  So, you are spirit, that’s what you are, you are here in embodiment having experiences, learning lessons, gathering all of this to you before you return to the realms. 
Now then, there is no requirement for you to be here incarnate: no requirement what so ever; you chose to come here of your own volition.  You chose to come: you chose to be here for the experience.  When the experience is complete you will return to your realm where you came from… so shall you return.  You do not need to become spiritual, you are already that.  You do not need to develop spirituality because you are already that.  All that is required of you for your own benefit is simply awareness: awareness; being aware of who and what you really are.  Being aware of the abilities that you possess: being aware of the reason that you are here having this experience.  So there is no need for you to read, hear, or attend development courses to become spiritual.  You are only required to become aware that you are that.  Practice being that: become that; display all of your spiritual accomplishments and capabilities while you are here embodied on this realm. 
There are many individuals, organizations, and institutions who, mostly through reasons of their own ignorance or ego, wish to direct you in your activities mental, emotional, and physical so that you may become a spiritual being.  Some of these individuals, institutions, and organizations, mean well however, they too have not come to the realization that all souls incarnate do not need to be informed of the way to develop spirituality when they are already that. There are also institutions and organizations who for eons of time have claimed to have superior knowledge of the workings of the spiritual realms.  They proclaim that you should follow their directions, their explicit directions, to become a spiritual being; and sometimes even threatening that if you do not follow their pathway, their directive, that you will not become spiritual or attain residence in the higher realms. 
You do not need to be told how to communicate with entities on higher realms; you do not need to be instructed as to how to send up a prayer to your higher self or another highly ascended being.  You do not need any of that direction or instruction.  What you need is the understanding and guidance of another highly evolved being (guide) who can show you the way; reaffirm that you are on the right path… and give you assistance and encouragement along your path should you begin to doubt your spirituality. 
At this point in time, at this point in the development of not only you souls here reading or hearing these words but for every soul incarnate; you do not need instruction or direction.  You know; you know deep within your beingness how to communicate with those back home on other realms; on the higher realms.  You do not need to be instructed, directed, or trained regarding how to communicate, how to send up a plea, or a prayer, or a suggestion.  You need none of that.  What you need is awareness. Awareness firstly of your divinity; yes, your divinity.  You are spirit; you are a spark of the flame of the Creator.  How does a spark of the flame of the Creator need assistance to come to the realization that they are part of the Creator and indeed of all creation? 
When you sit quietly and consider all of that you will, you will come to the realization that you are already that.  You are already that! You already are spirit.  The only thing that you need do is go within; not to learn to communicate, but to remember how to communicate. 
Your higher self is there beside you almost all of the time.  Your higher self, your other guides, and the assistance of those guides…they are all very much aware of your thought emanations because that is the way that you communicate with us. 
A heart felt plea sent out as a thought telepathically: send it out; what is it that you require? Not to learn but to remember: because whilst you are here incarnate on this level you, and only you, have chosen the veil of amnesia, forgetfulness.  You do not wish to recall your roots so that it does not interfere with the experiences that you are having on this pathway. 
The way for you to advance is simply to open your self up, spend a little time going within.  In your world most of you require tranquility, peace, quiet, only the sounds of silence should penetrate your psyche, your self, your true self.  More and more you will need to spend more and more time going within and being at peace with yourself and with your world around you.  I would urge you to spend as much time as you possibly can in quiet contemplation, meditation, being within, being yourself.
Forget and ignore all of the other things around you; especially those who seek to control or direct you.  You are divine sovereign individual spirit entities… what more could you ask for?  The only thing that you could ask for is assistance; guidance; from your higher self and other beings that you refer to as the ascended masters.  Sit quiet, go within, go to peace and tranquility, ask the question; ask for remembrance of your powers to solve problems and overcome difficulties; to resolve any issues that cause you friction. 
Go within: be at peace with yourself; with the world around you; with your planet.  Be one. Be at one. Be at onement with everything around you.  Express your own sovereign divinity. 

In coming times, souls incarnate who experience and overcome what you consider difficulties or disruptions on their pathway will be those souls who have already opened up a clear communication channel with their higher self; with highly developed beings; with those highly developed beings in other realms. It will be those souls incarnate who have developed strong communication lines who will sail through the stormy seas steadily, calmly. Nothing on this level can bump, push, or affect you. Of course these things may impregnate or impact on your physical embodiment: on your mental; on your emotional; on your physical; but they cannot impact upon what you call your spiritual; your spiritual self; because you know you have the knowledge: you have the understanding; so for those of you who are at peace you will experience peace; you will be unaffected: you will be very safely guided through the events, the physical events, and the happenings on this planet that may adversely affect your physical, mental, emotional beingness. 
Your higher self: the higher aspect that you are; the higher knowledge that you have access to; will guide you safely and surely.  You have nought to fear; you have everything to gain. 
Children I would ask you, I would ask you to carefully consider what I have just spoken of regarding your true basis of the sovereign spirit being that you are: the divine spirit that you have always been; the divine spirit that you always will be.  Fear not. Your physical body may fall away and decay when it is of no further use to you on this earth experience but as spirit you are indestructible.  The divine spirit being that you are is indestructible: the divine spark of the flame of the Creator is indestructible and can never be extinguished because the Creator in its wisdom will not create a spark of itself to be extinguished or terminated. Being a spark of the Creator you have the inner knowing, the inner awareness, that there is only continual expansion: you continue to grow, to expand, on and on, infinity, infinity.  Whatever the Creator has created always exists whether it be on this level or on other vibratory levels.  Everything continues to exist on a suitable level.  So children, I would urge you each and every one of you; I would urge each and every one of you to express your divinity, express the divine being that you are; to radiate love and light not only to everything on this realm but on every other realm. 
I Kwan Yin come to you to assure you that the light has the power, boundless power, to radiate out to every, every realm; cultivate the light of love within yourself.  Radiate the light of love continuously; it is not just a tool of what you call ascension, it is the empowerment of the divine light within that will pick you up, project you through every realm back to home, back to where you belong.  You do not belong here; you belong in the realms where only the light of love resides.  I have been using the power of the Creator this evening to come to you; to radiate divine love to all. 
Thank you.

This last paragraph was very difficult for me to channel because I was being drawn up and out in the light of Kwan Yin’s awesome power.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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