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Aranuth @ Ravenshoe March ‘12


The March 2nd Mission Beach channelled message prompted many people to e-mail or phone me to express their thanks, thoughts, and feelings regarding the “lethargy, disinterest, headaches, numerous aches and pains etc” explanation. I find it personally pleasing that Aranuth is providing such helpful information.
It really struck a chord with a considerable number of people. Even people that I meet who are not associated with any spiritual interest group or demonstrate any level of spiritual awareness are openly commenting about these symptoms
A couple of people noted that Aranuth is giving them viable and workable options to struggling along on their own wondering “what the…….”?
Listening carefully to his words or reading between the lines it becomes obvious that Aranuth is giving us timely warnings of future increased discomfort associated with accelerated energy radiations without causing us to fear the future. He also provides us with advance notice of global occur…