Aranuth Ravenshoe Feb 2012

February has certainly been another interesting month. The happenings all around the world both good and not-so-good have been so diverse and strikingly different that the old adage of “expect the unexpected” is pointedly applicable. Here in Australia we are fortunate to have only relatively minor problems with erratic weather patterns bringing heat, cold, rain, and floods. Several towns in Queensland and NSW had to be temporarily evacuated. Many local Govts are now taking steps to flood-proof their towns and villages with large drains, levee banks etc and thereby protect resident’s homes and businesses from future floods.
In North Qld. builders are working against the clock to construct much needed community cyclone shelters before the cyclone season commences in earnest.
Such is the seasonal weather in Australia….we’re resilient; we’ll be okay.

Elsewhere in the world we hear daily of the earthquakes, landslides, unexpected and erratic weather patterns, cruise ship/passenger ferries/refugee vessels sinking with considerable loss of life. Are the tragedies becoming more prevalent? Or is it that the world media now has the technology to reach out to and inform a greater audience faster than previously?

Some months ago when the Libya crisis was deepening Aranuth warned that similar trouble was brewing in Syria. Aranuth also warned that the fomenting conflict in Syria had the capacity to dramatically alter Middle East stability and upset the delicate balance of power; especially if Syria and Lebanon became involved in a confrontation with other world powers over democratic process and human rights abuses. Aranuth also mentioned the ongoing powder-keg situation involving Israel and Iran: and by extension Palestine, the US, along with concerned allies and vested-interest world super-powers. Think oil.
Lump all of the foregoing together and what do you get? A world that desperately needs lightworkers from all over the planet to radiate Divine Love and Light to the world.
Perhaps all of the spiritual and meditation groups, both small and large, may make world peace and harmony a primary goal of their regular meditative practice.
All is in Divine Order.

*** The technological gremlins made their presence known at the Ravenshoe session. My journalist’s tape recorder did have a malfunction a couple of weeks previously however everything seemed in working order when I tested it prior to the channelling. At the commencement of the message the tape insisted on turning itself off…repeatedly.
What we have salvaged below is the recollections of a couple of people who attended.
Apologies folks, but this is the best that we could do.

On the bright side of things I have just purchased a small and compact MP3 player recorder with in-built microphone to record future sessions. It’s got more buttons than a double-breasted shirt but I’ll figure out how to operate it.

Message briefly.

# Isaiah gave an explanation of the energy in the body being affected by the increased flow of the Creator Energy (source of all universes and all that is found within these) coming to us in our physical embodiment via the Sun (particularly its Solar Flares)…and the Ascension of ourselves as the energy changes second by second (“you are not the same as you were 20 seconds ago”).

# He added that some of mankind has not spiritually evolved, advanced, or altered much in the last few thousand years and needed a bit of a push (increased intensity of cosmic / spiritual energy) to realise that the energy is changing; changing the planet and everything upon it …and that the Creator has for the last 30 years or so, been getting a bit pro-active and intensifying the energy to move our evolution and advancement / upliftment process along. 

# The change is from the “ground up” (from original blueprint / original basis; atoms, cells, etc) - he likened the alterations taking place within the body to a “renovation” of a building from the basement foundations to the top (and not the reverse).

# He stated that we will continue to convert bodily density to light as the heightened energy increases/changes in our atoms, cells, DNA, blood, bones, tissue etc.

# The transformation of dense physical matter to light energy is all part of the ascension a process.

# If we experience aches and pains which are strange to us, don’t be querying these discomforts being present because the increased energetic activity at the micro-level (atoms / cellular structure) is the reason for it –it is just a sign of the changes: He added a rider that of course serious medical conditions must be treated medically. Otherwise we should just “go with the flow”.

It’s all part of our energy blueprint alteration and evolution / ascension plan (he mentioned that we should not be dismayed by the apparent “early/unexpected” death of self or anyone else; this event will have been pre-planned and woven into the incarnation lesson plan).
He spoke of DNA as part of the blueprint and the blueprint being far, far older than current scientific thinking suggests.

# Diet is important because food itself is light energy filled and obviously complements and assists the inherent energy in the body. The physical body requires nourishment and sustenance to fuel it through the transformation process. Clean, pure foods and water contain living energy is essential to the body during this ascension process.
Obtain the best quality food that we can reasonably afford or procure. We need not be bound by strict regimens of diet; we eat sensibly using the best and most nutritious food that we can get and not be bound to eating what conventional wisdom prescribes.
Water is most important – it flushes toxins and bodily waste …and it too carries light.

Once again apologies for the technological glitch at Ravenshoe however a full text and video of the Mission Beach Channelling session on March 2nd will be available in one weeks time.

Go to:  for previous messages or contact information.

Peace and Light,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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