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Aranuth @ Mission Beach March 2012

There is plenty of evidence of the effects of the accelerated intensity of the Cosmic / Divine energies upon the physical embodiment of those people in my social / spiritual orbit. The biggest one experienced at present is a nagging dry cough which defies all efforts of treatment. Others include the usual unspecified aches and pains, dull headache, disorientation, and of course my seemingly on-going difficulty … memory fog; I forget the names of people and everyday objects. My favourite activity is going to the grocery store and then forgetting what I went there for. All is not lost though; I regularly buy things that we need anyway - sometimes including the item that I had originally forgotten.

Here in Australia the unusual and unpredictable weather patterns are only outdone by the vanities, posturing, and antics of the elected and aspiring politicians. You could be forgiven for thinking that the House of Parliament is the only circus in town run by the clowns.
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Aranuth Ravenshoe Feb 2012

Comment: February has certainly been another interesting month. The happenings all around the world both good and not-so-good have been so diverse and strikingly different that the old adage of “expect the unexpected” is pointedly applicable. Here in Australia we are fortunate to have only relatively minor problems with erratic weather patterns bringing heat, cold, rain, and floods. Several towns in Queensland and NSW had to be temporarily evacuated. Many local Govts are now taking steps to flood-proof their towns and villages with large drains, levee banks etc and thereby protect resident’s homes and businesses from future floods. In North Qld. builders are working against the clock to construct much needed community cyclone shelters before the cyclone season commences in earnest. Such is the seasonal weather in Australia….we’re resilient; we’ll be okay.
Elsewhere in the world we hear daily of the earthquakes, landslides, unexpected and erratic weather patterns, cruise ship/passenger f…