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Welcome to a brand new year. Welcome to 2012.
Memories of the events and happenings of 2011, if not forgotten, have at least dimmed and faded somewhat now. Everyone will have their own special memories of 2011; some pleasant, some forgettable; however it is good to look back at this time and see how far we have come over the last twelve months…and more importantly look back in terms of what lessons we have learned and what progress have we made.
As a follow-on from that, now is a propitious time for us to clear the decks-of-life of unnecessary clutter, trim the sail, tighten ship, and set a steady-as-she-goes course for the coming year all the while being ever-ready to alter course as changed circumstances dictate.


Some months ago Aranuth advised me that he was reluctant to voice his predictions because some people were going into fear: he wants to promote peace and love not fear. However, he says the indications are that the global economic situation will continue to cause considerable concern and pain for quite a number of states and nations who teeter on the brink of economic collapse. Almost unnoticed on the backburner, but still very warm on the agenda of some nations battling for survival or supremacy is the option of revaluing and possibly re-issuing currencies and altering exchange rates which will affect trade between various nations. Big governments, big banks and multi-national finance institutions will scramble to scoop whatever cream they can off the top of these readjustments at the expense of those who are the most vulnerable and can least afford it
… “When elephants dance the grass gets trodden”…


The prevalence of natural disasters and earth-cleansings such as earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, etc that we saw throughout 2011 will continue unabated throughout the year of 2012. These will be easily distinguishable from the normal seasonal weather patterns.
There will appear to be no rhyme or reason for these events. Pacific Rim and Middle Eastern quakes will feature quite prominently however some areas in developed and industrialised countries previously considered “safe” will experience destructive tremors and adverse weather conditions. The population of many nations and states are in conflict with democratically elected governments as well as dictatorships and tyrannical regimes. This will escalate further rather than find resolution because of the extreme greed and lust for power and dominance by those already in power or seeking it. The little people, the “we the people”, will have their boat rocked by the waves created by the battle for supremacy.
The option of sending love and light to the area of conflict is the best course of action. If you must dwell upon and expend energy on the situation make it of the love and light variety.

On the home front.

Those of you who not only read but digest the content of the Aranuth messages will clearly remember him saying on numerous occasions that it would be wise to support local community; strengthen local community ties; and to sustain and endorse your local community to ensure that we as a community can enjoy a relatively problem free lifestyle regardless of national / world difficulties and conditions. One of the ways that we can do this is to create demand for locally grown organic foods; urge primary producers to grow GM and chemical free crops, and select fresh local foods over imported or trucked-in products every time.
Here on the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland Australia we are blessed with having a strong agricultural base consisting of fruit, vegetable, nut, grain and legume growers as well as a milk, cream, butter and cheese processing factory for our dairying industry.

The year of 2012 will be challenging the same as the previous year however we are now better advised, better equipped, and better able to surmount any difficulties that may arise simply by going within, listening to our inner guidance, and acting upon that guidance by applying copious amounts of love and light to every situation.
The first three months of 2012 will bring change to many people’s lives as we position ourselves for the rest of the year and the coming end-of-an-era. The Change-of-the-Ages which will complete three days before Christmas 2012 is not something to be feared but rather looked forward to.  
Peace within the heart……….Peace within the mind.

I wish you: Love and Light; Peace and Happiness; Rainbows and Roses.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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