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Aranuth, Isaiah, & the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light ... Newsletter

Welcome to a brand new year. Welcome to 2012.
Memories of the events and happenings of 2011, if not forgotten, have at least dimmed and faded somewhat now. Everyone will have their own special memories of 2011; some pleasant, some forgettable; however it is good to look back at this time and see how far we have come over the last twelve months…and more importantly look back in terms of what lessons we have learned and what progress have we made.
As a follow-on from that, now is a propitious time for us to clear the decks-of-life of unnecessary clutter, trim the sail, tighten ship, and set a steady-as-she-goes course for the coming year all the while being ever-ready to alter course as changed circumstances dictate.


Some months ago Aranuth advised me that he was reluctant to voice his predictions because some people were going into fear: he wants to promote peace and love not fear. However, he says the indications are that the global economic situation will continue to cause cons…