Aranuth & Isaiah Ravenshoe Christmas 2011

Here I am back at the keyboard once again. It seems like just yesterday that I was here with the Mission Beach comment and message.
The Ravenshoe session was a lovely afternoon with the regulars meeting and greeting each other filled with the spirit and cheer of Christmas. The session was followed by tea, coffee, cakes, and various other assorted yummy things to eat … (oooh the waistline). Being the last channelling session for the year of 2011, and the next planned session being six weeks away, (end of January 2012) everybody made the most of our group end-of-year get-together.
Here in North Queensland Australia we have our annual monsoon season fast approaching: the monsoon season, as well as bringing copious amounts of rain, also brings cyclones; some quite damaging and some very destructive.
With the advent of force five cyclones “Larry” and “Yasi” in recent years - which some communities are still recovering from - we are praying for a milder and less devastating season this time around.

On the world stage nations are still grappling with the overthrow of repressive regimes; the installation of democratic governments; and of course the European Economic Union trying valiantly to save countries and nations from collapsing into financial chaos. The uprising of “Occupy…” groups springing up all over the world demanding responsible and equitable fiscal management, their democratic rights, and the redistribution of hoarded wealth will not only continue but will be the catalyst for massive changes.
The spontaneous uprising of people power is more than just a “force to be reckoned with”; the Change of the Ages is happening.

The message below was a little blunt and to the point. Not since the guide Andronicus addressed us some many months ago has the Brotherhood delivered such a strong message. However they do make the point very clearly. There are times when the guides decide that we need a little wake up call…this is one of them.


Good evening once again children. To me it is always pleasing to come among you as one of you.  Not as one who is better than you but as one who is equal, equal of you; because in all reality there really is no such thing as one being ‘more than’ or ‘lesser than’: we are all equal, all equal in the eyes of the creator; we are all created of and composed of the same energy.. there is no difference what so ever.  The only difference, if I could use that word, is that some energies such as souls both incarnate and discarnate may have more or less, to a greater extent or lesser extent, may have differing experiences, lessons, and levels of advancement. Some have gained more knowledge, more understanding than others.  It is not a race, it is not a competition, it is simply you as an individual, as an individual energy, choosing what experiences you would like, what lessons you would like to have woven into those experiences, and the method, the process, and the period of time which you would like to take to work your way through that experience. And might I add that in such cases many of you savour the experience because there are experiences, aspects within experiences, and passages within those aspects of experiences that you find quite delicious so you savour them. 
On the opposite side of the coin ha, ha, haa, there are also experiences, aspects of experiences, and passages which you hurry through because you find them distasteful.  Ohh, it’s a game isn’t it? 

So lovely to see you all here today and to observe you preparing for your Christmas festivities.  You have all noted that when Christmas time, this festive period, comes around most souls incarnate have this tendency to lay down their arms, to forgive one another, to exude love to one another, to give ‘gifts’ to one another; gifts to others who you know not; gifts to organisation and groups who care for others; and by doing so you demonstrate your caring.  We would like you to think upon this: how wonderful would your world be; how wonderful would your life be; how wonderful would the lives of many others be if you were to lay down your arms, forget about adversarial relationships, care for another, give gifts to one another.  How wonderful; how greatly improved would your life, the lives of others, the energy of the persons that surround you, as well as the planet as an energy flow-on from yourself?
Your loving, caring, energy carries on to the energy of the planet and enhances the beauty of your planet: how wonderful would that be were you to do that in every moment of your life? 
As you are aware whenever I or the Brotherhood come to you we endeavour to give you information, to prompt you to seek, to prompt you to consider, hopefully to prompt you into action: action, - just not your thought vibration. 
Children, only for you souls incarnate: only here at this time, on this dimension, this level of solid matter; only here do you experience what you consider to be aggression, hostility, arguments; how many times do we in the realms shudder and shiver when we see you souls say with considerable expression “I hate this”;  “I hate that person”;  “I detest that person”.  Only here when you are incarnate, embodied, is there a visibly demonstrated lack of love, forgiveness, understanding and compassion.  You don’t do it all of the time but it does lay there dormant within you ever-ready to spring to life if your ego is pricked, punctured, or insulted … or you judge yourself to be the victim of someone else’s vitriol, their hatred, or their detestation.  You fail to consider that other people are also the victims of your aggression and detestation. Backwards and forwards; backwards and forwards the negative energy flows between you until you get to the stage where it is full on; full on.
And when that applies to states and nations the armaments come out.  And nations kill people from other nations; and groups kill people from other groups; simply because someone had their ego pricked; someone had their ego deflated.  Children it is time; it is time for souls incarnate across the entirety of your planet to understand that it is only here on this planet of solid matter that such abominable things happen. Now I use the word ‘abominable’ not as a judgement but as a very applicable descriptive word. 
When you leave this body and go to other realms of non-physical matter, higher realms, do you think for one moment that such aggression, bitterness, and bickering… do you think that’s allowed?  It’s not only ‘not allowed’ it doesn’t happen!  Because when you are in these other realms you see each other as a brother or a sister, another sovereign energy being.  On those higher vibrating realms hatred, bitterness, aggression, all of that; it does not exist.  All of the realms higher than the one that you presently inhabit do not have any of your aggression, fighting, arguing, inflated or fragile egos; these are all characteristics of the human embodiments. 
I would like you to think about this for one moment. You can go through a lifetime, an incarnation here on this planet, where for the entirety, or for a large portion, of that incarnation you are at logger heads with another.  Sometimes these things escalate.  They move on from dislike and bitterness to open aggression.  Now, when you drop this body and your foe or adversary as you see it, well they drop their body and then you meet in the higher realms… what do you think happens… hmmm?  You laugh with each other and at each other: you look back at your lives incarnate and you laugh, and you say, ‘how stupid of me’… ‘how stupid could I be’?  “Here we are two aspects of the Creator, two powerful light beings, two beautiful entities who live and thrive on love… and we become incarnate and then we become war-like; we become adversaries.  We do battle with each other; we have physical, mental, and emotional battles”. 
I ask you this… what for?  What for?  What do you gain?  Do you gain?  NO! You lose!  You’re here to do lessons: we didn’t set the lessons for you …you set them for yourself.  To engage in or continue on with lower… and I am talking about lower vibratory things such as we have spoken of - wars and aggression, even down to the simple hissy, hissy, “I dislike you” - that’s what you are here to overcome.  That’s what you are here to discover.  You’re here to undergo that and to discover its absolute worthlessness; to discover that it pulls you back and grinds you down.  It belittles both you and your perceived adversary if they engage with you. As you know one builds upon another and what starts out as a misunderstanding can and actually has developed into a war of nations.  Two leaders have a misunderstanding and their egos were deflated; their attempts at control fail; so they try to impose their will, their control; they try to win the game by force pitting nation against nation; brother against brother …and they bring them home in coffins. 
How utterly stupid of the human race. (spoken with disappointment) 

Children you are here to learn the absolute futility, the absolute folly, of wars, aggression, and those sorts of actions. You are here to learn that it doesn’t have to be that way.  What way? What benefits you to play this game on this planet?  Why play the game?  Why indeed! 
Opportunities like today when they present themselves to the Brotherhood and to myself are golden opportunities for us to come to you and give you a factual account of what is happening here and what happens in the realms.  It gives us a golden opportunity to prompt you, to prompt you into the realisation that such negative actions benefit no one and are to the detriment of everyone; not just the adversaries, but those in association with them because the energy flows out, flows out, and flows out; and like ripples in a pond it will go out and it will affect many, many, others.  It need not have happened in the first place! However, that is the human condition. 
What are you doing here?  You wish to become masters.  You wish to be here to experience this, to realise the absolute folly of it… and to determine that you will no longer be a party to this.  You as a singular, individual entity will rise above it. You will demonstrate your love, your caring, and your compassion to prompt others to rise above it.  And if enough souls incarnate rise above that and rise up against the agenda and controls of the militant nations leaders, all of the wars and aggressions will be greatly diminished, greatly. 

Consider this my children: you have heard many commentators say “as above.. so below, as below.. so above”. Partially correct; partially correct. Consider …if life in the realms, if life in the higher realms was transposed upon life on earth, what would you have? Heaven on earth. That’s your word; heaven; it is not ours, it is your word; it is a constructed word for your understanding of a place much higher and much more beautiful than this.  Higher and more beautiful.  If you transposed all of the higher attributes, higher ideals, of the higher realms onto this planet; if you expressed all of your higher attributes, your higher ideals… if you continually expressed that here you would have once again what you call ‘heaven on earth’.  You would be equal energy here to what you have in realms a little higher than this one.  This is a learning environment.  The planet earth is a learning environment.
Through eons of time there have been wonderful things happen upon your planet. There have also been periods of excessive darkness.  If light workers really want to be light workers then be a light worker all of the time.  You are a light worker… period.  You are a light worker regardless of what realm you are expressing on.  If you wish to be a light worker on this planet then it is incumbent upon you to radiate the light; to generate and radiate the light.  If you genuinely desire that name, that title, light worker, you have to earn it. And you earn it by generating the light, spreading the light, by taking the light into some of the darkest corners.  You earn the title through being courageous and bold: go forth into places of darkness and generate the light; radiate it, let it cover your planet, let it saturate everything upon your planet; everyone, everything.  Let it permeate and saturate so that everything is of light. That’s what a light worker does. 
Do you know beings in physical embodiment, we understand that you can become fearful for your life and various other things that may happen.  I would also like you to also consider what your body is.  It is not you.  You are going to drop this body sooner or later.  The time has already been decided by you when you will drop your current body. Why not go forth courageously and take the light to areas that until now have seen nothing but darkness; or have sunken into a mire, a pit of darkness. Have courage! What happens if you fail? There is no such thing as fail. What happens?  You try; you put the light out there. You may not have achieved the desired results but are you worried about your body? No!
Do you want another body? Ha, ha, ha, We’ve got plenty in reserve. 
Every time that you choose to come back to this planet you choose another body.  You won’t run out of them.  You can trade this one in if you like… ha ha ha. 
Children, the point that I am trying to make is this: This is your festive season; you call it the season for giving; and you do.  Perhaps the world should change a little and say this is the season for for-giving, for forgiving.  Forgiving those who have ever hurt you, who have ever harmed you; forgiving of those who have ever betrayed you.  Forgive, forgive them.  Send them love and light.  Do you care, do you care what extent the love and light… what extent and effect the love and light will have upon them?   That’s not for you to concern yourself about. Because you see various physical entities will respond in various manner.  Some you can radiate love and light to and it will change their life in a short period of time.  Others it will not become manifest for quite some period of time.  There are also times where it may appear that your radiation of love and light had no effect. 
Know this: you are a lightworker, you radiated the light, you radiated the love, the forgiveness, the care and compassion.  You have done your job.  Don’t concern yourself about the recipient.  It’s up to the recipient how they respond; it is their pathway, it’s their development.  It’s their opportunity not only to respond to but to reciprocate in kind.  If you can find that you can forgive, forget, and radiate love and light; if it’s reciprocated,…well how wonderful.  If it’s not reciprocated you have still gone ahead in leaps and bounds; you have raised yourself up; you have increased the power of your light. 

And so, this coming Christmas as you call it, this coming Christmas is a perfect opportunity for people, souls incarnate, to expand upon their usual level of generation of love and light to others.  You know in the realms we generate love and light continuously.  We are light workers.  On this planet, you now know what to do if you want to be one of us.. a light worker incarnate.  At the very least you will have raised yourself up considerably simply by radiating love and light to all around you. 
We are not asking you to love everybody: we are asking you to radiate light and love to everyone, to everything on your entire planet. 
Be the light worker, be the light generator; be the light radiator.  Generate, radiate, raise yourself up and get on with your experience and lesson plan.
 I think that shall suffice for today.  Our message hasn’t been one of glee and joy; it has been one of information, instruction; one of guidance, one of advice.  We are giving you the answers in advance so you don’t have to seek them anymore…that’s what we are doing.  We are giving you these answers.  We are not only pointing the way, we are advising you what to do along the way.  We are a talking road map….ahh, ha, ha, ha. 
Ah dear children, thank you, thank you for having us with you this evening.  It’s been wonderful to be here.  We will always be here…simply because we are light workers. 
Thank you, good evening, thank you. 

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Merry Christmas and a Happy, peace-filled, and uplifting New Year to everyone.    
Love & Light in your heart,
A positive outlook,
A spring in your step,
All is in Divine Order

Blessings, Malcolm.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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