Aranuth / Isaiah Mission Beach December 2011


Christmas is almost upon us. Schools are finishing up for the year and parents are planning Christmas festivities and holidays. For many Christmas is traditionally a time of family togetherness and the giving of gifts; hopefully people will share their abundance with those dear souls who are less fortunate than ourselves. Giving is an act of love.

For those of you who have been feeling and maybe acting a “little strange” lately; disturbed or possibly perturbed as opposed to your normal amicable disposition; or maybe a bit irritable and intolerant of the world around you; well then…welcome to the club!
The altered frequency and alternating intensity of the energy, coupled with the various phases of the moon and positions of the planets have us internally feeling like we are super-glued to an enormous out-of-control jackhammer.,…Yeee-haaa…ride ’em spiritual cowboy! The Change of the Ages is upon us and the only thing that we can do is be at peace, go within, and allow the change to complete its task.
Peace be with you.

The session at Mission Beach on the evening of Friday the 9th of December was another interesting experience. The venue with its close proximity to the beach and the rain forest surroundings has a lovely feel to it; lovely energy.
It was great to catch up again with the Mission Beach locals who are on the spiritual pathway. Such nice people. Some of the Tablelands group accompanied me to the beach to hear the message and make contact with like-minded local residents.
Personally, the session was an exacting one causing me to expend considerably more energy that I normally do. The reason for that being that the combined presence and energy of powerful entities such Aranuth and Isaiah opened me up to a much higher vibratory level than previous sessions.
Everything in the cosmos is in a state of continual expansion and so it is with our planet and everything upon it. Full-body mediums such as I are included in this and we are constantly being challenged to graduate to, and operate from, higher and higher frequencies.

To watch the video of the Mission Beach channeling click here:


Well good evening children. I would like to say good evening and welcome. I thank you for being my host this evening. As you are aware I have been here for some time; I’ve been here for considerable time. I have been listening to the proceedings, I have been watching, I have been evaluating all of the comments, what has been said, and more importantly what has not been said but what has been thought! What has been projected from your mental faculty. We have that capacity, that capability you know; we do not have to simply listen to your words or observe your actions.
What I thought would be very appropriate to speak to you about this evening would be your personal power which is your personal “energy”. Now for the purpose of this discourse; power, power and personal energy shall be interchangeable. So we can for the purpose of this exercise consider them to be one! Now then: most importantly; where are you right now …hmmnn? Not just here on your pathway for this incarnation… let us just take that and put it to one side for the time being. This incarnation, this incarnation we shall just place to one side because what I want to talk to you about is your personal power, your personal energy. Throughout all of your incarnations, not just all of your incarnations on this planet, on this level, on other planets and on other levels, but right from the time when the Creator first breathed you forth as a spark of light.  What I wish to talk to you about is the personal power that you are in your beingness; not in your present physicality, not in one, not in several, not at all physicalities, but in your true beingness, in your energy, you may call it your energy body.  Believe me it is not a body; it is far from a body. Certainly you do have what you may call an aura body: you may have an etheric body; and you do have to a certain extent in each incarnation an energy body suited to the task at hand.  But, you are a complete energy, a sovereign individual energy, and that energy cannot be described, contained, it knows no parameters, it knows no boundaries.  It is energy, it is power.  Creative power accompanies it; accompanies I say, accompanies it, accompanies.
Creative power is not the be-all and the end-all. If there was such a thing as the be-all and the end-all it would be the power, the energy, the sum total of what you are. But then again you depend upon the feed of the Creators energy to enhance and expand your own energy. 
Now we are coming into the understanding where those in human incarnations are at this point in their development, as a totality, as a total race as well as an individual. We have been watching individuals, groups, nations, and the totality of your planetary population. We have been watching as they learn, as they advance, as they expand, as they run, trip, fall down, pick themselves up, and go back and start all over again.  We see all of that; we take it all into consideration; and if you were a reader of graphs you would see where the human race has this type of scribe (he indicates an undulating wave motion) three steps forward, (up the graph) and three steps back, (down the graph) one step forward, and one step back; the human race has been doing this for eons of time. At present the graph does not have such dramatic falls between the apexes and the valleys.  They are closer together now.  Sure, you hit a high peak and then you trough but the trough is not as deep as what it used to be: and then you peak again, and you trough, and you peak, and you trough, and you peak again.  So if we drew that as a sound wave it would be the harmony of the yin and the yang. 
Quite acceptable; very much acceptable. 
There is never a time when we would expect you to have a graph like this (he shows a continuous flat line) because that would signify to us that you have stagnated.  If you stagnate you become stunted; if you become stunted you will eventually die.  So, you must go ever onward; ever and ever continue to grow, to advance, and to expand. Now, there is not a lot of drama attached to that other than the drama that you place upon yourself.  You do not need drama!  And you certainly don’t need self created drama.  What do you need?  Understanding! Understanding!  Because understanding and knowledge are twins.  You cannot have one without the other. 
With knowledge comes understanding: comes understanding, comes more knowledge.  That is the way that you progress. 
I personally have been observing the process whereby an individual power entity has progressed; and I have also taken council from other Brothers-in-the-Light as to how best I can assist you to grow, to become, and to expand; but before you become that you must accumulate knowledge.  When you accumulate the knowledge then you also absorb, absorb - I did not say accumulate - absorb the understanding.  You accumulate the knowledge, you absorb the understanding. 
Now that is not the end of the equation.  What good does it do for you to have knowledge and understanding if you do not do something with it?  You must DO something with it.  So, what should your pathway be as well as your day-to-day physical step-by-step progress through your life on the planet of solid matter?  As well as that there is the power you, the energy you, the being you, and that is the important bit because the step-by-step physical matter being is worth nothing, nothing!  You will drop that body at the appointed time; it will go back to whence it came… dust to dust.  You have dropped many bodies: some of you have dropped hundreds of bodies.  And at this point right now the sum total of those bodies that you have dropped is worth zilch.  The knowledge that you have accumulated whilst you were embodied and the understanding that you absorbed from accumulated knowledge is what expands, is what grows you, is what takes you ahead and lifts you up because dear souls do you know what the ultimate is for you? Do you know what the finish line is?  The finish line is simply this: it is when you have accumulated all of the knowledge, absorbed all of the understanding, and used it for your benefit and for the benefit not just of other souls incarnate but for other beings of power.  So as you expand your life and energy you are helping expand the light and the energy of other beings who are travelling through the same levels as you are; they are transiting the various vibratory levels; and if you could see that you would see that they are like a moving sea of light points; like lemmings heading for the cliff all these beautiful light energies are not heading for the cliff but for the finish line. 
When you reach the finish line this particular lesson plan is over.  You will never ever need to come to this or any other planet or any other vibratory level lower than …err…don’t take this to the bank… but the majority of you are going to the minimum of level five. I see several who are going to seven: I know some who are going to nine.  But first you must complete your task: you must accumulate the knowledge; seek, seek to become that, the seeker.  Become the seeker, become the eternal seeker, continue to seek, to thirst for knowledge. So, thirst for knowledge, go within, seek with a raging thirst.  Call, call to your guides: not just guides you envision as a human-like energy or light, call to your guides who have not shape or form because they are an energy being like you: they are a powerful energy; and they just happen to be more advanced, more knowledgeable, more understanding than you.  So they help you along your path: they encourage you to seek; they encourage to seek the knowledge, to absorb it, to let it expand you; and with your new-found power use that to radiate to all of the other energy beings; the other energy power points. Help them to surge ahead like the wave breaks on the shore: be the eternal wave heading to the shore.
See this around here? (indicates the outside world) outside of these doors, on your roadways, the buildings, the forest, everything; its all an illusion.  Seek not there: there is nothing there; it’s an illusion specifically created to help you. So a part of your acquirement of knowledge is coming to the realization that everything out there counts for very little; it’s only there as an adjunct to or to help support the physical body …and you are not the physical body …you are a powerful energy being. However for the purpose of this exercise you are here today in a physical body.  That is only your façade and your façade does have a persona and the persona does have an energy plant which is the ego which carries you along, drives you along the way… putt, putt, putt, through this incarnation: that is not what you are here for.  You’re here to sit quietly, determinedly focus keenly on the acquisition of the knowledge that is within.  It is all within. However, we in the realms, we in the Brotherhood, we understand how difficult it is when you are embodied: we understand how difficult it is for you to access that knowledge within.  And this is why I and the Brotherhood say to you open yourself up, open, open, let your energy out, let it shine, let it radiate. Test, touch, feel, you have all the senses; apply all the senses to your energy. Talk to the other powerful beings you call your guides because they do guide you: talk to them, ask for a master, and ask for a master to come to you.  Do you know how easy it is? Ask!, Ask!  Ask!
You don’t have to have feelings of unworthiness: unworthiness of what? Unworthy?  You are a powerful energy being: so are the masters; it is just that they are a little more advanced than you.  They are your brothers, they are your sisters so you do not have to feel unworthy… ask! 
If you want to accumulate knowledge and understanding and be able to use it to great advantage the process is simple: it might be long but it is simple.  Now the simple process is sit still, get rid of the mental chatter, go within, sit quietly ask, ask, ask…then wait, wait, wait. 

Now please don’t allow any judgment to creep in: please do not allow judgment to insinuate itself into your energy form. You ask for a guide: you ask for an answer; you ask for a master to assist you with a lesson, with knowledge, with an answer… and it happens.  You may not feel it whaamm! when the master comes: you may not feel much at all. He will come. There is no guarantee that he will twiddle your toes or pull your hair to signal his arrival; he will more than likely come so gently as to be almost unnoticeable. So know, know! that your guides or the master came in response to your request. Thank him. Don’t judge that maybe he didn’t turn up… he did. He came: know it, believe it   You ask, he comes, and he helps. Sit quiet! At the end of your quiet time give a “thank you” to show your gratefulness: show your gratitude.
In this physical life if someone gives you something you say ‘thank you”.  In your spiritual life when the master or guides come and gives you something you say “thank you”.  Good manners is it not?  Manners apply here and manners apply in the realms.
So children the object, the object of this discourse this evening is very simple… please start now to let things of the solid matter world drift away from you. Do not worry: do not fear; do not be concerned; everything will be handled in good time.  Remember that the outcome sometimes may not be to your physical consciousness liking; remember that it is all there as a lesson that you have sown or stitched into the fabric of this pathway. So walk your pathway purposefully. Try to let the entire physical world dissipate from your mind so that you may spend longer and longer periods of time in contemplation with an open mind that is receptive and absorbent. Open up, be receptive, and absorb what comes: thank the guides or the masters for bringing that and know that they brought it. Believe that they brought it: know that you are advancing incrementally; believe that you are advancing incrementally. There is nothing, nothing, nothing, for you to do in this world of solid matter that is anywhere near as important as sitting quiet. Sit quiet and go within. 

Now I hear you say…”Meditate? Oh I can’t do that”. Of course you can. You do it when you are not aware of it… Ha,ha,ha… and the reason why you say I can’t meditate is because you are not aware that you are doing it.  It is simple; it is a matter of where you are going to place your awareness. So where are you going to place that awareness?  Within! Forget about this (points to his head representing the mind) forget the buildings, the houses, the roads, and the trees… forget about that! Place yourself in the velvet void: go within; place yourself blissfully in the velvet void.  Think nothing. If your mental body is over active… wait it out…ha ha ha. Do you know it will get bored and go away if you do not acknowledge it and place your awareness on what is happening in the mental body; it will get bored and go away; it will leave you in peace in the velvet void. Peace, bliss, ecstasy… you are becoming your beingness.  You are becoming and expressing your beingness while embodied.  Then ask, ask to be given knowledge, ask to be given information, ask for one of your guides or masters to point the way, to nudge you along, to steer you away from “over there” to “over here”. That is where your growth is. You are not here to grow as a physical body; to go out partying or working digging ditches with the sweat pouring off your back: you’re here to learn and grow; to acknowledge the power beingness that you are…and to become that.  Once you have absorbed all that you will come to the realization that you can use that constructively, positively, to propel your own advancement; and as you propel your own advancement your slipstream drags other energy beings along with you. It gives them a wave to surf, to go ahead, the same as the masters will give you a wave to surf, to go ahead.
So what is your task? Your task is simply to become: to become. To become the power beingness so that when you have accumulated all of that knowledge and understanding; and expressed all of that; and have become all of that; then you’ve crossed the finish line. It’s all over. You move into a much, much, higher realm: a much, much, higher vibration where you will use all of your accumulated and absorbed knowledge, information, and ability to create something of extreme beauty for yourself.  Why not commence it now? Why not commence building something of great beauty here, now, right now, start now, start this evening. 
I trust that I have answered quite a few of your unasked questions this evening. It has been my pleasure: it has been my pleasure to be here; you have no idea how pleased the Brotherhood is when we see souls coming for knowledge because we know that they are on the right pathway.  They are going in the right direction; and the little that we do to assist them is of benefit to them. 
And so dear souls I say thank you for being my host this evening: being the host of all of these others (indicates unseen beings all around us) that you unable to see or hear. They join me in wishing you well: I wish you love; I wish you love and light.
Good evening you beautiful ones.

Love and Light

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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