Aranuth & Isaiah Ravenshoe Oct.-2011

It has only been a week since the last channelled message was posted and yet much has happened in the intermission. In the lead up to October 28th several people contacted me to express fears about the publicised altered calculated timing of the end of the Mayan calendar and possible cataclysmic events that it would herald. My guides response was along the lines of “it will just be a spike in the energy…you won’t notice any real change”. That is not meant to contradict or offend anyone; it is simply a matter of expressing what I had been given many weeks prior. 
I sense that into the future my guides may have something to say about the end of the Mayan calendar referred to by them as “The Change of the Ages”
What October 28th did bring was the first full and public communication by another member of the Brotherhood… Isaiah. The energy felt quite different immediately before I went into an altered state and I knew that this session was going to be different…it was. Isaiah has a beautiful calm energy as opposed to Aranuth’s assertive / expressive energy. The wonderful thing about it all is the increase in the variety of message subject and content.  Future messages are looking good.


“Good evening children.  Today you will notice a different communicator.  It is my honour to be here amidst you in your gathering on this day.  I thank you. I thank your combined energy, and I thank the combination of all of your guides plus the Brotherhood of the Light that made it possible for me to appear here before you on this evening with the use of this body (indicates my physical)…it is my honour.  What I would like to speak to you about on this evening is the changes of the energies. 
I am not speaking of the changes as has been spoken of, bisected, dissected, and recreated so many times …and incorrectly may I say so.  The change that I wish to talk to you about is not specifically earth changes.  The changes that I have chosen to speak to you about are the changes within yourself, the changes within yourself as individuals, as groups, as nations, as a planetary population, and as a mass consciousness.  The energy that comes to you this day has been coming to you for a short period of time now and will come to you increasingly so; increasing in volume, increasing in intensity, and increasing the changes that you will experience within. 
The energy that I speak of is the feminine. It is the feminine energy or the feminine aspect of the energy that is coming in; and not at random but as generated by the Elders, the Old Ones, the Ancient Ones. 
The Elders understood that the driver of most changes, the driver of most creative changes, the creative energy, was in fact more heavily weighted towards the feminine than the male, the masculine. The Ancients knew this. The Ancients knew that they had to find, search for and find within themselves their feminine aspect.  They had to not only balance the masculine and the feminine but they had to come to the realisation that in the whole grand scheme of things there was only energy. 
So whilst they searched for the feminine; whilst they compared that with the masculine; whilst they tried to balance it, to blend it, they made the discovery that it is just all one energy; it is the one energy from the Source.  Now the gender energy… that differential …the way that souls incarnate differentiated between masculine and the feminine… was the way that they related that energy to the gender embodiment of that person.  So if that person was embodied as the female the energy surrounding and within that person was considered feminine: and so if the energy embodiment was that of male then it was considered that that energy was masculine. 
It took many eons of time before the Elders came to the realisation that this difference, this masculine - feminine differential, did not truly exist except in the manner that they perceived it.  They perceived it as two separate individual energies which as I have just explained is not, it is not; it is one energy.  What has happened is because the females are generally considered to be the nurturers, the carers, the healers, all of those aspects of a female was considered to be feminine energy: and with the males all of those aspects that were considered to be aggressive, predatory, competitive, powerful,  controlling, warlike, they were designated masculine energy. 
Now, you are all developed and evolved enough spiritually to understand that there is no division: there is no division of energy: there is only One energy which is expressed through your current and previous embodiments. And so you have all been male, female, and androgynous embodiments.  You have all experienced the aspects of the female, of the masculine, of the androgynous. No matter what, you have all been that… and you have all experienced that… and you have experienced that energy.
And of course you would consider it to be feminine if you were female or masculine if you were male.  But dear ones, there is no difference, none what so ever.  There is only the energy of the Source and what you choose to do with it; and how are you going to use that energy in this incarnation, in this expression, to carry you through your planned experiences and lessons…and so that is where we come to the division. You have chosen the embodiment of the female and accepted the judgement put upon your energy, or you have chosen the embodiment of a male and accepted the judgement placed on that.  There is no difference. However, the energy that is being prompted, promoted, by the Ancients is blowing in… it is blowing in from the mountains, from the desert, from the ocean, from the forests. 
If you go out into nature and listen you will hear it, you will hear, you will feel the energy as it comes.  Now the energy is there to prompt you, prompt you to use every aspect of it to bring yourself as a soul entity back to the point where you have balance, harmony. So if that means that you need to express more of what you consider the feminine aspect to come to that balance you will use that.  That energy will prompt that; that energy will cater for that; and that energy will fulfill that desire that you have… and so too does it happen with the males.  If either gender requires a masculine energy and an understanding of it to bring them back to a central point which is balance and harmony, well then you will take what you consider to be the masculine aspects out of that energy. 
Now having said that it is not correct to also say that you would take these aspects out of the energy because energy is energy and cannot be separated.  But you can use that energy to prompt what you feel within is required, necessary, to put you into balance to harmony. 

Now you have all heard my very good friend Aranuth say All is One - One is All …and so it is.  And so it is!  All is One. One is All.  You are energy first, foremost, and lastly… you are energy.  The energy cannot be partitioned; it cannot be divided; it cannot be fragmented; however, you may select the aspects of the totality of that energy to assist you with your development on your pathway.  Now when I say pathway I am not referring just to this present incarnation. I am referring to every incarnation; every pathway; the totality of All.  All is One, One is All. 
The energy will be applied not just to one aspect; not to just one pathway; not to just one incarnation; it will be applied in totality. 
Now having given you that background I would like to go on to say, to clarify you may say, certain things that are happening on your planet.  As expected; as is the Divine Grand Plan; there are various elements… there are various beings who are at various and numerous places on their individual pathway; some are more or less evolved than others. The word that you choose to use is spiritually; so of all the entities on this planet and in the realms, they are all at differing stages of evolution and development; and of course a running mate to that is they are all at differing stages of understanding… of realising what it is that they need to do to further their development, their enrichment; and so they will use an aspect of the energy to assist them to transit that experience or lesson and achieve what it is that they wish to achieve. 
There are Ancients. I am talking about Elders who are very, very ancient. I am talking about energy beings who go back so very, very, far.  The depth of origin is far greater than you could ever imagine; ever.  We are going back eons, multiples of eons of time where there were Great Beings, Great Energy Entities who were not necessarily embodied; they existed as energy; they accumulated knowledge and understanding.
As an energy entity at that particular time they chose not to create an embodiment. At that particular time they saw no need for an embodiment because as an energy being they knew that the pathway forward, the advancement, the enrichment, was the expansion of their own energy. So they had to gain knowledge, information, understanding, so many things that they examined, cultivated, and worked their way through whilst they were still an energy.  It wasn’t until a great number of eons later that they chose to test themselves in a human embodiment on a third dimensional plane of existence.  A plane of solid matter.
So, many of you souls incarnate at this particular time, this day, this age, many of you are portions of those Great Ancient Energy Beings.  And like children who have sought a playground you have created one. You have created your playground and you are here experiencing your creation.  As time, as you put it, passed by many energy entities developed amnesia; they totally forgot who and what they were and where they came from specifically to enjoy this dream.  They knew that they had to erase the memory of who and what they were so that they could explore this dimension and learn from it by calling within themselves to remember the powers that they had to help them to navigate through this life time and many other life times here on this planet, this third dimension. 
As your dream, as your game, is played out we now have this myriad, absolute myriad, of energy entities embodied playing various roles and unfortunately for your planet, your dimension, you might consider that things have got a little out of control because of the amnesia of the souls incarnate. Not only highly evolved guides and masters but the Elders, the Ancients, have now come forward: they not only bring this energy, they generate and re-generate, and empower, accelerate the energy of One, the energy of All  to prompt souls presently incarnate, and souls on other levels, to return to who and what they really are. And so as it applies to you as sovereign individual souls during this particular incarnation, the energy that you will divide, that you will take up portions of, to bring you back to what you consider to be a masculine / feminine balance; and as you come to this balance you will come to the realisation that All is One and One is All and that you are the One energy and the All energy. 
And that will bring us back to game over! So that is where you are on your playground now. 
It is time to balance: it is time to balance the books; it is time to call them all back in, all of those souls, all of those energy entities who have gone off willy-nilly in all directions to play their part in the overall Grand Plan. It is time to come home children; it is time to come back in; it is time to come back in now. 
And so now you will all notice changes in yourself, changes in your family, and your friends.  You will notice changes in everyone, everything around you; because of all those shall we say all those scattered portions of energies are being called back to re-clump, to become the One, to become the All of what you are. So I would like you to understand that while the energy, while the winds of change are coming from the Ancients to wash over you, to prompt you, we wish you to understand why you are changing. It will help you with your changes but you must go with the change: resistance is not an option dear ones.  Resistance is not an option!  You do not have to be passive: in fact you have to be active and participate in your own changes but you must allow the changes to happen to you; you must allow the energy of the All; the winds that blow from the mountains, the deserts, and the oceans; you must allow the original energy, the energy of One, the energy of All to pick you up, carry you along, transform you, and transform everything on your planet until it all comes back to the harmony of One, the harmony of All, and then my dear children you will become part of the Source once again.  You are returning to the Source, the One energy, that’s where you are returning to. 
And so we come to you not to alter your pathway but to keep you informed of what is happening: to give you the information, give you the knowledge, so that you can better understand and accommodate the changes.  And so children I thank you for having me here.
My name is Isaiah and I shall be back. I shall return. I shall ask to be invited to address you once more as more information becomes available and as you become more able to digest and accept the information that we bring. 
So, on behalf of the Brotherhood, I Isaiah bid you good evening and thank you.”

Having Isaiah deliver the message was quite a surprise to one and all. I had been told weeks earlier who he was and that he would come forward and communicate a message to us.
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Peace & Harmony

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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