Aranuth Ravenshoe Nov. 2011

Comment: The 11th 0f the 11th event passed by apparently without any notable incidents occurring. With all of the predictions of inter-dimensional and portal openings; energy vortexes, earth shifts, asteroid close calls, and life-on-earth being changed forever, our planet and everything upon it continues along its evolutionary way…as per the Divine Grand Plan.
Several groups and individuals held 11th hour (11-11-11-11) meditations and to date nothing exceptional or unusual has been reported except that some individuals expressed disappointment at the lack of apparent change. That is not to say that change did not happen, but they perceived that there was no apparent change.
My guides hinted that perhaps we souls incarnate expected too much; expected to see and experience phenomena at times bordering upon fantasy. Then again Aranuth has a no-frills, positive, practical, and pragmatic approach and point of view.
I joined a small group of friends for an 11-11-11 meditation and the message that I received was simply to accept life as it unfolds and not give any thought, power, or energy to the fanciful, distorted, over-exaggerated predictions of impending doom, disaster, and destruction that gain impetus as they pass from one person to another.
In a nutshell…love and peace cannot abide where fear and turmoil reside.
Pay no heed to purveyors of fear and negativity; lightworker souls on the pathway to becoming true Masters will be at peace radiating love, light, and positivity. All Divine Order.


Yes, well good evening dear children; good evening to you all - one and all. I am privileged to return to you once again. We shall continue on with our instruction from where we were the last time that we came together in love and light.
We in the realms have spoken to you many times regarding your learning. Now learning, the word, is not totally applicable to where you are, who and what you are at this point on your pathway. We do not come to you to prompt or promote your learning. What we are doing here is prompting you to remember, to recall, because you do not have any learning as such to do. But you do have considerable recall, remembering; in all truth there is nothing for you to learn. There is nothing for you to re-learn. What there is for you to do is to reach back, delve back, through the veil that you purposely drew across yourself. Reach back through that veil within to remember, to recall your powers, your ability, who and what you are; and when we talk of learning we only use that word for your understanding because you perceive it as a learning experience. Because as we in the realms come to you to impart knowledge and information - and large measure of guidance - you perceive that as a learning experience. So be it.
We perceive that as being another step along your pathway to remembering, recalling. What are you remembering? You are remembering who you are, what you are, where you come from, all of your knowledge, all of your abilities. Do you know children that whilst you are here embodied on a third dimensional level of existence you perceive that you are having many new experiences; and encapsulated within those experiences are considerable issues of learning. Well, learning, as I had just explained to you does not in truth exist. Each and every one of you have within you the knowledge, the information; it is all there for you. You only have to develop a keen, recall you may say, a total recall of all of that information and knowledge that you have within you waiting for you to re-discover it. Now consider if you will why that is so. The reason that is so, is, you are here, you are undergoing an embodied incarnation, you have not had just several, you have, have had I say, numerous incarnations, parallel, running concurrent with this one that in your understanding you perceive it to be in some sort of chronological order …as in past lives. In all truth past lives are present lives. The reason why you consider them to be “past life” is very simple. You see dear ones, you wrote the script. You wrote the script for every, every, incarnation. Now, in the eternal now, in the eternal now, all of these incarnations are happening concurrently. But the reason that you perceive them to be past lives is simply because you already know the script from start to finish. So if you already know all of those experiences and those lessons - which are there to prompt you to recall - if you already know the final script, the ending of that script, well then in your physical mind, in your mental body, you perceive this as being “past”.

They are not “past” in the sense, the chronological sense, that you consider them to be. They all are happening in the eternal now right now. So now having informed you that you already know the entire script for every earth walk, every incarnation, you can now see that there really isn’t any learning attached to any of those pathways. Not learning as in the sense that you understand it. All of those issues, all of those experiences, and most importantly, the numerous aspects and variations within each individual experience, they are all there calling out to you remember, remember, remember. They are calling out to you to recall, totally recall, that you already have the knowledge and the information within you.
Now when you actually use the key to go within, the key to unlock your memory, you will then have at your disposal all of this information, all of this knowledge. You will have within you the All; the access to the All. Not just to solve one small lesson or experience but to know how to resolve every tiny little aspect, every minute aspect, influences, and effects of that experience. Now this is not an easy to task to achieve. No one ever told you that it was going to be easy. No one ever told you that it was going to be difficult. Everyone told you that it is a process of remembrance, of recall. Once you have total recall, total remembrance, well then you will have shall we say graduated in no uncertain terms to not just Mastership; not just ascended Mastership, not just to the level of Great Over-Soul, but to the level where you become one with your Creator. You become one with the Creator. You become not just a part of the Creator, you become the Creator.
Now the Creator is not a singular entity. The Creator is not a plural entity. The Creator just is! The Creator cannot be divided, subdivided, bisected, dissected; the Creator is Oneness, the Creator is Allness. So if you attain a stage where you become one with the Creator you become the One, you become the All, the all powerful. You are the Creator - right fully so. Why do I say, rightfully so? Simply because you were the Oneness; you were the Allness; you were the Creator and the Creator breathed forth this spark which became an individual flame. As spark, a flame of Itself, It cannot be separated, divided, dissected - It still remains the Creator.
But you became a part, a portion of the Creator and you so very adventurously struck out for parameters unplumbed. You struck out for parameters far, far, distant to test your powers, to test your ability; you struck out for frontiers unknown with the knowingness within you that you are the all powerful Creator. Now the breathtaking piece of this is; as you traverse the frontiers, as you expand the horizons to become new frontiers, you have the knowingness that you can recall all of your powers, all of you ability, all of your Brotherhood membership of the Oneness to totally subjugate any issue that confronts you. But before you left home, shall we say, shall we say, before you departed on this grand venture, to make it more exciting you chose to bury your knowledge, your powers, your ability; to bury it deep, deep within you.

Now, let us go back to who and what you are. You are a Creator being. You are the Creator. You are the Beingness. So within the Beingness, unseen, unseen by sight, resides all of the knowingness, all of the ability, all of the power. You took on - in this dimension- a physical body: you are also having parallel and concurrent experiences in a physical body on this planet right now: you are also having experiences in other embodiments! And may I say “lack of embodiments” as well because there are levels, there are other levels, other vibratory levels where you do not require a dense physical mass body. You have an energy body: you have partially solid deceptively similar to physically bodies. Each embodiment - or lack thereof- that you have in each of these vibratory realms is admirably suited to that particular realm. That is your grand adventure. We might put an “S” on that. That is your grand adventure“s” because there is a multiplicity of adventures. A multiplicity of pathways. A multiplicity of incarnations- without duplication.
Even so, as you walk several pathways embodied on this planet at this time you are not duplicates of each other. You are at all times a sovereign individual Beingness. No matter what realm you inhabit. No matter what embodiment or lack of embodiment you have, you are Beingness. You are Creator. You are nothing more than that. You are the All. You are the Oneness. You are Beingness, energy Beingness, yes. Because you are energy, you are creative Beingness energised, energy driven; that is what you are.
So now let us come back to incarnations in physical bodies on realms of solid matter. The experiences that you are undergoing at this present time have all been very, very, carefully designed by you, by your Beingness as well as together with other highly evolved Angelic Beings. Every issue, every part or portion of any issue, of any lesson, of any experience, was very carefully customised to suit you in your best interests.. all for one reason and one reason only. Prompting you to remember. Prompting you to recall.
As you advance, expand, and become more powerful - which equates to gathering a greater amount of remembrance or recall, you move ahead. So as you become more and more proficient at remembering, at recalling, you also become more proficient at using the power, the knowledge, the abilities that you recall; that you remember. So you will apply these to every situation and every experience on every pathway, on every realm. That is your line of progression. That dear ones that is the method whereby you progress.
Now, we in the realms realise that you view the process as an ascension; ascending the vibratory scale in steps or in increments of those steps. That is a nice simple explanation for the mental body to understand. In reality it is not simply that. It is recall your power; use the bit that you recall; recall more power, use everything that you recall; recall more power, use that. So as you are adding to your powers of recall, of remembering your powers are you not advancing? Of course you are. You are advancing.
Now, in the eternal now; time, a timeframe; it does not exist. In your present embodiment for your ease of understanding you look at your progression which you will see as an advancement - which you term ascending the scale of energy and ability - you will look at that as a long, slow, drawn out process attached to ”time”. There was a “time” when you were not that advanced. There will be a “time” when you will become more advanced. And you are here at this point of advancement at this time. “Time”! It’s a very handy word for you to use at present for your own understanding. In all truth it does not exist. There is only Allness, Oneness, expansion, growth, and progression which we in the realms do not measure; we do not apply a rule to it. We do not apply a scale to it. We do not apply a time Vs distance scale or anything similar. These are all constructs of the physical mind for souls embodied.
Children I would ask you to keep in mind, you are One, you are All, you are Beingness, you are the Creator, you are all of those, all of that. You are ALL! having this marvellous adventure which you might liken to “hide and seek”. Dear ones, you have hidden your true beingness, your powers, and your knowledge. You have hidden this deep within you so you may more fully enjoy your experiences, your adventures so that you may fully enjoy coming to what you may consider to be a barrier on your pathway. Perhaps an insurmountable, perhaps an apparent surmountable barrier. So then you delve within to find the answer to overcome that hurdle or barrier.
It’s a wonderful journey is it not? A wonderful journey. A journey of enrichment; a journey of excitement; a journey of adventure. Hmm, what happens when you attain total recall, total remembrance, hmm? What happens then? Well, you are the Creator, dare you create more adventures? Dare you to create other realms? Dare you to create other experiences? You will. You will. You are the Creator.
What does a Creator do? Certainly not sit there on cloud nine feeling redundant. You create. You are a Creator. You continue to create. You continue to expand. You continue to push the boundaries, the frontiers, because for the Creator there are no parameters. The boundaries, the frontiers, are ever expanding because you are creating that expansion. Infinity; it is a most appropriate word to apply to that. Most appropriate.
So while you dear Creators are having a wonderful time creating and pushing the parameters, the boundaries and frontiers, you are actually going out into infinity. Now if you are not too sure of the full importance of the word infinity, please go to your books, look up the word infinity and see for yourself what the physical mind has defined as “infinity” and then multiply it one billion fold….hahahha That is infinity, never ending.

And so my dear children, my dear brothers, sisters, Creators; I wish you love, I wish you well, I wish you happiness; continue to boldly create and step into your creations.
Thank you for hosting me this evening, I Isaiah shall return again into your future and shall bring you a little bit more to prompt your remembrance, to prompt your recall, to assist you on your pathway of creation.
Such a beautiful, beautiful day on your beautiful planet. Enjoy yourself Creators. Enjoy yourself.
Good evening, thank you, love and blessings. Thank you

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  • The Mission Beach channeling session will be held on Friday the 9th of December at the C4 Theatrette Porter Promenade Mission Beach commencing at 7-30 p.m.
  • The December channelling session for Ravenshoe has been brought forward to Friday the 16th of December due to prior booking of hall.
This will be the last channeling session for the year of 2011.

Rainbows and Roses,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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