Aranuth & The Brotherhood of the Crystal Light - At the beach ... Sept.2011

Comment:  Well as you can see Aranuth has been taking me travelling once again; this time to beautiful Mission Beach North Queensland where the rainforest meets the ocean. The popular holiday destination of Mission Beach, along with island resorts, towns, villages, and farming communities, was devastated some ten months ago by cyclone Yasi.
Today they are still struggling to rebuild and return their life to some sense of pre-cyclone normalcy. Some weather-exposed island resorts may never be rebuilt.
By conducting a channeling session at this location the Master Aranuth and the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light not only dispensed timely words of wisdom and apocrypha (hidden truth) they also impregnated the entire area with healing energy.
At this channeling session I became acquainted with many new and interesting people, seekers of spiritual truth who together and individually generated a great deal vibrant energy. Aranuth, and the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light, responded accordingly and exuded their own Brotherhood-specific spiritually incisive energy that permeated some more powerfully than others.
It was a very enjoyable and productive evening.

The Brotherhood of the Crystal Light is becoming more active and compelling in their quest to assist humanity to ascend to a higher level of beingness. As well as Aranuth, more highly evolved beings and Masters are coming forward to deliver their message of love, hope, and encouragement. Into the near future several of these Great Oversouls will make their presence known.
I am honoured to be chosen to channel their words.  

Recent information received from the Master Isaiah is that the majority of souls on earth will soon experience cravings for foods and beverages that are not generally consumed by them on a regular basis or is not part of their regular or preferred diet. Vegetarians may crave such things as bacon, beef steak, deep sea fish etc, while those who include meat / fish / poultry in their diet may have a sudden urge to eat a diet consisting mainly of green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, or seeds and nuts in preference to flesh foods.
The guides advise that this is a part of the process of readying the bodies (physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual) for transition into a higher vibration, a higher state of beingness. It is important not to ignore the cravings but to sit still, go within, and ask your higher self exactly what food you need, in what quantities, and how often. It is of equal importance not to ignore or marginalize the cravings with preconceived ideas or 3rd dimensional ingrained beliefs such as “I’m a vegetarian; I do not eat the flesh of animals”; or “Not eat meat? You must be kidding!”
If you have the craving accept it without resistance or guilt because it is your guides / higher self impressing upon you precisely what your bodies need at this stage of your transition.
There will be more on this at a later date.


“Ahh, ha, ha, ha, aaahhaa, Well good evening children. I bid you welcome.
I should say to you ‘good evening survivors’ … ha,ha,haa,hmmn. You are indeed survivors are you not?  Have you not survived that which you term adverse weather conditions; adverse weather patterns? Let me reassure you that there is nothing adverse about these conditions because everything is in Divine Order.  All of these things do not happen at random you understand, they are definitely not random; they are very much part of the Divine Grand Plan and as such asks, requests, acceptance; acceptance by you; acceptance by you souls incarnate here on this third dimensional planet of solid matter.  Now why we say to you acceptance please, acceptance please, is that nothing, nothing, happens at random. There is no such thing as an accident; accidental.  It is all part of the Divine Grand Plan; and the plan unfolds in all of its perfection  regardless of what it appears to you when you examine it with your third dimensional mind. 
Now at this point in time I would like to say to you that the third dimensional mind is the ego mind which you apply to your daily life, your daily problem solving, your daily navigation through your experiences, through your lessons here on this planet of third dimensional solid matter. That is the ego mind and my dears you need it; you definitely need that mind otherwise you would not be able to function here. 
Now then, you also have what we …ahmm… term the Higher Mind, your Higher Beingness, your Higher Self. All of those higher attributes which each and every one of you possess… whether you know it or not… you possess it. Where do you possess it? You possess it here (points to his heart) deep within: within the heart; within the spiritual heart of the physical heart.  We are not talking about this third dimensional ‘pump’ here (points to the heart) We are talking about the heart behind the heart: the spiritual heart; the beingness that you are; the beingness within; and the beingness within can be, and is often, activated and fed by this (points to the crown) Astral Star Chakra… whooo!! 
Down it comes; (the energy) down through the astral star chakra into the mind: into the pineal; into the pituitary; down she comes through the throat chakra and down here (indicates heart) into the beingness that you truly are.  This, this is where is your true beingness resides, where it truly does reside. 
How many times: how many times have you felt the beingness within?  The not-so-silent voice within who whispers to you, prompts you? You call it hunch: a hunch nothing! It is your inner beingness; it’s the higher mind; and it is whispering to you ‘this way’, ‘that way’, no, not this’, ‘yes that’… this is your control center, right here (indicates heart). You cannot see it unless you have the eyes to see the energy as color, light, sound, movement. 
Now if you possess that ability you will be able to look at another entity, another entity embodied such as this, you will look at this entity that is embodied and you will see past the physical matter; you will see the glow of the energy; you will see the interplay of the energies.  You will see the interplay, intermingling, intertwining of all of these magnificent colors; and the colors depict who and what you are.  If you had the eyes to see you will look through the embodiment of solid matter and you will observe the energy within: the light; because that is what you are.  This (taps himself on the arm) it is only a temporary embodiment; you won’t have this forever;  you haven’t had this forever; you will shed it one day; you will just drop it like you have dropped hundreds of other embodiments in the past. 
You’ve had so many incarnations, different embodiments. So after you have finished with that incarnation, you have finished with that series of experiences and lessons and so on and so forth; when you have finished with that you know that it is time to go home; it is time to go back; it is time for you to go back to the realms; back where you belong. 
So you drop the body and you go back as this beautiful energy entity …hahaha… you’re beingness tells the story of who and what you are, where you have been, everything, every single thing that has happened to you, or crossed your path, or has been part of your pathway over all of your incarnations; your energy beingness tells the story of your totality.  Simple, Your totality. So when we look at you what do we see? Yes, I can see your embodiment; more importantly I can see your energy.  I see you: I see your color; I see your light; I see you for what you are; and there is no judgment in the realms. 
Let us put this to bed right now.  Judgement: judgement only exists if you so allow it.  Judgement does not exist in the realms.  Judgement is purely and simply a third dimensional attribute.  Who judges whom?  Who is qualified to judge whom?  It’s a nonsense! It’s a nonsense!
 Judgement exists here in this realm and in this realm only.  In the higher realms there is no judgement.  It does not matter what your color, what your composition of color, what your energy is, nothing matters other than you are a spark of the Creator. You are an individual sovereign soul and as such you are greatly loved, greatly loved.  Simple; because in the realms, especially what you call the higher realms, only love, peace, and understanding exists.  Nothing else exists because it is incompatible with that higher energy.  Totally incompatible! Also while we are talking about your physical and your emotional and spiritual and all the rest of your bodies, it is only the beingness that truly counts.  All the rest are disposable.  They are a use-once and throw away. That’s what they are. Because for those of you who are coming back again… and I look around here and see many who are coming back …for those of you who are coming back (reincarnating) everything bar the sum total of your beingness: the sum total of your soul enrichment that is the survivor; that is what survives.  So now you may understand and perhaps forgive me for saying to you previously ‘good evening survivors’.  Hahaha… because you are survivors in so many ways; in more ways than one; in many, many, many, ways you are survivors.  Why are you survivors?  Because its called infinity; and you are infinite. You will grow, and grow, and expand, and advance; because let me tell you once the Creator has breathed the Divine spark of life that becomes a soul, it can never be extinguished… extinguished.  The Divine spark, the Divine light, the Divine essence of what you are can never ever be extinguished. 
To qualify that I might add that there have been occasions where younger souls, newer souls, have incarnated on this and other and other third dimensional realities who have not taken up the challenge to advance and expand and instead have chosen to go the other way.  To explore what you term the darkness.  Now there is a balance there; darkness and light, darkness and light; we want the perfect balance thank you; we want the perfect balance.  There are those that went into the darkness and stayed there.  They have been given not several but many opportunities to come out of the dark and into the light. There are some very highly developed beings, masters, who have taken the very, very, dangerous trip deep into the dark to salvage those souls; to bring them out; to bring them home.  The far greater majority of the time each individual operation is successful. However, a small, a small portion of the number of souls who chose to stay in the dark were not extinguished. You could say…hmm …they went back into the melting pot and were remanufactured: they were given another chance.  Remanufactured as a different essence; a different energy; a different spark of the Creator to start the journey all over again.  The far greater majority of the souls incarnate at this point in time are diligently following their chosen pathway, their carefully scripted lesson plan. They are guided every step of the way by great beings of light who hold their hand, lead them, show them the way. They (the soul incarnate) must walk the path but should they ask for help and assistance then the guides are there leading them along the path, pointing the way, leading them, leading them this way and that way. 
Now you will understand that throughout your physical life in this reality there will have been times when you have considered that you have strayed, strayed from the path, …umm …taken a deviation; whether it be a long one or a short one you have taken this deviation and that is quite fine, that is quite fine; and when I see these deviations, I must tell you, I find them very amusing because they come out off the path and then they will go out and they will do a few sguiggles and a figure of eight or two (hand movements indicating twists, twirls, and turns) and they will come back once again to the path.  They will come back onto the path. Why did they go out there? To see what was out there. What happened to them while they were out there? Another learning experience.  Hahaha… that’s another little lesson. So when they come back in they bring a little bundle with them; they have learnt something.. so they are back on the path.
You are never alone for one minute: there is never a time, never a time when you are not carefully watched over.  There is never a time where you are not carefully guided; there is never a time that the still voice in here (indicates heart) is not whispering, whispering, ‘this way’, ‘this way’. It’s not a hunch; it is your higher beingness giving you the knowledge, telling you ‘this way’, ‘this way’.
 Now, Coming back to survivor: survivor. You are very much aware that across your planet at this particular time… and has been happening for considerable time, for considerable periods of time… you are having, experiencing, not just adverse weather conditions but you are experiencing so much more: you are experiencing what the people in the spiritual groups might say ‘you are experiencing the changes’; the Change of the Ages; the earth changes… and yes they are earth changes.  Very necessary earth changes. And again none of this happens at random: it is all part of the Divine Grand Plan. 
Just as you advance, grow, expand, deviate off the path and back, jump over hurdles, move around barriers and obstacles, so too does the planet. 

Harmony: how can you have a stable harmonious planet populated with souls perhaps a large proportion of which…. hahhah …are unstable. And there are some very unstable individuals; entire populations, nations, and states that are unstable.  So your planet is unstable.  So what we are looking to you for… and why we have come to talk to you… is please take the path of peace. Peace; be peaceful; be peace. Because you see, it all comes back down to… once more it comes back down to… energy!  Energy! So, here this evening, from where I sit and look out there, what do I  see? Energy. And how does it appear to me? What is my visual of this? Beautiful colors mixed, matched, flowing, beautiful colors. 
So what am I looking at here? I am looking at beautiful souls incarnate who have the capacity to be peace: have the capacity to exude and radiate tolerance, love, understanding; all of those higher ideals. If every person incarnate: every soul incarnate on this planet right now; exuded, radiated, peace and love, and anchored themselves in the environment of the light, this planet would stabalise in a millisecond.  In a millisecond it would stabalise!  However, the chance of that happening is very, very slim.
Now I would like you also to know that there is the energy, the feed, the nutrient, that feeds you souls incarnate: it feeds your planet, your bushes and trees, your animals, your reptiles, your fishes; the energy that brings the nutrients for all of that is accelerating at the moment; its accelerating because this planet has been recalcitrant; it has been sluggish. It is almost as though it was composed of dross.  The decision was taken that this cannot be allowed. Souls incarnate need assistance, need help, need a game-changing energy to snap them out of the lethargy that they are locked into. 
So the energy comes in as a game-changer.  Massive: massive; it comes in as a game-changer and what does it do?...Haa… it cleans up.  It starts the clean up.
Have a look at the Dark Cabal. Have a look at the souls that inhabit the darkness; they are being threshed out into the light.  They are being dragged kicking and screaming out of the darkness and into the light! They are being exposed! All of the nastiness, all of the filthiness, all of the decadence and dross is being exposed! All of the what you call ‘dirty deeds’ are being exposed: the dirty washing from individuals, states, nations, corporations… its being exposed; its being brought out to the light where it will be cleansed.  Where it will be cleansed! It will be treated; it will be dealt with accordingly. 
Your planet is undergoing fire, flood, earthquakes, famines, you name it is happening. And why is it happening? Because Mother Earth… this magnificent, beautiful, living energy entity… and like you she is calling out, calling out; she wants to come out of the bud; she wants to flower; so she is shrugging off things; she is reorganizing herself; and as part of the reorganisation earth movements are happening.  Weather changes are happening.  Environments are changing. Everything: everything is subject to change for the better; for the better! 
In the realms, the highest beings in the realms, the great over-souls, the great masters, will not tolerate this planet not only going backwards, but stagnating: it is not to be tolerated.  You have your free-will choice and we honour that; however, we will not allow you to become stunted because everything that becomes stunted eventually dies. And you my dear souls, we love you all and we are helping you to expand, to grow, to open up, so that not only you but everybody else sees your inner beauty;  sees you for who and what you are. 
So dear souls, I feel that I have aggressively attacked your ears, your mind, and our feelings this evening however, such messages sometimes cannot be delivered ever so gently as the kiss of a feather.  We have to give you an impact: we have to give you knowledge and information that impinges upon your psyche because in this way we are saying with great love and affection ‘wake up’, ‘wake up’, ‘wake up dear’, ‘please wake up and look around discover who and what you really are’. 
So then, exemplify your highest ideals, your higher beingness. If there is one sentence that I could use to help you it is this “Become your higher self, your higher beingness, your higher ideal, NOW!  Right now!
From this point onwards be your higher self: be the beautiful being that you are; be the beautiful, wise, experienced soul that you are.  Delve in there and check out your own soul richness.  It’s gold; it’s jewels; its beauty.
I love you: we love you; the Brotherhood and many other souls are around you right now; right now… they are all around you; they are radiating love and peace to you to help you along your pathway. 
Good evening children. I Aranuth leave you in peace and love, thank you and good evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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