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The Great Human Awakening

Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
11 November 2011 at Santiago, Chile
"The Great Human Awakening"

Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful to be in Santiago on 11-11-11, and this channeling is by appointment only. Everybody in this room is the same soul group; you are all healers on a journey and you’re all moving through to the new energies on the 21st of December, 2012. There are many changes coming to your lives; the new world is coming and humanity is awakening. We cannot allow the consciousness of this planet to drop any lower than what it is now. Don’t get mixed up with consciousness and technology; technology will take you down a road that will only cause you problems, deep, deep problems.
Love is the only way. The more that’s in your body, the less and less technology you need. Your bodies are being upgraded, just like a computer upgrade, and you are being shifted to a new level of consciousness. In this room you’ve all done a lot …

Aranuth Ravenshoe Nov. 2011

Comment: The 11th 0f the 11th event passed by apparently without any notable incidents occurring. With all of the predictions of inter-dimensional and portal openings; energy vortexes, earth shifts, asteroid close calls, and life-on-earth being changed forever, our planet and everything upon it continues along its evolutionary way…as per the Divine Grand Plan.
Several groups and individuals held 11th hour (11-11-11-11) meditations and to date nothing exceptional or unusual has been reported except that some individuals expressed disappointment at the lack of apparent change. That is not to say that change did not happen, but they perceived that there was no apparent change.
My guides hinted that perhaps we souls incarnate expected too much; expected to see and experience phenomena at times bordering upon fantasy. Then again Aranuth has a no-frills, positive, practical, and pragmatic approach and point of view.
I joined a small group of friends for an 11-11-11 meditation and the messa…

Aranuth & Isaiah Ravenshoe Oct.-2011

It has only been a week since the last channelled message was posted and yet much has happened in the intermission. In the lead up to October 28th several people contacted me to express fears about the publicised altered calculated timing of the end of the Mayan calendar and possible cataclysmic events that it would herald. My guides response was along the lines of “it will just be a spike in the energy…you won’t notice any real change”. That is not meant to contradict or offend anyone; it is simply a matter of expressing what I had been given many weeks prior. 
I sense that into the future my guides may have something to say about the end of the Mayan calendar referred to by them as “The Change of the Ages”
What October 28th did bring was the first full and public communication by another member of the Brotherhood… Isaiah. The energy felt quite different immediately before I went into an altered state and I knew that this session was going to be different…it was. Isaiah has a …

Aranuth & The Brotherhood of the Crystal Light - At the beach ... Sept.2011

Comment:  Well as you can see Aranuth has been taking me travelling once again; this time to beautiful Mission Beach North Queensland where the rainforest meets the ocean. The popular holiday destination of Mission Beach, along with island resorts, towns, villages, and farming communities, was devastated some ten months ago by cyclone Yasi.
Today they are still struggling to rebuild and return their life to some sense of pre-cyclone normalcy. Some weather-exposed island resorts may never be rebuilt.
By conducting a channeling session at this location the Master Aranuth and the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light not only dispensed timely words of wisdom and apocrypha (hidden truth) they also impregnated the entire area with healing energy.
At this channeling session I became acquainted with many new and interesting people, seekers of spiritual truth who together and individually generated a great deal vibrant energy. Aranuth, and the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light, responded accordingly…