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Aranuth Ravenshoe September 2011


The atrocity that was the 11th September Twin Towers bombing was recently marked by memorial services in many towns and cities around the world. A fitting time for one and all to ponder the futility, the heartbreak, and the waste of innocent lives caused by such extreme acts of terrorism.  These memorial services had the effect of resurrecting and rekindling not only the memories but also the anger, wrath, and negative emotions attached to the bombing.
After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bringing an end to the 2nd World War people all over the world were shocked to see the newsreel film footage of the level of destruction, desolation, and human misery caused by such violent action. World leaders resolved to never again resort to weapons or acts of mass destruction. Regardless of the establishment and best efforts of the United Nations, and the solemn declarations by powerful world leaders to work together for world peace, not much has really changed since that time. At …