Lee Carroll – What is Kryon's message about 2012? on EsoGuru.com

On the 28th of September Lee Carroll will give an on-line lecture & interview at EsoGuru.com.

The presenter and channeller for Kryon's messages about the near-future events that our world faces.
Kryon’s messages hold not only clear and deep truths but also advices of practical value and therefore have become famous all around the world.

Kryon’s messages hold not only clear and deep truths but also advices of practical value and therefore have become famous all around the world. Lee has brought these messages of unity and love which have an uplifting and healing effect, to countless countries. He has always decided what his next destination will be guided by an inner voice.

Of course, a live broadcast will always transmit a more complete, thorough and personal message than a released books can, as the attendants have the chance to experience first-hand the gentle healing energy and the high levels of love vibrations.
How does the messages coming from a medium help?

Kryon is a delicate and loving being, who is currently present in Earth’s close environment. Its purpose is not to convince, convert nor recruit followers in order to make profit, but rather to help us make the step to the new era, to the new energy. Kryon itself often warns us that it is not an entity to be worshiped, he is the “energy of the home”.

Lee Carroll will bring information equally important for all of us.
How does channelling work?

Right before starting the actual process of channelling, the medium connects to the being or entity that he is going to channel and synchronizes perfectly with its energy. The obvious proof of it is the unique wave of love that comes together with the higher beings.

Lee has also revealed that he is no longer able to separate himself from Kryon. Therefore, when Lee speaks, it is Kryon who is actually speaking, thus his presentations are always filled with energy of love of high levels and deep wisdom.

First-hand information from Lee Carroll about 2012 and the Big Change.

Lee Carroll spoke many times, in many countries, about the huge changes the Earth is currently undergoing and which affect each and every person without exception. In his presentations he always warns not to pay attention to prophecies that are meant to inspire fear and threaten of an imminent Armageddon, as they are nothing but just some simple business enterprises.

According to Lee, everything that we currently experience is part of a process known as the Galactic Alignment, which is in fact a 26,000-year cycle. Actually, this is what the Mayan prophecies are really talking about and certainly not about how our world will cease to exist after 2012, nor about how our calendar system is coming to an end. A Galactic Alignment is a 36-year window caused by Earth’s irregular rotation around its axis due to which the Earth and the Sun will be in the same plane with the galactic equator. The precession of Earth’s own axis is responsible for it getting into this position. We’re in this very slow process for 17 years. Therefore, the date everybody fears and speaks of is nothing but this 36-year long event’s half time. Once we pass the date above, we are going to remain in this transition phase for another 18 years. These events represent the Big Change and we are currently transitioning it. The appearance of Kryon in 1989 is part of this process. Lee has visited several Mayan astronomical observatories, where while he was analyzing the symbols engraved in stone he learnt that the year 2012 may bring the highest level of consciousness in human history.

During this time of change, it is natural for one to ask the question: “When will things take a turn for the better?” The truth is that improvements are happening in all areas but they happen at such a slow pace that we are not able to notice it in the same way the Spirit does. Lee compares the humanity to a slow moving cruising ship: we’re moving ahead on the sea of changes, breaking the boundaries of old consciousness and energy. But as our existence is limited to the micro-cosmos of our own challenges, we only become aware of the things we do. Sometimes, that’s why we find it difficult to carry out any kind of change.

This transition will lead to many changes which were started by the collective consciousness of those living on this planet and will keep acting as a catalyst. The changes are already underway in agriculture, finances and energy. After what happened in Japan and elsewhere, not only green movements or individuals, but also investors are now turning to alternative energy sources. Honesty is becoming more and more important, so does the agriculture that protects the planet’s resources and such transition is visible even in the world of finances.

The present global economic crisis is all about introducing honesty into the bank system and financial markets, areas that for the first time visibly proved that they are governed solely by greed. The governments are working on creating a more honest system, while the population which for now is the victim of the system, will eventually become the beneficiary of it.

Please find more information about the event  here: http://en.esoguru.com/lee-carroll-kryon-about-2012

Source/Submitted by: Melinda Vida, Event manager of www.esoguru.com

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