Aranuth - Aug. / Sept. 2011


Aranuth has been and is being a very busy being. First session for the month was the (private filming) channelling session at Mareeba on Saturday August 20th.
This was followed by this message (below) channelled at Ravenshoe on Friday afternoon the 26th of August; and now the planned evening channelling session in Cairns on Friday the 9th of September. That makes it three sessions in three weeks….yep he’s a busy boy. I don’t mind one bit being the “mouthpiece” as one guide humourously put it; that’s what I am here for.

It is so heartening to receive e-mail messages from various people of all ages and from various walks of life from right across the globe expressing their enjoyment and gratitude for a message that either struck a chord deep within or provided a timely answer to a vexing and worrying situation. These messages of thanks and gratitude see me off to bed at night feeling fulfilled, complete, (having achieved my mission) and peaceful. Thank you.

My website is looking good with more content and information being added as I become more proficient at uploading pages, posts, text, and pictures. I have also included a channelling archive for you to re-read or review previous channelled messages. Hopefully this meets your needs.

The population of so many countries who previously were downtrodden, depressed, and generally demoralised continue to rise up and overthrow their oppressors. Unfortunately the yoke of the oppressors has to be thrown off with armed aggression and violence mainly because that is the only process that dictators and other authoritarians understand. This trend will continue for some time with the uplifting effects of the changes dramatically affecting what presently appears to be politically stable countries.
 Every soul has a part to play here; if every soul incarnate – or as many as possible - simply devote a few minutes of their time each day to sending non-judgemental energy of love and light to that country they can have a positive effect on the transition from dictatorship to democracy.

So very many people have contacted me lately again asking “what is going on?” It seems that the dynamics of the ever-changing energy has been producing some weird and unusual effects in quite a number of peoples’ physical reality. Most reported symptoms are tiredness, lethargy, lack of interest in daily activities - or the world around them - unreliable memory, physical pain and discomfort with symptoms that defy diagnosis; and the winner is…..
Ta-Daaa….”I don’t want to be here anymore!” 
The best that I can suggest is that when the rising energy vibration that permeates and surrounds our planet - or for that matter the entire cosmos - alters and changes so too must everything upon the planet and in the cosmos change proportionately… ….and that includes all life; especially humans, those souls incarnate who are rapidly ascending the vibratory scale.  The simple truth is that we cannot transfer a 3rd dimensional solid matter body into say a 5th dimensional (or higher) vibratory level without first transforming it into a compatible energy form.
Meditate daily, go into the stillness within, commune with your Higher Self, exude love and peace; and above all hang in there, keep on keeping on; it will all happen. We’re on our way home.


Ha,ha,ha,ha!  Well good evening children.  It is so nice to be back here with you again and to indulge in some constructive conversation.  As usual whenever I come I tend to bring information to you which I and the Brotherhood consider would be helpful and of great benefit to you for your understanding. Because if you do not understand the processes you are never going to advance.  You must come to an understanding first: you must understand the issue at hand.  Now when I say to you ‘issue at hand’ I should be talking in the plural: I should be talking about issues; and there are a considerable number of them.  There are as many as grains of sand on the beach.  It would be nigh on impossible for me or any other member of the Brotherhood to impart all of that knowledge to you in a very short period of time.  So what we do before I come here to mingle with you and converse with you is that the Brotherhood, the members of the brotherhood, and myself have an in-depth discussion between ourselves regarding what would be an appropriate subject to impart a little knowledge to you …for your understanding…. to help you gain an understanding. 

Now on the face of it, what you see up front in your every day life is this dimension which is a dimension of solid matter. It is a very important dimension.  If it were not here you would not be able to be here to participate in experiences and lessons so this dimension is most important to you. Very shortly, and I emphasise very shortly, this dimension of solid matter will cease to exist for you.  Now I don’t say cease to exist for every soul incarnate simply because there are many souls incarnate at this particular point in time who you would call younger souls who have yet to have a multiplicity of incarnations… and a multiplicity of experiences and lessons in those incarnations.  The majority of you souls here today have had many incarnations: you’ve been through many lessons; you’ve had many, many, experiences which were all there to add to your soul growth and soul enrichment.
Now coming back to what I spoke of a few moments ago when I said this dimension will cease to exist for most of you here today.  It will also cease to exist for many of those who are hearing these words or reading these words.
In relation to seeing, hearing, reading, being present… or being located far away; everything is in the now.  So it matters not whether you hear these words or read these words days or weeks after this specific time, this specific event; (channelling session) everything is in the now.  What I would like to say to you is this: if this is your final incarnation on this solid matter planet, on this realm of solidity, when you leave this realm, where are you going?  I would like you to think about that. Where are you going?  It is all too simple to say that I am on my way to heaven….Ah,ah,a,ha. Dear souls, when you leave here, when you depart this vibratory realm, you will go to various other vibratory realms, various other spaces, or whatever you wish to call them.  They are all true: they all real; they are all relevant; and they are all different. 
Now when you first depart this realm you will go back… and you will go back to the level commensurate with your level of advancement.  Now on the way there you will transit many other realms, many other realities, and you will come in contact with many other souls. You will come in contact with your soul family and there will be many other compatible souls; souls that you have had experiences with, souls that you have completed lessons with: you will meet and greet and mix with many of these souls.  But after a short period of time when you have familiarised yourself with your… ahhmm… unfamiliar surroundings… because when you first pass that will be unfamiliar and then the familiarity will gradually come back to you.  When you are in these surroundings where you are now familiar with, and you have had sufficient time to go through the meeting and the greeting and re-association process, you will then go on to the realm, the level, commensurate with your level of advancement, understanding, soul enrichment. 

So like birds of a feather you souls of similar vibratory standards and colour and vibration, you will all be grouped together would you say like souls, like minded.  You will all be grouped together when you go home: and you are not just going to be grouped together and sit around saying what are we going to do next? Each and every one of you will have other things to go onto, other things to do, other things to experience; you have more education ahead of you.  You have more, so much more, to do, to learn, to express, to expand; you have so much to do.  But there is no rush: there is no rush; there is no hurry; so once you have passed over and you have gone through the meeting, the greeting, and the familiarisation process, then you move out.  You move out with like minded souls, souls that are on the same level as you and from there you will move into another space again, another realm-within-a-realm.  Now understand this: there is no limitation to the number of realms or levels because there are so many levels within levels, and realms within realms, realms within increments of a realm.  It just goes on, and on, and on, infinite, infinite, it just goes on.
So now when you are deciding where you want to go you first have to decide what is it that you would like to do.  Well, what you will do is this: you will create your own reality.  Hahahaa.  You will create your own reality-within-a-reality within-a-reality-within-a-reality.  (reality<(reality<(reality)>reality)>reality).
Like the rings of an onion.
Because you will create the realm, the reality, that is best suited to your desired pathway, learning process, learning pattern.  So there will be many other souls on a similar, similar pathway with a similar learning desire who will join you there. And of course many of these souls will come to play their part in your reality the same as you have many actors, many actresses, on stage for a stage play or a moving picture.  These people will come together to play their part; to walk on and to play their part; and then go back to whatever it is that they are doing in  their particular life: on their particular pathway; their particular realm of expression.  So when you get to that level you will create this realm-within-a-realm; you will create another pathway complete with all these experiences and lessons. There will be many, many things that you can create… and you can create whatever you like; whatever you wish. Whatever you desire… create it: create it because if you desire it that means that you as an energy being wish to be a part of that; you wish to immerse yourself in that; you wish to become that… simply for the experience. 
Now with these spaces-within-spaces: as we said, they are not unique. They have been around forever; they will be around forever.  There is no limit to the number of spaces that you can create or that you can occupy. There is no limit to the number of spaces that you can visit to take part in somebody else’s, some other soul’s reality…you may do that.  And then again you may choose instead of going ahead to a space which you will create, or create in company with many other souls, you may desire to have another incarnation. Not here: not on this dimension; not on this level of solid matter.  You’ve graduated from that. 
But there are many other realms similar to this one of solid matter that you can visit, that you can incarnate on, that you can have your experiences, that you can have your lessons… or if you wish you can treat it as a holiday destination.  You don’t have to have experiences: you don’t have to have lessons; if you desire to have an incarnation on another realm, on another level similar to the blue planet that you now inhabit… then you will; only that other earth will be a much higher vibrating one than this earth. So you will, if you so desire, select another replica, shall we say, another replica earth to re-incarnate upon and enjoy the beauty of what that particular realm has to offer: and it will be magnificent because it will be of a vibration much higher than this one. 
Now there are certain other levels similar, very similar to this earth.  There is not just one alternate planet earth: there are many; there are many.  Now if you hark back to what I spoke of before, where I said that there are spaces within spaces and you can create a space within a space to suit yourself; in that space-within-a-space-within-a-space that you have created for yourself could be another earth: could be if you so desire; if you so desire it you can create another realm: another space-within-that-realm that is a replica of this planet earth. The only hindrance that you might encounter is there is a limit to what vibratory level you can create.  You can create a space, an earth, a planet-within-a-space providing that space is encased within a mandated vibration. So you won’t be able to create below that vibration: you won’t be able to create above that vibration; but within that vibratory band you may create, create, create.  You may have space within space within space, realms within levels within levels: no limit; it’s infinite.  Whatever you desire - create it.  Why? Because it is for you.  It’s for you: its for your soul growth; it’s for your enrichment; it’s for your experience.  It’s for you!  So you may create anything you wish. 
Now also I would like you to bear in mind that there is no such thing as judgement.  Not at the level that you will be operating from.  In all honesty there is no such thing as judgement: however, having said that, I must advise you that there are Great Oversouls, Great Beings, Great and Powerful Beings who, whilst not being judgemental, will make wise decisions as to whether what you are going to create is compatible with the love, the light, and specifically the harmony of the all.  So you will not be allowed to create an abrasive vibratory realm.  Everything must be in harmony: but within that space that you create, that world, within that realm, you may please yourself as long as it is harmonious.  Now there are many, many, things that you can create. Many, many experiences, many, many, lessons: there is no limit; whatever you wish to create there are no blocks: there are no barriers; other than what I have just spoken about; it’s all about harmony within the vibration. 

So now that brings us back to this vibration.  Well; in this vibration you are enjoying your incarnation here as best you can: you are having your experiences and you are undergoing certain lessons; and that is what you have chosen. But now your time here: your time on this planet; on this level; in this vibration; has come to an end.  Now; there is no real end as in wham! You have come to the end of what you wish to do and experience on this vibratory level: so now you graduate; you graduate. How do you graduate? You have to leave this planet… and you will all have a chance at that; and you will all depart this planet at different times, in a different manner. Some will be smooth and peaceful and others will be totally bizarre. But that is what you chose: that was your choice; that was your free will choice.  This is the realm of free will choice. 
All of you individuals, sovereign souls, all have free will choice and that is respected in every realm.  It is respected in every realm.  So when you depart this realm you will leave all this behind (referring to the immediate surroundings) You will carry very little memory of this with you other than the soul enrichment, the wisdom. The wisdom and the enrichment that you gained from the lessons and experiences. You carry that forward with you because that is your gold: You will have that in your haversack, in your backpack; you will carry that with you. And how do you carry it with you? You carry it as light.
Every other soul that meets you along the pathway, every other soul that you encounter on your journey, once you are discarnate they will look at your beingness, your energy beingness, they will look at your light pattern, and that light pattern will immediately signal to them the level that you have achieved. 
So when you leave forget about it: (this incarnation) when you go on you will go on to all of those realms that you will create for yourself. And you won’t be confined to just them because here on this planet, many, many - a great number of you - have out-of-body experiences. Visits to other realms via the meditation process, through the sleep process: the most common being sleep: the most common is when you are asleep and totally unaware you do travel, and you do travel home, and you travel to other vibrations; you also travel to neutral territory and have long discussions with your guides.  Sometimes you may choose to go to a near, a near vibratory level where your friends, members of your physical family, members of your soul family, are at present expressing. 
Did you get that? I said at present expressing. They are not confined to that level - neither are you.  Once you become disembodied you will be expressing on another level however, if you wish to use your creative power you may create another space-within-that-space. You may choose to move up an increment of a vibration; or up a total vibration; but that all depends upon your soul development, your advancement, and your power; your power. 

Now when we talk about your powers we are not saying that you are better than you: or you are more powerful than you; (pointing to various members of the audience) What we are talking about is how much experience have you had? How good are you at creating?  If this is something that you have developed for yourself, you’ve developed the power to create; and you get better and better so that you can create bigger and better; and larger and more interesting things; and you can go to those places, you can be that; you can do whatever you like. 
It’s free will choice. So when you go visit family, friends, physical friends, soul friends, energy friends; you can go and visit them providing that you have that power and capacity to move into that realm: that you are compatible and will harmoniously slot into that realm: and then just like you have been for a visit to your earthly friends its time to move on and go somewhere else.  You will go back to the realm where you belong; or back to the realm that you have decided to create for yourself.  And just like your screen writers writing a reality for a moving picture or a stage production you do that; that’s your creative power. 
So you create that: and then you walk into that; and you become a player in that the same as the person who writes the play, may also direct the play, may also act in the play, may also invite soul friends to join them in that play - that space within a space…. is that not correct? 
You go to a moving picture and it’s another reality within this reality.  You go to a stage play and there is that reality within this reality. And you can move onto another level, another vibratory level if you so desire; use your creative powers to create another moving picture or stage play: and you can go into that and then come back; you have that reality in this reality.  You have that reality in this reality that you reside in.  So there are many, many, realities; some not yet created… hahaha ….because you have not created them yet!  And what do we have out there? (pointing to the outside world)  ah,ha,ha,ha…an untold number of souls all creating their realities.  It’s their reality.  They created it: they will experience it. 

You can be in your reality and have absolutely no idea of the millions of other realities around you which are intermingling with yours.  So you can have your reality and think “boy, I am the only one here”.  In reality - now that’s a funny word isn’t it… reality - the reality is that there could be a dozen or a hundred realities within the reality that you are presently in.  It’s all you, it’s what you perceive, it what you create for yourself. 
So this is not random either: this follows a very set pattern.  Because I would like you to look further ahead and think about this.  Above all of those souls in all those realities, all those realms, all those spaces; above all of that there are other greater, advanced, enlightened, powerful entities who are Grand Creators… Grand Creators.  And that’s what you will aspire to be and become that.  So above you here now, all of you souls incarnate at this present time, surrounding you and above you is a plethora of soul entities, energy entities that you cannot see and you are not aware of who are watching over you.  They are watching you and helping whenever they can; protecting you, caring for you; and above them there is another level of beings, energy entities, looking after them and above that is another layer so you have layer upon layer upon layer until you get to what you commonly call God.  Nice short word for total creative power.  Supreme Intelligence; Supreme creative ability.   When you get there that is not the end: it is most definitely not the end; because you see there is no end.
In the realm that you call the Creator or God that is the Oneness and the Allness which keeps on expanding and growing.  It never ever becomes stunted.  It never ceases growing.  By its very nature it must keep expanding.  By your very nature you must also keep expanding.

 Now just before I finish off on that; and may I be excused if I have somewhat confused you with the use words, the multiplicity of words, such as vibratory levels, realities, etc. you well may ask what becomes of those souls presently incarnate who are not going to make the cut.  When I say ‘make the cut’, I am talking about having achieved a level which allows them to move up a vibration; having failed… hmm …cross that word out… having not sufficiently achieved a level of vibration which will allow them to move away from this level into a higher vibration.
 Nothing is ever wasted; no soul is ever lost.  Those souls who do not make the cut will pass over; they will drop their body; they will go to the level in the vibratory realms, the level commensurate with their level of advancement.  They will spend some time, an indeterminate period of time, where they will be visited, cared for, mentored, by great Oversouls who have the power and the ability and have chosen to come back; to lower their energy to get back to those souls where they will spend considerable time with them preparing them for another incarnation on another physical earth similar to this.  You can almost liken it to starting all over again.  They will go to a brand new, you may say ‘brand new’ earth similar to this one only this time before they become incarnate they will be much better prepared.  They will be educated: they will be mentored; they will be cared for; they will be prepared; much better prepared, so that when they do incarnate on a parallel reality - which is a parallel earth similar to this one - they get another chance.  So worry not for other souls; you have no way of knowing whether they make the cut or not because there are some very great souls walking this earth.  Wearing a cloak of the dark when in effect they are of the light and are showing you the contrast between the light and dark. They are performing a service for you. So you have no way of knowing what souls may make the cut…  It is none of your business anyways… what it is for you is to concentrate on your own self and know absolutely, know absolutely, that you are cared for, you are watched over, you are being uplifted; and when you depart this planet, well, it is all out there waiting for you.  So you don’t need me to go through that again and explain all the realms that are available to you and the creative power available to you; and what you may or may not create in those realms, Believe me, it is beautiful.  This realm of solid matter by comparison is just a pinch of salt: a pinch of salt, a pinch of dust, compared to what is out there and what is available.
Thank you for hosting me again this evening. As usual it has been most enjoyable to come to visit you, to mingle with you, and I thank you for the opportunity to bring this information to you. And so I say thank you, good evening and God bless.

Rainbows & Roses,
Love & Light,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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