Aranuth Speaks ... August 20th 2011

The following message was recorded at a private session in Mareeba for the purpose of filming a pilot session that may be uploaded to YouTube in the near future. If successful there may be more future filmed sessions available on YouTube.


Hahahah…ohhh ha,ha,haaa. Well, good evening children, it’s so wonderful to be here in your space of joviality.  How wonderful it is.  I watch your colours; what a blend, what a mix and match …and how beautiful it is.  How beautiful it is to see your colours and see them accelerated and enhanced by your joyousness. Because life on your planet can be so greatly uplifted if only there would be a bit more joy added to, not only to your lives, but the lives of all of those around you. Because let me explain to you: laughter, joyousness, to you is an expression of your happiness.  Well let us go beyond that; let us go well beyond that. 
Well, what is your burst of laughter? It is an explosion of energy: it is an explosion; and just like any explosion what happens is that any explosion is caused by an interaction of energies.  And that is why you will find that when you have a burst of laughter it generally happens when you are interacting with another entity; another energy.  Rarely do you have bursts of laughter when you are on your own… without you or others thinking that you are mentally deficient…. hahahahaha! 
So, what do we have with a burst of laughter? B-o-o-m!  An energy boom!
Now where does the energy go from that explosion? Well let me tell you that it goes in every direction.  What you call 360 degrees of every which way.  The energy not only goes up, goes out, goes down, it causes ripples; ripples in the ether, in the energy. As it goes through the ether it causes ripples, like a pebble that has been thrown into a lake; and the ripples go out. And your burst of joyousness is energy, and that energy accelerates out, out, out, like ripples. And even though you may not be aware of it, you can have your outburst of laughter here, and dramatically, and I mean dramatically, affect those who live quite close and those people who are in close proximity to you.  So, now you will understand that it is quite important, quite important, for you to have joy in your life; to have laughter in your life; and to promote that in your life. 
Look for a reason to be joyous: look for a reason to have outbursts of laughter interaction; and the greater interaction that you souls have between each other, it has a multiplying effect on the energy.  So if you have a single laugh within a confined space such as your room; if you have another person there to reflect that laughter back to you, or if you have several people there as you laugh, this energy of your joyousness expands outwards from you to all of those entities like ripples and will be reflected back to you. And similar to an everyday normal blast, explosion, those closest to you will be the greatest affected.  Those who are most distant from you will be least affected.
Now then: it is vitally important, vitally important, for you to promote joyousness.  Search for reasons to be joyous; be aware, and be on the look-out for an opportunity to expand your joyousness, to share your joyousness with others.  Bring a little light, a little color, and a little loving energy into their lives.  Because, you do not have the awareness; you do not have the awareness or the knowingness of what is taking place within the energy of this entity or that entity whom you are socially mixing with.  Most incarnate entities tend to hide or shield their feelings, their inner-most feelings, their inner-most thoughts.  Some of those people are greatly in need of an energy lift, a little bit of colour, a little bit of love, a little bit of joyousness.  They are greatly in need of that so if you place yourselves within close proximity to others it would do you and various others well to become joyous, to become humorous, to continuously promote that outflow of energy.
And have you noticed that every time that you have a burst of laughter - now remember I explained that the explosion goes up and out every which way - it explodes out from you and also comes back to you and flows through you; and you will understand this because whenever you have an outburst of laughter it makes you feel very good.  It starts, commences, to make you feel very good from the heart source because it is the heart-within-the-heart - I am talking about the spiritual heart within the heart - that first registers the vibration of that laughter.  It prompts the heart-within-the-heart to send a message; a message to the physical heart.  Energy!  The heart sends the message through the body; it goes through all of the bodies; it goes through the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual, all of your bodies benefit from that laughter.  They also benefit from music, dancing, singing, so it is also important to not only laugh but to sing. 
You don’t have to worry about whether someone puts a judgement on you such as “Oh God, stop that racket”! ….Ah,ha,ha,ha haa…(audience laughs) It does not matter who puts a judgement on you. Are you happy to sing?  Are you happy to sing?  If you are in the middle of the desert on your own and no one is near to hear you would enjoy your singing simply because there is no one there to judge.  And so you should enjoy your singing whether there is anyone near you or not; and should they be there and judge you…whooo… that has nothing to do with you does it? Because people are judgemental; you do not have to follow suit and be judgemental like them.  You do not have to judge yourself either.  And it is folly, it is outright folly for you to judge yourself just because you feel like singing, dancing, laughing. 
Children, that is what you are here for! You are here! You are embodied! You have everything you need in your environment, on your planet, and you are meant to be happy!  You didn‘t come here for a lesson in depression. You came here to experience everything that this planet has to offer you… without judgement by others.  You are here embodied to experience everything that this planet has to offer: and not only this planet but everything that this vibration has to offer! Because you see the physical planet but you don’t see beyond the veil; you don’t see what else is associated with it.  You don’t see the discarnate entities: you don’t see the other realms; you don’t see parallel realms; you don’t see that.  I do! 
From where I come from we see all of this. But I was once incarnate like you and I could not see it either….if that’s any consolation…ha,ha,ha,aha. 

So, know this; you are here to enjoy yourself, to be happy, to be expansive, and expand yourself; not as a physical being but to expand yourself as a spiritual being.  Now what I am talking about is vibration, color, light, sound; that is what you are expanding: you are growing this; you are becoming greater, far greater; and what is it that you are looking for? Why? Why, are you here having this experience? Why are you enjoying everything? The senses, the sight, the touch, the feel? Why are you here with all of these senses to experience? All of this to experience: the love, the laughter, the humour, the responsive energy of the love vibration?  Why are you here?  Soul enrichment! Soul enrichment! 
What is soul enrichment? Well let me tell you, soul enrichment means that the essence that you truly are… not this, not this body, (points to my physical body)…  the essence that you truly are is what you truly are.  So don’t worry about this physical body; you will drop that some time; forget about it.  It’s the energy: the inner; the inner person; the inner energy.  You become enriched, you become more powerful, more colourful, more bright, more love-filled, you express more love and light… and what is it that happens to you? You grow, and you grow, and you grow.  It is soul enrichment! And after many of these earth walks - many I say, many - after many of these earth walks and the accumulation of soul enrichment, each time that you go home to the realms you are a little lighter, a little brighter, a little larger; until such times as when you come to a point, a fork in the road, and you will look at that fork in the road and you will say “do I go this way, back for another incarnation, or have I travelled that path”. “Do I now go this other way for greater expansion? Not in a realm of physical matter but in realms of my own creation’?. Hahahha….. oohhhh wow… you do not know of this do you? 
There are realms: realms where you create whatever it is that you want; and of course there is no judgement, you just create what you want.  What is it that you want?  Envision it: bring it in; make it happen, whatever you wish to experience.  What is it that you need for your enjoyment?  What is it that you need to test your powers of creation and manifestation?  Ohh…hooohho… It’s all out there waiting for you. However, you have to walk your pathway first which is a combination of several pathways which is quite a number of transitions through this and parallel realities. 
Now I know that that one is a big hurdle to jump, that one; parallel realities. 
When you have finished walking that path which takes in all of the parallel realities, and you reach the point where you say… “wheeeuuu, I have done it all; there is nothing more here for me; so I am not about to get back on this round-about and see when it is my time to jump off into another body and become incarnate again and …woo hooo … here we are, I’m back again”.  (audience laughter)

Your time is finished at a certain point and that certain point is the point where you will decide for yourself.  No one else decides it for you.  Remember this, you are sovereign individuals of free will choice and nothing and no one, no energy or entity can alter that unless it comes direct from the Creator energy; and then it will be done in a kindly and gentle manner…what you would say,…err.. hmm…a persuasive; persuasive manner. 
So know, know this, that this life you have now; there is no room for sadness, no room for depression, no room for any of that negativity.  None whatsoever!
There is only room for your soul growth, for your expansion, your love, your life, your light.  That’s what you are here for and you are here to enjoy it, so enjoy it!  And do not worry that your powers of creation and manifestation..err...ahhh… have been curtailed; curtailed somewhat …because you simply had to be here. Because if you come back into this realm of solid matter with full power, full creative and manifestation power, you would no sooner get here then you would get to go home again.  (more laughter)
You came here to learn: you came here to express; you came here to be joyous, to be happy. You came here to expand your soul self; to become a greater, far greater and more powerful being filled with love and light, understanding and compassion. So shed all negativity: negativity does not serve you; it does not serve you, it draws you back.  Negativity is a hook, it’s an anchor, it pulls you down, and if you want to get deep enough into negativity and depression you will drown. You will drown in it!... Silly chook! …(audience laughs)
What you need to do is express yourself, your happiness, your love, your light. Whee.yoo!  I am really hammering that point aren’t I!  (audience laughs again)

Children it has been wonderful to be here with you. It has been wonderful to impart a little bit of knowledge and possibly, in a humorous manner, to add to your own joy, your own joyousness, your own humour, to give you upliftment. 
It has certainly given me an upliftment, ….hahaha ..(audience laughs again)
I enjoy coming. I will come again, and again, and again.  If you ask my medium he will tell you; I keep harping on the point, I will bring you home safe.  That is my commitment, I shall bring you home safe, no matter what happens to you in your environment, your world, your planet, I and the brotherhood of the Crystal Light will be there with a strong arm and guiding hand “I will bring you home safe”! 
Thank you and good evening.

*** Aranuth was his usual self with a bit of added humour. As the connection between Aranuth and myself grows and becomes more fluid and spontaneous Aranuth is able to reveal more of his individual self. He was on-song tonight!

Rainbows & Roses

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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