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Aranuth Speaks ... August 20th 2011

The following message was recorded at a private session in Mareeba for the purpose of filming a pilot session that may be uploaded to YouTube in the near future. If successful there may be more future filmed sessions available on YouTube.


Hahahah…ohhh ha,ha,haaa. Well, good evening children, it’s so wonderful to be here in your space of joviality.  How wonderful it is.  I watch your colours; what a blend, what a mix and match …and how beautiful it is.  How beautiful it is to see your colours and see them accelerated and enhanced by your joyousness. Because life on your planet can be so greatly uplifted if only there would be a bit more joy added to, not only to your lives, but the lives of all of those around you. Because let me explain to you: laughter, joyousness, to you is an expression of your happiness.  Well let us go beyond that; let us go well beyond that. 
Well, what is your burst of laughter? It is an explosion of energy: it is an explosion; and just like any explosio…

Aranuth Speaks ... July 29th


Time flies when you’re having fun…..but oh wow, did the cosmic and lunar events come out to play with our already finely balanced personal energies over the month of June…..and then somehow overflowed into this past month of July. From sleepless nights to sleep-filled nights; from days of euphoria to days of skittish, on-the-edge senses and emotions; from feelings of utter helplessness to feelings of stupendous power, from insecurity to super confidence, and invincibility ….rollercoaster-like lows and highs….we didn’t miss out on much!

July also saw more earthquake activity in our neighbour nation across the Tasman Sea, New Zealand, with a flow-on effect impacting on the Australian southern states of Victoria and Tasmania. Earthquake activity in this area will continue as Mother Earth stretches and flexes. Elsewhere on this earth particularly the Pacific Rim – Ring of Fire area there has been several instances of inner-earth rumblings, grumblings, eruptions, and associated ea…