The Girl Who Silecenced the World For 5 Minutes ...

As a 9 years old girl Servern Suzuki founded "Eco" an organization against issues of environment. She addressed the UN Meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 on issues of environment, in order to create a wakeup call to the members of the congress as well as the entire world.
Sadly neither members of the congress nor anyone else of the responsible ones woke up.

Who was addressed by this speech?

Who else than the most ignorant institutions and organizations of our planet --- governments, politicians, parties, congressmen, top-economists, etc.

Was there anything within the last nearly 20 years that changed to the good on planet earth?

!!! NOTHING !!!

Governments, politicians, parties, congressmen, top-economists, etc. of our planet --- did you loose your spine? Don't you have any self-respect anymore? Don't you know anything else anymore than just to fill your personal pockets for your personal profit gain and to rip off all of those, who feed you (these are the standard population of this world, who elected you as their representatives)?

You even do not stop doing this in front of your own children!!!

If there is one or the other of the people addressed in this speech, who still has preserved a tiny portion of self-respect, he/she would receive standing ovations by the entire population of this world, if he/she would engage in changing this world to the better again.

Let's hope there is still someone of these high salaried, who will slow down the rip-off management.

But ... responsibility does not end at this class of people ... did you, dear reader, already think about your participation to change or possibly even to eliminate any of these grievances?
  • Did you elect - once again - this politician, who's personality you liked that much, or did you finally look "behind the curtain" to find out about the next planned rip-offs of your favorite party led by this nice guy?
  • Did you ever refuse to use your car for short distance, and did you also encourage your friends and neighbors to do so, to inform these oil companies that you do not agree with their rip-off policy?
  • Did you change your banking connection when you realized that the management of this bank was involved into fraudulent activity?
  • Or ... or ... or ...
There would not be any government, politician, party, congressman, top-economist, etc., who could rip off, if we would not support it.

You ask yourself, what you as a single person can do against these grievances?

You can wake up others with your personal activity against these grievances; I am talking about these other people, who are highly upset about all these drawbacks, but do not inform the public about. You will encourage them with your own activity.

Just remember ... or ask someone who still may remember ... how did people re-gain human-worthy life and wealth after the second world war? There's just one answer you will receive:

by solidarity and team spirit only!

Maintain your own solidarity and team spirit (not only to your family), perform activity that encourages others to join!

It is time to wake up.
Simply ... it's time to start to think.
There's "something to think about"!


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