Aranuth Speaks - June 2011


It’s that time of the month again - the last Friday of the month. It has come around again rather quickly. Some months are five weeks long and others four. This is a month that I have been looking forward to for several reasons. The month of June has so many interesting events such as solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, solstice, solar flares, equinox, and incredible bursts of cosmic energy that has the propensity to crush, crash, elevate, accelerate, or uplift our energies. It’s like a gigantic cosmic rollercoaster ride that may or may not stop, dock, or fly off into a frenzy carrying everyone into who-knows-where.

For myself the month of June has been one of mental, emotional, and spiritual inner turmoil and uncertainty. … looking like “Joe Cool” outwardly while all the time being “stirred” and “shaken’ on the inside.  Being incarnate and operating on several different vibratory levels at the same time promotes an identity crises of who and what I am. And when we have cosmic events that shake us down such as we have seen this month it seems like we’ve been caught up in a storm of cosmic chaos.
. All is One – One is All - I Am that I Am.

The world continues on its carefully planned evolutionary pathway although to many participants and observers it is seemingly out of control and heading helter-skelter towards oblivion. Well, the 3D controllers and manipulators would like you to think that they are the only ones who can save you so that they may maintain their ever-loosening and slippery grip on their control of the masses. They are doomed to failure.
Daily the newspapers, radio, and TV news induce fear by highlighting and promoting the negativity of the days’ events. Sometimes it makes a feeble attempt to balance the news content with a heart-warming or heart-rending story but the bias of fear and negativity remains.
I keep harking back to the words of a wise old man when I was just a boy:
 “Believe little of what you hear and half of what you see and you won’t go far wrong”.
Pretty applicable don’t you think?

The following message was a little surprising insomuch as a different communicator, another member of the Brotherhood, delivered the message. It was more than obvious by the cadence and speech pattern that this was not the Aranuth that we are used to hearing. But then again I should make it clear that the Aranuth that we all know and love is an individual entity and only one aspect of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light.


Ahhh,..haaa. haaa, haaa…er..aahhh…hmmmn; Well good evening once again children. It is so wonderful to return to your environment on such a regular basis. I, and the Brotherhood enjoy coming to you to speak with you; not to tell you what to do but to offer you information, to simplify your choices on your pathway. Wise choices that will assist you greatly to transit your own individual pathway at difficult times such as this.
How many of you have taken the time to cease what you are doing and look around at your world, at your environment, and note the changes that are taking place before your very eyes. If you allow yourself to open your eyes you will see the changes taking place.
We all know that you are well aware; you feel, you sense, the changes that are happening around you and there is a certain amount of confusion as to why these changes are affecting you in the manner that they are affecting you.  Let me re-assure you that every change no matter how difficult it may appear to you is a positive change, it is a change for the better, and the more discomforted that you feel with the changes that are happening to you, within you, around you, and outside of you, the more discomforted that you are the greater the advancement you receive. For those of you who feel a great deal of discomfort it indicates that you are open; you are open to the changes, you are accepting the changes, and those changes are there for your upliftment.  They are not just another party trick for cosmic comedians. 
I would like you to take note while you can, while you can, I would like you to take note of your daily surroundings, the surroundings that you are so familiar with. Have you noticed how much they are changing? Have you taken the time to stop, to observe, what is happening to the items of solid matter around you? To the animals, the birds, the reptiles, the people, the other souls incarnate; have you stopped to watch, to observe, to wonder, and hopefully to marvel…. to marvel at the changes. 

Your world, your environment is changing dramatically, globally, nationally and locally. It would assist you in your understanding of these changes if you were to carefully note the changes taking place in your sunrises, your sunsets, your moon rises, and moon sets; your animals, your trees and shrubs, even your rocks. Have you taken the time to stop and carefully observe these things? If you do you will note you will note, changes; mostly subtle changes but not that subtle so as not to be noticed  They may be subtle but they will not go past unnoticed. And I would say to you take notice now while you can… while you can. Simply because within days, your environment will change again. It may have only changed incrementally but it will have changed; and if you were to observe everything in your environment, and observe it with love in your heart and to radiate light and love and energy to your environment you will often find great opportunities for your environment to advance, to become enlightened, to gradually grow, and uplift in the same manner as you. Simply because you are not divorced from your environment, you are part of it. Only a fool would think that they are going to advance, to become more enlightened, to become more uplifted, and their environment and surroundings would remain the same.  All is one, One is all. 
Now how many times have I and my Brotherhood come to you with that exact same statement?  One is All - All is One.  Nothing is separate. You are an essential and integral part of your planet; there is no escaping that. And the reason why your planet, your world, is in such a mournful state today is because humanity incarnate did not pay enough attention to their environment. They broke it, they dirtied it, they polluted it; they did many shameful things to the environment. Now remember All is One and One is All.  How can you harm your environment without harming yourself?  Hmmm? That is why the population, the masses of souls incarnate on this planet at this very moment, is experiencing what you call tragedies.  Look what you have done to your planet. 
All is One, One is All. 
You cannot advance grow or even become slightly enlightened unless you bring your planet with you. The planet has given you many, many, opportunities; the planet and everything that depends upon it has cried out to you many times. The whales and the dolphins have beached themselves, the grasses and the trees have screamed out, your rivers and streams and the fishes that inhabit them call out; they rail against the pollution, against their environment, because while you are polluting and damaging your own environment it flows on to every animal, every bird, every reptile, every fish…. Everything!  Even the very ground you walk on, cries out.  This is why I say to you, take the time to stop to examine your environment, your own little patch, and ask yourself, am I looking after this as best I possibly can as steward to this planet? Am i carrying out, am I performing, that duty to the best of my ability?  Am I treating my world, my planet, my environment, in the same manner that I would treat myself. You enjoy keeping yourself clean, healthy, and well nourished but what about your environment? How clean, how well nourished is it…. or does it cries tears from the suffering it has experienced at the hands of those who do not care. 
Not a pretty story is it but a very truthful one.  Change starts with one. You can be that one; you can be one of many, one of hundreds, one of thousands, you can be that, you can be the change simply by ‘being the change’ be the change by being the change!

You are bound, chained to your planet for as long as you are here for this incarnation. It is your duty to look after that planet… to nurture it. You are all well aware of how Gaia, Mother Earth, has been suffering. She has been attempting to cleanse herself; she is attempting to throw off all that is unclean, all that hurts her….. and of course in the process yourself also because All is One, One is All, you are the Planet, the Planet is you. It is the masses, the population, that is going to feel the same pain as Mother Earth. If Mother Earth is feeling crisp, clean, and joyful, so would you….so would you.
And so I am appealing on this evening to all of you people who are hearing these words or reading these words; now is the time for you to set about caring for the planet. You don’t have long; you don’t have long to go. The planet is altering and changing. It is not by accident; it is not a random happening that these energies, these highly empowered energies, are striking and permeating everything that is associated with you and your planet… and every other planet in your solar system; and the flow-on to every other planet in all the universes, all the multi-universes, the All. 
Many thousands of years have passed with mankind making little progress; that is all coming to an end. In your time, a few short years; in my time, a few short moments… change is here.  The masses asked for change and you got it; it has arrived. And it will continue to do its work. 
Now you may find it difficult to understand how it is that you will be raised. Those that deserve to will be raised in vibration so that the level that they vibrate at, the frequency will be to such a heightened degree that you will not remain manifest on this lower energy level. You will vibrate, your frequency will be so speeded up, so heightened, that you will glide into a level commensurate with your rate of spin so we say; the rate that you vibrate at. Like water that finds it own level so too will you find your own level. 
You will find your own vibratory level, your own frequency level, and that’s the level that you will go to.  Do not be fooled into thinking that we (the Brotherhood) are just going to suddenly uplift the entire population of the world and plonk you in a level you call ‘ the fifth dimension’.
Think about it.  It’s not going to happen!  And do you know why it is not going to happen?
It’s because there are so many souls incarnate who have done, and who have continued to inflict such damage on this level, do you think we are going to uplift them and take them to a higher level where they can repeat the dose?  It is not going to happen! 
What is going to happen to those of you who have worked towards enlightenment, advancement; those of you who clearly, clearly and regularly, demonstrate care, compassion, understanding; those of you who radiate love and light and healing; not just to your fellow man but to your entire planet, your entire universe. You will be the entities, the soul energies, that will increase in frequency to such an extent that you will find your own level. You will find your match. There is always a level that matches yours and that is where you will go; and those who wish to cling to the third dimension, the dimension of solid matter; those who will seek the greed and the power and the control and all of the other lower aspects of this dimension? … Well let me tell you that they will stay here and take their chances …and might I remind you that the chances are pretty slim, pretty slim.  As you sow so shall you reap!  What you sow is what you shall reap.  It’s like your Australian boomerang, what you throw out there is coming back to you, hmmmn! 
A wise soul will throw out love, light, care, compassion, understanding, tolerance, healing. Look to your higher values: look to your virtues; go to your higher mind, your Higher Self, you God Self, your Creator Self. Go there, go there; seek guidance, seek help, reach out, and we will help you; reach out and we will take you by the hand. We will not do it for you but we will be right there beside you while you do it.  Don’t forget, we are not here for advancement, you are!  We are not here for the experience, you are!  We are not here to learn lessons, you are!  You chose it.  Everything that has happened to you in this incarnation and everything that will happen to you in this incarnation, you chose it.  Free-will choice! You chose it as an experience: you chose it as a lesson program; and the reason you did that because you thought that lesson would assist you on your pathway, on your advancement, for your understanding for your growth, your soul growth, your soul enrichment. That is why you come here. That is why you have been here many times, many., many times.  You keep coming back for the lessons: you keep coming back for the wisdom; you keep coming back for the knowledge and the soul enrichment. And I congratulate you; and so to have we the Brotherhood. We have walked your same path ahead of you so you are walking a well worn, well trodden pathway.  The only thing that differs is the lesson and the experiences that you have chosen. 
Now is the time for you to focus very, very, keenly on who you are, what you are doing here, why you are here and walking that pathway with advancement in mind.  Leave behind all of those things that are of a lower and slower vibrating nature. If it is lower and slower it is not you; it’s not you.  You are better than that. You are moving on to better things, greater things.  Don’t look back; it serves you for nothing to look back. Don’t be held back, or drawn back. 
There are many, many, souls incarnate who prefer to vibrate at the level of the third dimension… and they will reach out to grab you to hold you… to put hooks into you… to stop you from going ahead.  Shrug them off… push them away… walk y your pathway with your head held high. Walk with confidence knowing that you are protected, cared for, watched over all of the time.  But you are the one that has to make the decision to let go; and making the decision to let go is no easy feat, no easy task, because amongst those who would seek to hold you back are some of your loved ones, your family, your friends in your society circle. There are those who seek to draw you back; ignore them, step ahead, step on, keep going, don’t look back. All of those other souls have had the same choices and same opportunities as you have. Where they are and what they are is the sum total of what they have chosen. 
And the same applies to you,: who you are… where you are… what you are… right now… right here… right now… is the sum total of what you have chosen.  Be careful how you choose. Be very careful how you choose. 
While we are not hard task masters, we don’t say, ‘tough luck’, you made the wrong choice. We are caring, compassionate, and we are here to guide you and help you.  In case you make the wrong choice we are there to help you make the right choice.  And you may choose and choose and choose again.  There is no limit to the number of choices you may make.  We honour whatever choice that is.  We do not judge.  We may not like the choice that you made but it is your choice… it is your free will choice… it is your experience… it is your lesson… your growth.  We are here as your stewards, as your mentor, to assist you. And so I would encourage you… I would strongly encourage you …to spend more and more time within. 
Peaceful mind, quiet mind: cast out the chatter; the incessant mind chatter. You are going nowhere while that chatter is there.  Ask, call out for a peaceful mind, a quiet mind, go within.  Ask: just ask the question and you will receive the answer.  When you receive the answer accept the answer: accept the answer even though you may not like it.  There is no guarantee that the answer to your every question will be… oohhh nirvana! 

There are hard choices about and it’s the result of those choices, your hard choices, that provides the steel, the metal, of your soul that provides you with the strength, the inner strength to march forward, step forward, become.  You are not these petty, physical bodies playing games on this third dimensional platform.  You are advanced energy beings. That’s what you are… and that’s what you are going back to be.  But you are the ones who chose to do this series of incarnations to find your way back home to who and what you are.  Back to the source: back to the godhead; that’s where you are going.  So the fewer detours you take the better… and the more you apply yourself to the task the better.  The simple answer is, quiet, quiet, peaceful mind, quiet mind, loving heart. Spend as much time as you can within. Call out for help if you require: ask for guidance; ask for the answers…then accept the answers.  Accept the experiences and lessons on your pathway because you chose it and it is there for your growth.  So just accept it! Walk the path… walk the path… that is all you have to do.  No detours, no looking back, no holding back.  Your higher mind, your higher self, your soul self, it’s like a continual step ladder, it takes you back to the Source.  Ask. Send the question up the chain.  The answer will come back and you might have to listen closely: you might have to ask the question several times and listen for the answer.  That’s your choice, the choice is yours.  But when you get the answer have the courage to do something about it. 
So walk your path proudly, stand tall, be confident.  Live in love and light.  Do the least harm to your planet and everything upon it and give out the maximum amount of good on that planet and everything upon it.

And so children it has been an interesting evening hasn’t it?  I think that of all our evenings are interesting because of what I and Brotherhood bring to you is of great value to you… if you can see the value in it.  You may accept or reject our words.  That is entirely up to you, the choice, choices, free will choice… choose love and light… choose peace and you will know ecstasy, you will know spiritual ecstasy , energetic ecstasy. 
Hmmn... Thank you children for having us here, I understand that you cannot see the bevy of brothers or even myself. You only see the being that I manifest through.  Your eyes are not open sufficiently to see the Brotherhood. Please accept that they are here; they are all around you. Your own guides, your own guardian angels are standing there with you; not only that there are also some very highly evolved beings here this day observing.  I think we shall leave it at that for this evening.  I shall take my leave now and leave you in love and light.  Good Evening

 Peace & Happiness

Note: It was intended that a second message (twenty-four hours later – private taping session) be sent out via direct e-mail as well as being posted on my website. It was also planned to have a video of the channelled second message available for you to access on You Tube. However; a rather annoying attack of the technical gremlins took place and altered my plans. The ever-reliable tape recorder shut itself down after only eleven minutes of taping; not to be outdone the new video camera stopped filming after twenty-two minutes.
Another case of ….”What the …???


Please feel free to share this message with all who wish to receive it but please do not alter or edit the message without my written consent.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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