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Aranuth Speaks - June 2011


It’s that time of the month again - the last Friday of the month. It has come around again rather quickly. Some months are five weeks long and others four. This is a month that I have been looking forward to for several reasons. The month of June has so many interesting events such as solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, solstice, solar flares, equinox, and incredible bursts of cosmic energy that has the propensity to crush, crash, elevate, accelerate, or uplift our energies. It’s like a gigantic cosmic rollercoaster ride that may or may not stop, dock, or fly off into a frenzy carrying everyone into who-knows-where.

For myself the month of June has been one of mental, emotional, and spiritual inner turmoil and uncertainty. … looking like “Joe Cool” outwardly while all the time being “stirred” and “shaken’ on the inside.  Being incarnate and operating on several different vibratory levels at the same time promotes an identity crises of who and what I am. And when we have cosmic even…

The Girl Who Silecenced the World For 5 Minutes ...

As a 9 years old girl Servern Suzuki founded "Eco" an organization against issues of environment. She addressed the UN Meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 on issues of environment, in order to create a wakeup call to the members of the congress as well as the entire world.
Sadly neither members of the congress nor anyone else of the responsible ones woke up.

Who was addressed by this speech?

Who else than the most ignorant institutions and organizations of our planet --- governments, politicians, parties, congressmen, top-economists, etc.

Was there anything within the last nearly 20 years that changed to the good on planet earth?

!!! NOTHING !!!

Governments, politicians, parties, congressmen, top-economists, etc. of our planet --- did you loose your spine? Don't you have any self-respect anymore? Don't you know anything else anymore than just to fill your personal pockets for your personal profit gain and to rip off all of those, who feed you (these are the standard populati…

It is time to create again COURAGE TO LIVE!

What does courage mean to you?

Do you think of firefighters who lost their lives in the World Trade Center towers?Do you think of the men and women serving in Afghanistan and Iraq?What about the courage to admit a mistake?Or the courage to stop someone from hurting you?Or the courage to stand up for what you believe?Or just the courage to just be yourself?Yes, all those things take courage, but all of those things also have something else in common. Do you think any one of those things can be accomplished without feeling some fear? No. There cannot be courage without fear.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement or decision that something else is more important than fear. Courage is what you do IN SPITE of fear, in spite of resistance, in spite of what you want right now.

But you do not have to show the kind of courage that it takes to get on the 6:00 news. You can show courage every day. It takes courage to go against "that's just the way it is", or …

Aranuth Speaks | Ravenshoe: May 2011


Much has happened since posting Aranuth’s last message. Many and varied extreme weather patterns, earth realignments, and tectonic plate shifts and pressure releases have taken place; not to mention the flare up of protest demonstrations across the Arab world.
The Palestinian and Israeli conflict remains a matter of world interest whilst the Gaddafi forces in Libya endure bombardment from NATO warplanes and rockets. Syrian government troops have taken a hard line on protestors seeking democracy with hundreds of people being killed and wounded and thousands arrested.
Aranuth forewarned us a few months ago of these events especially the worsening Syrian crisis. This planet will continue to heave and writhe as it accommodates and reacts to the new incoming energy which is prompting people all across the planet to throw off the yoke of control, suppression, and oppression, and demand what is rightfully theirs….freedom.
Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland, and now Spain are experiencin…