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We live in the "Time of Changes" - not only socially, political and economical - the entire universe started to change. We humans started to change too. The universe as well as we are simply ... energy. Energy vibrates in frequencies. The frequency of energy that influences us rose during the last decades and therefore started to alter our way of thinking, feeling, etc. - in short words ... today we act and react different than years ago.

Many people feel these changes, but cannot explain "what happened"; this, of course, creates often misunderstandings. E.g. did you realize that spoken words lately were interpreted different by listeners than you meant to say? This happens due to varying states of development at humans since we all develop in varying speed. Reason enough for many of us to introvert, but it just increases the chaos we live in, already. Perhaps you made any Spiritual experience, conscious or subconscious, which had changed your former actions and reactions? Your surroundings realized it, but as they could not explain themselves why, they started to react quirky on you.

Generally ... what is Spirituality?

Every activity has Spiritual background. Every activity creates consequences. Just, the increased frequencies of energy influencing us today have made us more sensitive.
  • + We started more to self analyze, we started to focus more on our own development.
  • + All of a sudden we realized to be interested in things that were not interesting in up to now.
  • + We started to question things we easily accepted in former times.
  • + We see grievances we did not realize before.
  • + We see changes at humans and surroundings we haven't seen before.

What can we do in order not to be influenced by the masses, who grow lonely more and more?
  • + Do not introvert, just because you feel to be misunderstood.
  • + Do not take these misunderstandings personal, it is not your problem.
  • + Talk to someone about issues, appearances and experiences you cannot clear nor explain yourself.
My wife and I have studied metaphysics for decades already. Metaphysics is the base of all sciences talking about anything you cannot grab with your hands. We are here to help. We are here to listen to your problems and to give advise on how to clear your issues.

Please use the email form below to explain briefly your issue or problem. We'll arrange a conference call with you ASAP.

Costs: Since each and every activity has Spiritual background we do not want to charge a fixed amount for our services; but we are grateful about every donation, the amount please decide yourself.

We look forward also to be of help for YOU.


  1. My online experience with Georg has been very uplifting .
    Georg is a very patient and understanding person.
    He helped me perceive certain inexplicable issues I had, and guided me to resolve them.
    As introverted and stubborn as I am, it is not without hesitation that I have ask Georg for help.
    I'm glad I did and I am very greatful.
    My appreciation is boundless.
    Thank you Georg.
    ~Lina oxxo

  2. Mariam,

    I am sorry we had to delete your comment. If you want to do advertising for your preferred healer it is fine - but not this way. You called every other healing source as fake.

    We understand your disappointment, still this does not allow to act against any other source that also may have the talent REALLY to heal.

    Did you ever try our service?
    Have you ever been charged for anything from us?

    Your answer can be NO only. Therefore please, do NOT judge without knowing the source.

    Love and Light on your path.


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