New Zealand - New Spiritual Service Founded

A new Spiritual Service was founded recently in Wellington, New Zealand: are excited to introduce themselves. specialize in Facilitated Self Healing & Attunement to Highest Self.

The beautiful process of aligning to one’s highest self can improve one’s life physically, emotionally, mentally and with one’s interconnectedness wellbeing.*

You can make the connection to your highest self on your own or, with possibly more immediate results, with an attunement. Information on this self healing process is available for those that are seeking this process.

This is a once in a lifetime session includes facilitated self-healing.

One requirement for this attunement to take place, is that one must agree to listen to one’s heart or highest self.

International appointments are welcome during standard, appointment hours New Zealand time (+12 hours from GMT/UTC).

Visit Self-Heal's brand new website for more information.


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