Aranuth Speaks ... Ravenshoe April 2011


Five weeks and yet it seems like ages since I have channelled a message from Aranuth. Well, ‘channelled’ is not entirely correct; Aranuth regularly communicates with me and passes on messages, information, knowledge, and guidance but it has been some time since I publically channelled a message. I look forward to the Ravenshoe venue because it always has beautiful energy which makes it so much easier to bring Aranuth through…..not that I have ever had difficulty channelling Aranuth …..or any other entity for that matter.

Aranuth has always been right with his forecasts of our near future. He correctly advised us to be ready for the Global Financial Crises; major earth catastrophies; (areas unspecified so as not to create fear) continued festering in the hotspot known as the Middle East; popular revolt of the masses in the Arabic States (Egypt – Libya) and quite recently Aranuth warned of the impending uprising in Syria which he stated has the capacity to escalate into something quite disturbing.
Further advice has recently been received from Aranuth saying that it would be wise to clear or reduce any outstanding debts (especially credit cards) within the next few months as a tightening of the monetary system will see banks putting pressure on borrowers and debtors.

On a brighter note: My website  is now operational and within the next few weeks quite a bit more will be added. Presently the opening / facing page carries links to About: Aranuth; Malcolm; Events features pictures of the Kuranda “Open to Receive” workshop; Contact & Subscribe are almost ready for use. Very shortly I will have the Latest Channelling & Archive pages loaded and available plus several other relevant pages. As I become more proficient at adding articles, photos, and pages I will increase the site content.
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The Ravenshoe session on Friday April 29th was another great session. The weather, after so many cloudy / rainy days, turned out to be sunny and beautiful. The attendees were in fine form and exuding a lovely energy that helped to raise the overall energy of the session.
There is something very special about the Ravenshoe channelling sessions.


“Ahhh,ha…ha, ha, ha, ha,ahh…ooooh, …Hhmnn…….Well good evening children. (silent pause)  No response? No response? No one home?  (the audience responded)
As usual we have brought something a little different for you this day: some more information, some more knowledge; knowledge that you can file away, use today, or use into the future.  What we are going to talk to you about today is what you consider to be your future. Your future.  It’s not really a future you know: most decidedly not your perceptions of what you call your future and what it may bring which mostly is entirely incorrect simply because you have no way of knowing what your future will bring or what your future is. 
Now we hear you speaking about coming back; coming back here. There is no coming back. You may think about it: you may discuss what you perceive to be a future incarnation which will comprise many experiences and lessons.  You talk about coming back possibly to balance out karma. There is no coming back simply because there is nothing to come back to!  Not here.  Not here! 
Some of you may be aware of the slower or lower vibrating frequencies that you are apt to call “the lower realms” and various other names. All of the lower, slower, vibrating frequencies are being compressed: they are being compressed tighter and tighter because shortly those astral realms which you are apt to call lower astrals will cease to exist.  No longer; no longer will the Brotherhood of Light or the Creator tolerate souls hanging around in what you call the lower astrals. We will not tolerate souls lingering, malingering, in these lower, slower, vibrating levels….. they will cease to exist. 
The souls inhabiting those slower vibrating realms have little option other than to move on, move up, and if they demonstrate an extravagant degree of stubbornness to move those souls will be encouraged to shall we say, be reformed….. back into the melting pot I might say; the energy melting pot where they will be what you may consider to be ‘re-manufactured’. 
Nothing is ever wasted: nothing is ever lost; please remember that those souls, the malingerers in the slower, lower, vibrating realms are pure energy; and as that they are certainly not advanced; so they are….err…. would you say….. hmm… ‘conditioned’. In such a condition as they are ripe to be ….ahhh…shall we say…. rejoining the energy mass. … going into the melting pot. 
Most of them will move up; they will possibly move up in particles, in increments, of a level. Very few will transit a complete level or transit into a second level but they will move.  They form a very small minority of discarnate souls, energy beings. 
We must cease to think about these souls as having a human embodiment; and of even being endowed with any human traits.  They are energy.  Once a soul drops its embodiment and returns to the realms it is energy.  Pure energy. Nothing more, nothing less; Energy. 
Now as energy, they can still move freely. They still retain their soul enrichment, their knowledge, their wisdom.  They are still very much sovereign individual energy packets but they still remain energy.  They are part of the Creators energy. If they were not, they would not exist.  So, I too am an energy being although you perceive me to be embodied in my mediums body, sharing this embodiment. Let me assure you that I am nothing like this, (indicates my physical body) …..I am energy.  You are energy. At present you are energy embodied.  When you leave that embodiment you return to being pure energy. 

Now; you will not be allowed to stagnate and you as an intelligent energy being will choose to not become stagnate or stagnated or become stunted.  You will choose to go on and on and on into infinity. You will move into the One-ness, the All-ness. And still from that energy level you will seek out opportunities to create, to experience, to learn, to grow, and as a free will sovereign individual energy you will do as you choose.  In so choosing, and at the time of choosing, you will be ably assisted by higher entities, you call your them your guides, your protectors, your advisors; and you will seek expression elsewhere. 
You sought expression here on this planet of solid matter in a physical embodiment because you were seeking the experience. You wanted the wisdom, the knowledge. You wanted to garner, to gather, all of that to enrich yourself as a powerful and wise energy being; and so you are here, you are here. When you leave your current embodiment, will you return here? Will you come back?
Of course you will not! There is nothing here to come back to.  Talk as much as you will; you will not be coming back here because ‘here’ will very shortly cease to exist in its present form; and the form that it will exist in will be entirely uninhabitable.  This vibration, like everything else, must move ahead, must go ahead, must rise – you say ascend - this vibratory level will cease to exist!

Now I am not saying that you will not have a comparable destination to return to.  What will be available to you to return to will be in some ways similar to this level of expression but it will be a more heightened. A higher vibrating level.  It will not be a matter of returning to, because you haven’t been there yet. But you will cease to return to this level of vibration because it will cease to exist. So if you choose a re-incarnation experience you will be able to choose embodiments on another level; a much more enhanced level than this.  Some of you will not wish to re-incarnate for a considerable time…. time as you perceive it.  Many of you will continue with your expressions, your lessons, whilst in the realms to prepare yourself for an incarnation on an entirely different planet in an entirely different vibratory level.…one at which I am not at liberty to describe to you in detail at this point in time. 
So when you leave this embodiment whether it will be in a peaceful or tragic manner, you will still return to the realms, to the vibratory level where you belong; the vibratory level suited to your level of learning: your level of understanding; your level of advancement. After you have completed a period of instruction and learning back on those realms you will have free will choice to choose another level to gain further experience, further soul enrichment.  You will be offered choices: many choices you will be offered. It is not simply a matter of being offered only one level, or one planet, one level of expression, for you to become embodied upon. There will be many. Many exist now. Many have always existed. It is just in this embodiment, on this level, you are not aware of all of the options and all of the opportunities you had while you were back in the realms; while you were disembodied there as energy being.  There were many, many levels of expressions that you could have gone to but you chose the human experience. 
You didn’t always you know: you didn’t always. You have been in many different incarnations on various other worlds, levels of expression, of experience, of learning. Many, many of you have had a considerable number of experiences which you call incarnations; more than you could ever guess or imagine.  It was all your choice. It was all your free will choice. 
You, like I, are all energy beings: pure essence, energy, intelligent Creator energy; aspects of the Creator able to expand our knowledge and our ability as we so choose to.  And so when you look around your planet and you see what is happening and what is taking place, how the changes…. the Change of the Ages…. are affecting this planet you must know, you must be aware, that what this planet is facing is end times.
 I’m not saying ‘end times’ to frighten, to create fear: it is not as though this planet is about to explode and decimate every living thing upon it.  This planet is altering and changing. It is you could say morphing, transfiguring, like a metamorphosis into something different …..a higher and finer vibrating planet.  As it does so, it will be entirely unsuitable for the current habitation, the current inhabitants. As time, as you say, goes by many species will disappear from this planet. They will not disappear completely; they will simply move to other realms.  They will continue with their expression on other levels that are suited… best suited to their current vibration. 
Your lost species are not lost: they have never been lost; they may cease to exist on this planet but they exist on another, in another realm. 
You must understand, you already understand, that when you drop this body, when you pass over, you go into an entirely different level, a different place, a different space.  Goodness, whatever made you think that all of your animals would become extinct? 
You never became extinct!  You passed over and you went into another vibratory level. Your animals, your birds, your reptiles, they never became extinct; like you they went into another level, another space; and so too will every living thing on this planet.
It would be folly, folly, to think that just because planet earth is changing and altering and morphing into something more beautiful, into a higher vibration; you could say mother earth is being re-manufactured, It is evolution; she is evolving. And of course what appears to you to be tragedies, tragedies affecting humans, affecting animals and everything else, it is not!  Everything is just going to another level. Mother earth cannot sustain you while she is completing her evolutionary pattern; this stage of her evolutionary pattern. 
Everything continues to evolve, and this planet will continue to evolve; and this stage of evolution that this planet is currently going through mother earth will become much higher in the vibratory scale; she will become more beautiful than anyone ever thought or imagined. So while she is doing this, what is going to happen to everything on this planet?  Evolve! It will evolve. Everything will move into a different dimension, the Change of the Ages. Think about it!
The Change of the Ages involves the evolution of everything. So everything must evolve during this Change of the Ages because that is what the Change of the Ages is!  It is an alteration: it is an increase in the vibration, that’s what it is; that is the Change of the Ages.  You are the Change of the Ages because you are changing.  The animals, the planet, everything is changing; everything is the Change of the Ages. 
There is nothing negative about that, it is just the changes.  Evolution: on and on we go into infinity; and may I tell you, from where I am in the Brotherhood, we have the knowingness that there is never, never, an ending. There is never an ending!
Everything simply evolves, expands, grows, and continues on. The One-ness and the All-ness knows no parameters  

You are familiar with the word infinity; it actually describes what is happening. It may be easier for you to understand if I return to the word, energy. If you stop considering yourself to be this body: if you stop yourself from thinking that when the body decays so too do you; if you can just lift your awareness to the level where you can understand   that you are energy; you move out of this body the same as you moved out of hundreds of other bodies. Just like you move house, you move out of this vibration: you move out of this world; out of this planet.  You will move out, you will move on, you will evolve, you will continue to become. 
What are you going to become?  Hopefully to attain a higher a level close to that of the Creator simply because you are the Creator!  But you don’t understand that yet. You are an aspect of the Creator and being an aspect of the Creator you are the Creator.  You are the Creator!
You may not be able to create wonderful things while you are here at this level of embodiment and solid matter but you are here to learn; you are here to find out.  What are you here to find out?  That you are energy! That you are a Creator.  

You are going to move on.  Does it matter if you have a tsunami and twenty thousand souls decide to get out of their embodiment and move on, to go back to their energy, back to their energy being, and move on for now.  Does it matter if they drop their bodies in warfare?  This is part of their learning process, the learning experience. Whilst you are in embodiment it may not always be an enjoyable experience but currently all of these souls on this planet are having this experience, they are sharing this experience and what are they doing? They are learning from it.  They are learning from it! And when they drop their current embodiment and go back into the realms as an energy being, a free will Creator energy being, they take all this knowledge, information, they take all this experience, they take this wisdom with them, and they consume it like food, and it nourishes them, and the nourishment brings soul enrichment; otherwise there is no point in your being here. 
Soul enrichment is why you are here, why is all this happening. Soul enrichment, growth, advancement, expansion…. you are wonderful creative beings; wonderful. 
Daring! Look what’s happening to you and around you; how daring is that?  W-o-w! 

I congratulate you all, one and all, every soul embodied at this point in time. I congratulate you for being so adventurous to try and garner all of this experience, all of this knowledge, this wisdom…. hmmmm   you will go back into the realms enriched, more powerful, more colourful.  Yes, powerful beings, that’s what you are.  Unfortunately the far greater majority of you will not fully understand this until you leave this embodiment, return to the realms, move to the highest level that you can possibly attain, and there, once there, you will gain understanding of why you were here, what you did, and you will also gain an understanding of what lays before you. You will also gain an understanding of why you want to create, why you want to create other worlds, other realms, other levels of experience. 
Soul enrichment, evolution of you; not as what you call a ‘spiritual being’, but evolution of you as an energy being….hmmm. 
Well now that has been what you would call …aahmmm …deep, meaningful, complicated. I feel that this afternoon we have given you something to ponder, it will occupy your thoughts, your mental processes, but I would suggest to you that you attempt to digest all of this information with your heart, not your mind. You have to feel it, sense it, then you will know it; you will know it. 

The Brotherhood and myself sincerely hope that the information that we bring to you on a regular basis is of assistance to you to gain understanding of who and what you are.   Understanding of what may lie ahead of you. We cannot tell you what lies ahead of you simply because you are creator beings: you will create for yourself what you want.
It is up to you to decide what you want and how you are going to achieve it. It is commonly called free-will choice - free-will choice.  We honour your every choice: we honour your every choice; there is no right nor wrong, there is only your choice.  Your choice of experience it is entirely up to you because you are the energy being, you are the creator, the co-creator. 
Everything that happens to you in this life, everything that has happened to you and will happen to you is of your choosing; it didn’t  just happen, we never brought it or caused it.  It was your free-will choice. 
There is much for you to ponder, much for you to consider; the energies are moving faster now and as they gain in potency they will also increase in speed and acceleration.  You are the one that is driving it: change will come; change has come.  
The Brotherhood and myself wish you well; we will always be here to help, to guide, to assist, and to bring you as much knowledge and information as we are able to without transgressing your pathway or your free will choice.
I thank you all for having us here on your evening, your afternoon; we will continue to come, continue to help you, continue to provide you with as much knowledge and information as we possibly can to make your journey smoother, safer. 
It is with some reluctance that I withdraw, however the time has come.  God bless you all. I would like you to remember we will bring you home. I will personally be responsible for bringing you home….. and I will bring you home. 
Good evening.

Please share this message with all who desire to read it but do not alter or edit the message without my permission.
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