Self Healing

One way to practice self healing is to invite your highest self into your life. In this way, you can obtain powerful results to heal anything in your body and also heal the relationships around you.

Allowing your highest self in, means that you listen to the feelings that you have of deep compassion for everything including the things that you don't like or have trouble with. It is just listening. It is not an austere way of living. It is not religious. It is not a cult culture. It is simply allowing your most compassionate self, the core of you, to have a voice.

After hearing that voice, you are faced with a decision. Act in love and compassion or continue as you normally would. If you are already practicing compassion, there will be less need for your highest self to talk to you. However, we are raised with certain social norms that have been indoctrinated into us. These norms and even laws at times, do not necessarily live up to the level of true compassion and love that we should have for one another and all things.

When you hear the voice of your highest self, the choice is ultimately up to you. However, by letting your highest self in, it will be much easier to act compassionately and with love to all things at all times.

The feeling that this love can have can be so great that it doesn't feel containable to our physical bodies, and indeed it is not. It radiates from us, around us to all things.

Our highest selves would like to come through us- no matter what our circumstances, no matter what our pasts contained, no matter what our present life is. There is no judgement in this place. There is no feeling of being alone or in isolation. There is no feeling of lacking love- for yourself or for others. We are complete.

Source/Submitted by: Raine Reen / New Zealand

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