Aranuth Speaks ... Ravenshoe 25th Feb 2011


With each passing day I realise more and more the profundity of Aranuth’s words when he spoke about the year of 2011 being one of great change; change like we have never witnessed before. Whilst Aranuth is not into “prophesy” as such, his timely and perhaps understated warnings are always right on the money.
At present the guides are working overtime directing some very potent healing energy to the states of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and especially Jordan where seeds of dissent and aggression are also fomenting. The undercurrent of instability in Jordan, along with Syria, although not coming to the attention of, or being reported in western media, has the propensity to cause the entire Arab world to erupt into a full-scale chaos.
The mass consciousness has reached boil-over point in the above mentioned geographic locations….where will the next eruption be?

With the events that are, and keep on unfolding across the planet, it highlights the fact that every individual soul incarnate needs to very quickly develop and fine-tune their own personal avenue of communication with their higher self…. if they are to receive clear and accurate guidance in times of both peace and turmoil.
Aranuth has been urging everyone for some time now to spend more time going within and developing strong communication bonds with their own Higher Self and personal Guides.
Via the medium of informative channelling sessions and in-depth workshops Aranuth has pressed the importance of this activity and has offered unconditional assistance from the Brotherhood. The clearer and more efficient your communication is the more safe and secure you will be.

On another note: the guides have also told me that it would be beneficial to tighten up your personal finance situation by clearing debt as much as possible. There is another finance re-adjustment, re-alignment, in the melting pot and it involves several major nations revaluing their currency to achieve a new level of parity. Such a revaluing would have global ramifications. Of course the losers in such a revaluation is always the people.
The following message was channelled on a wet and yet beautiful afternoon in picturesque Ravenshoe.


Ahhh, haa, haa, ha, ha, haa….oh, oh, oh, ahh ha, ha, ha, haa…(.Aranuth is obviously very pleased to be here speaking to the audience again…..that laugh is almost like his arrival “signature”.)

Good evening once again. And what a mixed audience we have here….oh goodness… ha, ha, haa. 
Are you all enjoying your life? Are you all enjoying this life? Are you all enjoying your other lives? Hmmnnn…ha, ha, gotcha!
Your life, dear souls….hmmnn…what have we brought for you this evening? We have brought you information about parallel lives and other levels, other dimensions; other levels of expression, and other levels of expression are very much interwoven with err…what ….shall we say… parallel lives. When I said to you “are you enjoying your life” everyone responded relative to the life that they are conscious of. And what are we most conscious of? We are most conscious of this life. This life here. This one that you are expressing on here and now because the far greater majority of you are not able to look into parallel lives and see, understand, what you are doing in these parallel lives.
Now no one is exempt from this. No one is exempt. We understand that you look at parallel lives in a …ahh… calendar order, a sequential order; and as one month precedes or succeeds another, you tend to look at your parallel lives as a happening one after another when in all truth, in all reality, they are happening now …NOW!

Now there is no such thing as time; time; past, present, future… is NOW.
I realise that it is most difficult for you to understand because you have no concept of life without time. Being-ness without time.
Now with your parallel lives: each and every one of those lives play a very important part in your development, in your growth. Because as I have just said they are parallel; they are happening concurrently. As you transit and experience a lesson on this reality the knowledge, information, and wisdom gained from this lesson, you can transfer that to a parallel or concurrent life. And so too as you are walking a concurrent pathway the sum total of what you have learned, what you have gleaned, so far, as far as you have transited on that concurrent timeline, pathway, you can take that knowledge, information, and wisdom and apply it in this reality.
So what I am saying to you is that you can be living several lives simultaneously; you can be walking several pathways at the same time; but you will be very much on the same level, the same advancement level, on each of those concurrent lives. There is no one life that goes ahead of another; there is no one life that drags, a laggard that lags behind another.

In your world of solid matter, the way in which your physical mind looks at these things, you may well ask “what is the end result of all of these lives”? ”I already know the end of this other life because deep in my meditations, when I was deep in my meditations I transited that life; I visited that previous life and I know what happened to me”! “I know the ending”! Correct and incorrect!
You, in concert with your Higher Self, Great Beings of Light, and Great Oversouls, very, very, carefully planned each and every one of those earth walks. Each and every one of those lives….you very carefully planned them. And you planned them from what you could call “commencement” to ”completion”. You knew what experiences that you wanted to have: what lessons you wanted to learn; what you wish to garner, what you wish to reap, from those experiences. So is it any wonder that you can go into a meditative state, visit another timeline, another life, and know how it ends.
Of course you know how it ends….you wrote the script! You wrote the script for all of them; all of those lives!
You know how this one ends too. Ahhh, ha, ha, ha, haa….but not in this reality you won’t know. With this amnesia veil that you have drawn across your brow you cannot see the end of this particular pathway because if you did it would frighten a lot of you; it would take all of the thrill out of living. So you are not meant to know everything that is going to happen to you on this pathway.
In these other pathways, these other timelines, you are not presently conscious of the fact that you are walking them. But if you go into another one of these timelines, and you were to go into a meditative state, you could actually look across into this one and see how this one ends too. You could look across and know what the lessons are, what the experiences are… and what the ending is….simply because your focus would be on that other life and not on this one. So that is what you could call a simplistic, a very simplistic, explanation of concurrent lives.
Now there are many of you here today; I know; I see you; many of you here today who have visited several of those other pathways; several of those other concurrent pathways. You did skip across…not in this waking awareness state…into what you call altered states. Be those altered states meditative or contemplative; or other significant levels of altered consciousness that you are not yet aware of. And let me tell you your awareness at present in this physical body is of this pathway with sometimes visitations, through your contemplative or meditative state, into a concurrent / parallel life… you have a little peek in there…hmmnnnn

Did you know that there are other states, very high vibratory states, where you can and do slip into a parallel life ….and become that! Consciously become that. You immerse yourself in that parallel life and you smell it; you touch it; you feel it; you experience it; it’s real! ….while you are there. While you are in it…. it is real.
The same as while you are in this one. It is real.

When you slip into another concurrent lifetime this one is the unreality.
So what is real? What is reality? Reality is the essence, the energy, of who and what you are; and you are most certainly not this physical embodiment expressing on earth.
You are very powerful energy entities. You would have to be wouldn’t you? If you are going to have several life experiences in several parallel, concurrent, lifetimes you would have to be something out of the very ordinary. You would have to be something special: you would have to be something incredibly powerful; and what is the incredibly powerful thing that you are? Creator! … Creators!...That’s what you are! All-powerful Creators!

Do you think that all of this just happens? Hmmnn…You created it. You! You created all of it!... And it’s all just an illusion. You created these multiple illusions. Very, very, real and solid looking illusions…such are your pathways. Simply because by doing that you can enrich yourself, your knowledge, and experience. That is only the minor, the minor, reason.
Shall I tell you the real reason why you as powerful creators, created parallel lives?
Simple. You are expanding your creative powers. You are growing them; amplifying them. As great creator beings you are not satisfied with sitting still and existing in whatever reality that you have chosen; that’s stagnation is it not?

How many times have you heard that the universe expands and that everything else expands exponentially. Nothing is allowed to stagnate, become stunted, and die. So you expand: the universe expands, infinity expands. There are no parameters, no perimeters, there is no end. Everything continually expands. And you as creator beings continually expand. You expand your influence, your power; and you go on to create greater and grander things; things that you could not possibly envision today. And if you could you would find them mind-boggling because you are as yet, in this reality, incapable of understanding the importance, the full impact of how powerful you really are.
Unfortunately,..ah,ha,ha,ha. Unfortunately you cannot use all of those powers in this reality. It would be lovely if you could would it not? Would it not be grand to be able to use the sum total of all of your power in this reality? But you can’t, simply because you would have outgrown it. If you could use that power you would not want to be here.
If you could consciously use the power that you have; if you were consciously aware of the power that you have you wouldn’t bother coming here. It would be kindergarten for you. You are grander than that: you are more powerful than that.
What you do in each of these realities is that you hone your skills: you hone your ability; you create; and like all creators sometimes it does not go…. Ah hmmnnn…. entirely according to plan. And the reason for that is you are still learning how to expand your power and how to control it.
It’s like driving a racing car when you have had only one driving lesson. You have a powerful machine that can get badly out of control, out of kilter, if you do not understand how to drive it properly and wisely.
So your power expands commensurate with your ability to use it wisely.

Checks and balances. They are built into your existence as well. Above you there are even more powerful Creator Beings who are your mentors, your teachers. They are the ones who ensure that you use your power wisely; they allow you free-will choice of what it is that you wish to create, and they allow you to create that with the provision that it is not going to hurt or harm another, or yourself; and in such instances of abuse or misuse they will step in and nullify, negate, that particular power excess. So they don’t allow you to use your creative power to any excess unless it is constructive, educational, and in accordance with the principles of light. Because let us not be forgetting that all of us, and I say “us” because I include the Brotherhood, all of us come under the control of the Supreme Creator, the Divine Creator.
You have absolutely no comprehension of the power of the Divine Creator. It is well and truly beyond your comprehension. Even in the realms you do not have that comprehension. In the realms you look upon the Creator with great awe: it is awesome, you are awe-struck. The power of the Divine Creator, and you as sparks of the Creator, you are part of the Creator, and you are learning to create….wisely, constructively, adhering to the principles of light and love; and you have great Guides, Masters, and Oversouls, who accompany you on your pathway who whisper to you “don’t forget your highest ideals”…. “display your highest virtues”…making sure that you are aware of your obligation to the Creator. Because power is not given willy-nilly: power is given to those souls who have earned it, who deserve it, or who have requested that power to create for their own learning advancement.
You have never much considered that before.

On a lighter note: when you are in the realms; when you go back to the realms,… the realm that you are most suited to… you go back to the realms from any one or all of your lives, your parallel lives, your concurrent lives; when you go back and visit that level… the level that you have attained as a spiritual energy, entity being… and in that realm… on that level, you have many, many teachers. These teachers are many and varied, they have their own specialty; and just like you they are also learning. So on the level that they occupy; they are on an incremental level within that level; so on that level they will advance incrementally until such times that their vibration has risen, transitioned, to such an extent that it tips over and into the next level above.
There is no end to the levels: Infinity. Just as you go back to your level, your realm, you then graduate as part of the process of learning experience and advancement; you then earn ascension to a higher level. Every energy entity does. Whether it be low; a lowly advanced soul; or what might be considered to be the most highly advanced soul. And some of the highly advanced souls that you stand in awe of they themselves have much more learning to do. Much more growth; and much more advancement before they transition into a higher level.

In this life and your concurrent lives, you have a mixture of joy and sadness. In the realms… when you go home… let me tell you children… you are children …you go back to the realms and you laugh, and you sing, and you dance.
Because from that elevated vibration you look back and you can see the lessons and experiences that you are having in all of these lives. All of a sudden you are free! You’re free! And you go back to your realm; back into the vibratory level where there is no duality; there is no up, down, hot, cold, pain, or pleasure, because in the realms it is pure energy. It is pure energy!
No duality. Consider that. In the realms duality does not exist. It may best be described as an energy level with a constancy of energy which holds you in a continuous state of happiness, harmony, ecstasy; there is much joy; there is much laughter.  Because you can see and you can be what you truly are…and not what you appear to be.. in these realms, in these parallel realms. So when you go back to the realms suited to your level of advancement you continue to learn… and you must. If you want to progress; if you want to grow… which you must do…you must continue to learn.
So in the realms there is no sitting on your hands…and you won’t want to because you are eager to learn. You are happy to learn. You thirst for knowledge and ability which you gather to yourself so that you can come back into all of these lives and apply what you learned over there. That’s what you do! Over there, the other realms, that’s your schoolroom: that is your place of education; your place of higher education. That is where you learn; this is where you put it into practice. This is where you find out how well you learned. ..and if you did learn. And then when you go back into these higher states; higher altered states; you go back and visit the realms; you can then polish up and hone your skills there; you complete something that you are trying to achieve back here.

So if you become stunted and you stagnate and you cannot seem to find your way ahead in any one of these parallel lives, you can go into your energy state, go back into the realms and learn some more; study some more. Learn how best you can achieve your result here. What do you need to do? What do you need to know? How do you need to do it? You are creators!  Ahh, ha, ha, ha, haa,….ohhh, we are all creators!
It is just that we are in different realms: on different levels.

The realm where I am is not all that distant from the realms that you will inhabit when you leave this physical pathway and go back. Because when you go back to the realm where you are suited to…well,  my realm is not too distant from that.
However I have chosen not to return to this reality, these physical parallel lives. I have no further need of them. Because my advancement and learning now takes place in the realms and there are other levels where I will go to test what I have learned; to test my ability. And you too will reach the same realm as I have. You are walking behind me: you are walking the same pathway; the same learning process. You are going through the same learning program. You are aiming up the vibratory scale.

You are going to make it. There is no such thing as failure. The only “failure” is what is in your physical mind in your physical reality. And believe me it does not truly exist in your physical reality either; there is no such thing as “failure”. That is one word that you can clip out of your vocabulary.

And so today I thought that it may be a most propitious time for me to come to you and give you that explanation of where you are on your “lives”, your lives pathway. And what you are aspiring to; what level you are aspiring to; what level of advancement; and bring it to your current level of physical awareness, your consciousness. Awaken you to the knowledge that there are many other levels of reality, of beingness; many other realms. And you have chosen what level you aspire to; what realm you aspire to; and you are working diligently. However in your current physical embodiment state your awareness can perceive it as a slog; as a one-foot-in-front-of-another pathway. But it is more than that. It is much more than that. Significantly more than that.

So as you go about your life on this dimension of solid matter I would ask you to try and maintain an awareness of who and what you truly are: why you are here; and encourage you to keep advancing, striding out, striding ahead, because it is all beautiful. On this reality, this solid matter leve, things seem difficult; things seem tough; nothing goes to plan and yet it sometimes goes to plan. That is the nature of this reality!
Because as I have said before, all of this reality, and all of the concurrent lives are filled with duality for your learning. It’s for your learning; for your advancement.
At home in the realms where you belong and where you will return, it is vastly different. And you will return home knowing that; with that understanding.

I feel that I have bamboozled you sufficiently for one day…ha, ha, ha, ha,…ohh.
I bring you this knowledge and information from the Brotherhood to assist you; to help you; I want to bring to you a level of understanding of your true beingness.

So now I shall withdraw; I shall let you digest everything that the Brotherhood has brought to you this evening. I shall return again. I shall be with you for a considerable time yet. I will be with you for considerable time until it is time for me to move to another level.
Before I do that the Brotherhood and myself will have lifted you up several levels.
And so dear souls….Good evening.

Peace and Happiness

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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