Aranuth Speaks at KurandaWorkshop 19th March ‘11


Pondering the recent events contributing to the “earth changes” I kept being reminded of Aranuth’s advice to build, consolidate, and nurture “community”. There have been several instances over the last few months of Aranuth urging us to think and act as a community. And now once more I see “community” being thrust to the forefront of our awareness.
In a much-travelled e-mail titled “a personal letter from Japan” the writer speaks of the community selflessly assisting each other saying, "Oh, this is how it used to be in the old days when everyone helped one another."
That statement touched a chord in my heart; not only touched a chord but gave rise to the question “. Where did we take a wrong turn? Why have we not continued to build, strengthen, foster, and nurture community spirit”?
Perhaps we should look closer to home; perhaps we should look at how very many acquaintances, families, and family members have fought, fractured, separated, and cut all ties with each other in a pique of judgement, anger, injured ego, and emotional irrationality.
Has governments, institutions, big business and other organisations who seek to control us, to remove our freedom, and alter our way-of-life so subverted us, brainwashed us, and almost de-sensitised us to the point where we have lost our way; lost our human caring and compassionate touch.
Where has love gone?

The following short message was channelled in the beautiful rainforest village of Kuranda on Saturday the 19th of March.
The participants were a wonderfully compatible group of people. Their energies mixed and blended harmoniously and contributed in no small way to a lovely day.
The message was part of a one-day workshop titled “Open to Receive”. It was the day of the Equinox, a super moon, and energetically accompanied by solar flares.
In keeping with the “anything-can-happen-next” cosmic occasion carefully prepared plans literally fell apart at the seams early in the day however, following some intervention from “on high” everything dove-tailed together and the workshop proved to be a very pleasant and successful event.
Following the completion of the workshop program Aranuth came through as he usually does and delivered a message. Well it was more of two messages...
Just about everyone noticed that the voice, cadence, and message subject changed seamlessly mid-message.
For those who did not pick upon it, the first communicator was Aranuth; the second was Merlin.


“AH ha,ha,ha,ha…ha,ha,haa...Well, good evening; good evening to one and all. How pleased am I to make your acquaintance. Maybe I should say become re-acquainted?

Well we have had a lovely day; a lovely day. This is indeed a beautiful evening; and this house of light has developed into a thing of beauty; a rare thing of beauty. Were you to have the eyes to see you would see layer, upon layer, upon layer, of magnificent colour
You are brilliant! You are absolutely beautiful! The brilliance of your colour; the brilliance of your auras; the brilliance of your energy is truly something to behold.
Well done children! Well done!
I Aranuth, and the Brotherhood, are most pleased; most pleased indeed; indeed we are.
most pleased with what has taken place this evening in this house of light. Congratulations dear ones...from all of the Brotherhood; the entire Brotherhood... Shall I say the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light.
Now the Crystal Light Brotherhood is not just a part of the Brotherhood of Light. We are an autonomous sub-group of the Brotherhood of Light which is known in the realms as the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light because it is the Crystalline energy that we work with. Now know it or not this is the Age; this is the Crystalline Age...and it is the Crystalline Energy that is invading and permeating your physical embodiment. Not only your physical but every other body. But of course you would only notice the physical embodiment because that is the body that is foremost in your consciousness, your conscious awareness. So, even though the Crystalline Energy is working on far more subtle levels on all of the other bodies, few if any are aware of what the energy is actually doing to that body. However, you are most certainly aware of what the energies are doing to your physical embodiment. And let me tell you why. The Crystalline Energy must work on: it must alter; reshape, the make-up of your physical embodiment because it is this embodiment that is carrying you into another vibratory division. Got that?

Enter Merlin...voice changes...tone is lower, softer.

The physical embodiment is the body that you inhabit; is the vehicle that you inhabit; this is the vehicle that takes you from point A to point B. This is the vehicle that you will have this year, next year, and the year after. And as the energies are altering, reshaping, and re-designing your planet, Mother Earth, the energies that permeate and surround it, so too does that energy permeate and surround everything upon it whether it be human, animal, reptile...everything!...everything is altered... by the energy. And the first indication that you have of that energy that is reshaping and remodelling your world is a feeling of discomfort; you may be feeling dis-commoded; dis-accommodated. The reason being is that your “Being Within” understands the energy; it understands what is happening to it on an energetic or what you may consider to be a spiritual level whereas the physical embodiment is a little bit behind... it is a step or two behind... having difficulty not only adjusting, but understanding why the adjustments are necessary. And necessary they are dear ones; they are very necessary!

Now you have all seen, heard, and performed on this evening your meditative process; your process for going within. I will only re-state these words; going within is where you are; is where we are. Going within is where it All is! Here (indicates the heart) is the Source. And from the Source, the One-ness, the All-ness, comes All. Hmmnn!

Now, I was going to bring to your attention “Little Things”... “Little Things”!
I believe that recently we spoke to you about community: we spoke to you about responsibility; and indeed we did speak to you about perceptions. How you perceive your world around you and the way that you can influence the world around you: re-shape it; re-design it, re-create it. Yes you can do this!
And while you are doing this; while you are going for the big item; let us not neglect “Little Things”. Because little things are important... little things are most important. When I say ‘little things’ what I am relating to is how you you every little thing in your life.
I would like you to spend a little time trying to come to an understanding of the way that you can affect little things and the way that they can make big changes to the world around you; changes to this level of expression.
Now you have just heard all about creation and manifestation which is all very important; very important for you...indeed it is! Indeed!
However, if I may, I would like to point out to you the importance of little things.
Now then you are all in the understanding that the energy that you emit, what you radiate, affects everything around you. It misses nothing dear ones. It misses nothing!
And so in your busy life you may be inclined to overlook ‘little things’. And the effect, your effect, on those little things; and how those little things can affect not only you; not only the people around you; not only your pets and animals; but also your environment.
And let us not forget your environment. Because if you do not have a clean, wholesome environment you are going to have great difficulty surviving and unfolding as a soul incarnate.

However, you can change that. You can make changes...very simply. I would like you to consider all of the little things that could alter, change, or in some way affect.
Have you considered the effects of your words on another? Have you considered, or do you regularly consider the effects of your actions on another? On your environment? On those around you? And on their energy field?...... Hmmmnn?
One by one small things only are considered to be small things; but when you add it to another, and add it to another, it multiplies. It is not just an addition; it is a multiplication!
And so dear ones as you go about your daily life be aware...of how your thoughts, your mental state, affects everything around you. Be aware of your energy, the energy that you emit, the energy radiate; be aware of the effect of your energy on your surrounds. Be very aware of the words that you speak lest they have a negative effect on those that are around you; and not only those souls incarnate but on your entire environment.

Are you aware that if you walk up to a tree, a shrub, or a bush, hold a leaf in your hand, radiate love, light, positivity to that bush, that tree, and it will absorb that loving energy. It will take that loving energy deep within; not just to its roots but to its very’s very essence! And it will empower that essence and encourage good health in that tree, that bush, that plant.
In your your waters, run your fingers through your waters...radiate loving energy...radiate light...radiate love to the waters and the waters will respond. The waters will feel the energies; it will feel the drive to remove the pollutions, the impurities. Touch the earth…touch the earth...radiate your love; radiate your light to the earth and the earth will repay you in kind. Mother will absorb your love and light. She will magnify it; she will accelerate it; and she will give it back to you with love. With love!
And so I wish to reassure you that every single thought, word, action, ...if it is based in love and light...if it was given or performed in love and light will always have a magnificent, positive, effect that are probably not aware of...or aware of the extent of what you have just done.
I would like to tell you, every positive, loving, kind, compassionate word, deed, action, that you utter or perform is known; it is recognised, is recorded in the realms. Oh yes it is!
There is nothing too minute that it would not be recorded...hmmmmn.
Are you aware that the Akashic records have several layers? Hmmmnnn?
Several layers. I realise that many of you consider Akashic records to be a one layer hall of record, of actions…that is the face value. That is face value! That is what your psychics see. But they do not have the power to see...and indeed...not know that under that outer layer, that facade, that deep within there are several layers of the energy. It holds each of those recorded actions, thoughts, words, deeds. So on the face of the Akashic is simply a record. For those who have ascended to seventh level or higher, they look into and under that façade; and behind there they will see the energy...the essence of the energy that was the driver behind the thought, word, action that was recorded at face value on your Akashic records...Hmmmnnn!

When you come home; when you come home to the realms the Masters will be there; they will call upon you; they will converse with you; they will take you to the hall of records and they will explain the essence of the energy that lies beneath each layer so that you may have a full and complete understanding of not just this life but all lives!
All parallel lives. Not only all of lives but all of creation! All of creation!
You shall understand that. You shall be given that knowledge. And you will revel in that knowledge.

I feel that this will be sufficient for this evening... my medium grows tired... his energy is starting to ebb...I shall now withdraw.
I shall wish you all good evening. I shall leave you with all of our love. All of our love!
All of the Brotherhood; the entirety of the Crystalline Brotherhood; and all of the Crystal energy; we leave you now with love.
Good evening...thank you...God evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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