Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light - Meditation and Meditation Group - Fears and Hesitations

A guide on how to create a meditation and/or meditation group joined by "Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light", possible hesitations showing up to create a meditation or meditation group like this, and ... free comments section to be used as forum and exchange of experiences made.

This edition: Fears and Hesitations to Perform/Lead a Meditation and Meditation Group

Below please find a very detailed and "honest to the roots" report of the editor of this guide on how to create a meditation and/or meditation group joined by "Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light". Raine Reene, the editor, describes all her fears and hesitations prior to her first meditation group lead as well as her experiences and changes in her life.

Fears and hesitations:

My beginning hesitations on doing a group energy meditation seemed pretty vast to begin with and I was nervous about the idea.

To begin, I am not a meditation guru … not even close. Although I've done meditation on and off for a few years, my meditations haven't always been to that beautiful spot that you can sometimes arrive at in meditations. In fact, most of my meditations in the last year or so have been a practice of interruption, some could even call them failures. I still tried, but often found myself thinking myself away from stillness.

One of my strategies for not having to deal with leading a group was to try to get my friend Dharshan to do it. He seemed a much more sensible choice. He can see stuff. He does energy healing as a profession. He's a Reiki master. But, he didn't have the energy and time to commit to doing the energy meditations. He wished me well and said that the meditations would be magical. Which left me responsible to pushing things forward as I felt I had to have this in my life and so did people around me.

So even though I felt pretty insecure about trying and promoting an energy meditation group somehow I pushed through these reservations and we all made it happen.

After having done 10 meditations at my house, my first fears and hesitations seem far away. Even the first energy meditation showed me that we were all completely supported. Even our postures were supported in that we could lay down. It's not any of our intentions to fall asleep, however we even were totally supported if we did. 

Some of us still struggle with having calm relaxed meditating brains during the energy meditations. However, no matter what point I get to in our meditation practice, I still have a feeling of peace and some stillness afterwards. The most recent meditations have left me feeling slightly dizzy with the gentleness and feeling of love that came through. I felt soft … peaceful … gentle.

I've had some very beautiful traditional meditations in the past, but these energy meditations are different and feel different to me. It feels very accepting. We've promoted the idea that everyone is accepting of each other as well. It feels nice. Also, everyone leads if they elected to lead. Every person present comes in as an equal getting all the help that they need. No person present at the energy meditation has to be a meditation guru or a healer in order for the energy to be present, heal and uplift you. You don't even have to know how to meditate. This is all very nice for us as it takes the pressure off everyone wanting to lead/participate in an energy session. Our group did this as a silent meditation so we didn't even have to figure out music.

So far, my group has experienced a lot of tranquility and peace during and after the energy meditations. Of the few times that we have tried it, sometimes we received insights but at other times it just felt good to be present.

I have found that sometimes I am listening to a different voice in my head, one that is more kind and forgiving than what I'm used to. Doing these energy meditations has helped me examine the way I react to situations and has challenged my patterns of behavior. I feel like I'm being cleansed and learning self forgiveness. I believe this benefit is also going out far and wide and that my friends and family are also healing through this as well.

As the weeks have progressed, I usually feel more gentle. Things that used to bother me a lot, aren't bothering me as much anymore. If there's something that I can't handle or do well, I ask for more help please from the universe at large.

Things feel like they are falling away. I am learning a new consciousness, things that were taught to me before are being unlearned and reexamined. Even my experiences in the supermarket have been affected. It seems mundane, but the way I used to pick my fruit and vegetables has changed. My mother taught me and her mother taught her, to pick the very best produce. Smell, color, firmness, size were things I checked when picking what I was going to buy. I hadn't realized that me choosing the best meant that the person coming after me, wouldn't have even one of the good ones I had selected for my household. I'd never been taught to just pick randomly. Some will be good, some maybe not, but it is the way of things. It is o.k. not to have the very best and to share the good stuff with everyone else.

I'm also learning how not to lie. It sounds strange because I didn't really think of myself as a liar before but there are ways of saying things to ease oneself out of a situation, like returning films the video store late. I mentally was coming up with excuses, instead of just saying, "I messed up the time and would you like a late fee?" It's so strange, but I never had thought of how people working at the stores would feel if people made excuses about their behavior of returning things late. I imagine it might not be uncommon an occurrence as the person at the store, looked grateful and forgiving to me for just offering up to pay for what I had agreed to do in the first place. There is a certain amount of accountability that I'm starting to feel. I don't think it's intended that one feels bad about little things that aren't so grievous, however, it feels better to me to do these things and I didn't realize before that I was missing out by trying to get out of things. Although it seems like it should be obvious, the honesty of accountability seems nice somehow and I'm not exactly sure why. Further, I'm finding that one's honesty and accountability allows people the opportunity to be nice to you too.

Another behavioral change is that I find myself trying to do what I stated. If I tell someone that I'm going to do something by a certain time, I find myself actively trying to meet the schedule I set instead of just lightly thinking that it can wait.

I'm not sure what other behavioral changes to expect, it's not as if someone is in my head saying, "oh you shouldn't do that!" Rather, I just find myself hearing a pause when there are odd thoughts going through my head, the thoughts that aren't consistent with the person that I'd like to be or think that I already am.

I hope everyone, who has a glimmer of the idea of wanting to do these energy sessions/meditations, at least tries it, whether alone or in a group; then it might be self evident that it's so easy and natural to get this beautiful love and help. From my experience, I believe that Aranuth and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light are lightening our loads immensely and making this as soft a transition as possible to exist in a far gentler place.

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Source/Submitted by: Raine Reen (Regular SomethingToThinkAbout reader)

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