Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light - Meditation and Meditation Group

This is a guide on how to create a meditation and/or meditation group joined by "Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light", possible hesitations showing up to create a meditation or meditation group like this, and ... free comments section to be used as forum and exchange of experiences made.

In order to receive further benefit from Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light, one may want to set up energy sessions or energy meditations.
It is free and is easily done…

In order for Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light to show up at your energy session or meditation, you only need to do three things:
  1. Have the intention that Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light will fully support your energy session or meditation,
  2. Set up a time and duration for the energy session followed by a time for light discussion for your group or alternatively awareness time for you the individual and 
  3. Show up.

Energy sessions, as well as energy meditations, can involve all sorts of clearing and uplift and can be arranged individually or in a group. One may ask for specific help, and although the Brotherhood of Light will help you significantly, the help you need may not necessarily be the specific help that you are asking for. Please keep that in mind for what they do will be for the highest good.

If you are able to commit to a long term plan for help, participating and leading energy meditation groups can further benefit you. The energy meditations may be silent or with music. No guided meditation is necessary.

For those of you that haven't had energy sessions before and would like to know how they differ from energy meditations, in this case, they look very similar from the human side. When one has an energy session, it involves being in a calm relaxed state and physical position while receiving energy clearing, uplift, love, etc. The energy meditations here also have those components but are working through the system of the themed channeled messages in which the intent is for Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light to help us on our journey home. People reading the messages have been receiving help already. Having these energy sessions or energy meditations is a further gift and help for those whom would like it.

As people's clearings progress, creativity and intuition will burst forth. Our group at large asks that Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light, please direct the scope and intensity of this.

Please ask Aranuth and the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of Light for grounding help and connection to spirit.

Although everyone will be guided, to make things even easier, some notes that have already unfolded about one set of energy sessions or meditations are noted below. It is optional reading:

Some notes applicable to both energy sessions and meditations:
It was shown to be of benefit for the energy sessions and meditations to be held free of charge.

There is no age limit or restriction on those who can be helped be it an infant or a very old person; however, for those who can't talk for themselves, it was shown that they should be asked. They may or may not want this opportunity.

Sitting upright is often a recommended posture for traditional meditation, however in this energy session/meditation, please feel free to sit comfortably or lay down if you'd like. In some traditional meditations, lying down may be discouraged as sometimes people are prone to sleeping. However, in this energy meditation/session, if one falls asleep, that is fine. Sometimes, energy is most easily absorbed when sleeping.

Please do not to worry if you feel any sensations, attempt to stay calm, relaxed and natural, so that everything that wants to be revealed can be.

During energy sessions/meditations…
Please start at the time that you have specified. Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light will be there at the time that is set by you and your group. If people show up late, please warmly welcome them in. This is a place of understanding and there is no need for awkwardness. Traditional silent meditation methods can be used by individuals but are not necessary in energy sessions/meditations; the benefit will be there in the end anyway.

Frequency and duration of energy sessions versus energy meditations…
Energy sessions should be done when an individual or group are in need of help. However, as is the case with reading Aranuth's channelled messages, reading too many channellings will be too much for a body. The same is true of the energy sessions and meditations; too many and your body will not be able to handle it all at once. A sufficient amount of time is needed for the body to adjust to the changes and work being done.

However, as times are changing and what is true for the moment may actually be very different  at a later time. Please be guided by your own body and intuition. For now, possibly one big energy session a week is recommended as is the case with the energy meditations. One can practice energy sessions ongoing weekly, however if that is the case, it is recommended that one considers switching over to the themed energy meditation as it is a systematic ongoing plan for your highest benefit.

For those doing energy meditations, it is recommended that they be done weekly to avoid gaps where one is not being worked on.

Although it is up to each individual group to set the duration of the energy sessions and meditations, 45 minutes was recommended when this set of energy sessions/meditations commenced. Further, immediately following the weekly energy sessions/meditations, there was an additional 20 minutes of light discussion (if in a meditation group) or individual awareness time (if not in a group).

If one is participating in a weekly energy meditation group, no additional energy session is necessary for any extra treatment that you might be hoping for; your hopes/requests are noted and acknowledged as much as possible within your own soul enrichment path during your normal energy meditation time.

During energy meditations…
If one is doing the weekly meditations, it is helpful for the meditations to be theme based according to Aranuth's messages streamed through Malcolm Bell commencing from March 17th, 2009 while for the most part progressing chronologically through all the channellings with consecutive energy meditations.

Weekly theme, optional reading and important notes

The themes and readings will continue progressively forward towards the present.

It was shown to be beneficial for all individuals attending to have access to the week's theme as an optional reading whether being sent the link via email or whether it is printed out for those who do not easily have access to email. Furthermore, if you have someone join your group at a time from week 10 or later, please let them know of the notes and of the optional yet highly recommended readings from week 8 and 9.

Of further benefit, is the option for each individual who attends to consider themselves as leading the group. In this way, the energy can broadcast through each person outwards and be of benefit to many more than are in the room while also adding considerable benefit to each individual leading. If anyone feels that they are not yet at the point of being able to lead or broadcast out the energy, it is okay because if they are not ready, "they soon will be" and should proceed like they already are. This idea, of leading the group, is optional but of considerable benefit not only to oneself but to all that need help.

During the light discussion or awareness portion for the energy sessions and meditations …
If in a group, the light discussion portion is a time to discuss anything that comes up. If you are not in a group, this is just an awareness time in which you are mindful that you are in the presence of Light and it is helping you. During this period, everyone is still being worked on, so it is important for people to stay during this time if they are able. Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light will be there until the end of the light discussion. When the 20 minutes of light discussion or awareness time is up, it is nice to acknowledge that the official time is done so that the Light that is there feels comfortable leaving.

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