Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light - Forum

This is a forum created to write questions, answers and personal experiences in regards to the energy sessions/meditations with Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light.

There are some optional notes to read about the energy sessions/meditations beyond the 3 things to do for setting one up. If you have questions, that might be a good place to start looking.

However, what is written is just a small portion of what can happen, and things are evolving, so new experiences will be coming to light that have not been previously written in the notes. That's why everyone who has tried/done an energy meditation/session with the Brotherhood of Light is welcome to write about their experiences if they would like to share them.

Also, as one person's experience cannot possibly be the totality of everyone's truths, in regards to these energy sessions/meditations, if you have done them, please feel free to answer questions that come up. There is no guru here in regards to our experiences with the energy sessions/meditations with the Brotherhood of Light. All of our experiences are valid. If something doesn't seem to be going as planned or as one might expect, there might be a good reason for it that one of you might be able to help someone else with.

If you like to post anything in regards to your experiences with Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light meditations, please click here. Please use the COMMENTS section below to publish your questions, issues, experiences and whatever you like to share in regards to Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light. No need to log in, no need to identify, if you do not like to.

Please find direct links to each of these 3 posts on "How to create meditations or meditation groups in connection with Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light at "MENU" in the left vertical pane of this website.

Thank you all for sharing.

Source/Submitted by: Raine Reene (Regular SomethingToThinkAbout reader)

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  1. Hello, Can I make an appointment with Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light for right now with no advanced notice?

  2. What is the difference between an energy session versus an energy meditation with Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light?

  3. Hi Alisha,

    The difference does not seem that much on the human side. If you do regular intervals of energy sessions, it is recommended that you switch to doing them with the themed channellings/optional readings starting from: Week 1.
    The consecutive week's themes, are listed in "During energy meditations..." here.

  4. Hello Georg and Isobel,

    It was so very nice ...and so read where Raine Reen had started a meditation group based on the guidance and information contained in the Aranuth messages.

    It is also very pleasing to see that Raine is encouraging others to start their own group folowing a similar format. Hopefully Raine's project will expand all across the planet and bring positive benefits to all who participate.
    How many times have we heard Aranuth say ..."I wil bring you home"....and I am honoured and humbled to be the entity who is Aranuth's chosen channel.

    I will write to Raine and offer my support and encouragement as well as make myself available to contribute in any way possible to assist her ...and every individual in her group... in any way possible.

    Perhaps I can respond or have input to readers questions or elaborate on Aranuth's messages, themes, or concepts.

    Thank you very much for the wonderful part that you play in bringing Aranuth's messages to the world.
    You may post this message on the blogspot if you wish as I welcome reader feedback and questions

    With love, peace, and harmony,

  5. Hi Malcolm, Georg and Isabella,

    Malcolm thank you so much for your kind thoughts and lovely offer to help. We all would love for you to help in whatever way that you like.

    May I please clarify though that this is not my project, rather it is a project through Aranuth and the Brotherhood of Light plus all the other beautiful beings that have been involved with the channellings.

    I had wondered why it just wasn't channelled through you as I'm sure that would have been so much easier, but I think of it as a shared blessing to go out to all of us.

    Malcolm thank you for being medium to such beautiful messages and gifts.

    raine & lina

  6. In coming days everyone will need to be strong; inner strength coupled with some degree of compassionate detachment. Aranuth has warned that there will be massive upheavals all across the planet especially in what is called "third-world" / "developing nations" and states where submission to control is being replaced with a demand for freedom and respect for human is already happening..and that the strength of "community'", "Oneness" will serve everyone in good stead.
    The power of love and light will not be denied.
    Aranuth will be there to guide us every step of the way.
    Love, Malcolm.


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